Yes, you can’t sell to everyone. And this is the most important sales concept ever. If you don’t understand this simple sales concept, then you are NOT going to do well in your business.

Many people DM me and ask why they can’t make any sales in their eCommerce stores.

When I look into their eCommerce stores, I can see that they have the winning products, their product prices are right, and the site design is impressive, but still no sales.

If everything is in place, the only problem should be the marketing strategy. So when I dig deeper, I can see that their targeting is pretty wrong.

They forget the most simple yet important sales concept ever. “You can’t sell to everyone.”

If you are trying to sell to everyone, you are basically losing your time and money.

Sell this pen to me

This is a stupid test. I don’t have to sell that pen to you if you don’t want that pen.

While someone is trying to sell that pen to you, I can sell three pens to those who actually want a pen easily.

So, which path do you think that you should take?

Obviously, it is easier to sell your products by selecting the right target audience.

So if you are trying to sell to those who don’t want your product, you are wasting your time, money, and effort. In the same way, many eCommerce sellers don’t make a single sale because they try to sell to everyone.

They are always trying to sell a pen to those who don’t want a pen at all.

Then, how can you find the right people to sell to? This process is called selecting the target market and target audience for your business.

The importance of selecting the right target market and target audience for a business

All your marketing strategies should start by identifying the right target market and target audience for your business. Let’s see why…

It is important to choose the right demographics

When you run a simple FB ad campaign, the ad design, the copy, the tone, and everything has to be built around the demographics that you are targeting.

For example, if you are targeting older people, you should speak their language. Otherwise, sometimes they won’t even understand what you’re trying to sell.

So these demographics have to be chosen based on your target market and target audience.

Making a happy customer

when we talk about the inbound marketing strategies for your business, we have discussed the importance of creating a delighted customer at the end of your sale.

Now, what would happen if you sell to someone who doesn’t want your product? Obviously, they won’t get delighted at the end of the sale. They will feel like it’s a waste of money and they have been sold to.

So you will not get any good reviews or 5-stars out of that sale. Also, since they are already unhappy with that purchasing decision, if the tiniest thing goes wrong, they will spread the bad word of mouth like wildfire. So this can harm your business.

If you are trying to sell to everyone, you are basically trying to sell just the product, not the solution

In this blog, we always say that it is easier to tap into modern customer journeys by trying to sell the solution, not the product. To do this, you need the right target audience.

Let me give you an example. Let’s say that you are trying to sell easy prep baby meals.

If you are trying to sell this baby meals to everyone, your ad copy will be focusing on promoting the easy prep baby meals.

However, now let’s say you have selected a target audience of working mothers. If you do so, you can change your ad copy to promote how they can save their time of making meals and spend that time with their kids.

By addressing an actual issue, and by providing a reason for them to buy, you can easily intrigue them to buy from you.

However, if you are trying to sell to everyone, you can’t address such issues.

So guys never forget the most essential sales concept ever; you can’t sell to everyone. Now it is the time to adjust your marketing strategies based on this concept.

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