How to climb out of poverty?

It is hard to climb out of poverty. That is how this system is made. Poor people stay poor; until they find the right path to change their fate. Sometimes it may take years or generations to climb out of poverty. In this blog post, we are going to discuss one definite way to climb out of poverty.

Here are the most common reasons for poor people to stay poor

  1. Lack of education and access to education
  2. Poor health and environmental conditions
  3. Not having the right mindset to come out of poverty
  4. Drug addictions

The vicious cycle that won’t let them climb out of poverty

Poor people stay poor because they don’t easily get many opportunities to make money. They have to struggle and put an extra effort to overcome the disadvantages they have.

For example, unless their government offers free education, poor people won’t get access to education. Then, without having proper educational qualifications, they won’t get excellent employment opportunities.

Also, poor people are usually not surrounded by people with the right mindset to discuss the paths to come out of poverty. On top of everything, when people get stressed about their financial conditions, they usually end up being addicted to drugs, which makes things worse.

Once someone caught into this vicious cycle, it is hard for them to break it and come out of poverty. So, in this article, we will discuss the only way to break this cycle; And, that is by developing the right mindset to come out of poverty.

The starting point doesn’t matter – because you have no control over that

If you are born poor, you can’t blame anyone. There is no point of blaming your parents or god for bringing you into this world without money. Some are born rich, some are born with disabilities, and some are born with rare talents. So, each one of us is gifted with different advantages and disadvantages to run this race.

There is no point of keep blaming others, just because you are born with disadvantages. It is beyond your control, and thinking about it is just a waste of your time!

The first 15 years doesn’t count too…

Usually, until you are 15 years old, you have very little control over your life. Most of the life decisions will be made by your parents, guardians, or some adults. So, let’s forget about the first 15 years too. Let’s start our journey to come out of poverty after the first 15 years.

How to climb out of poverty?

  • If you are just over 15, seek educational opportunities
  • If you are over 30, learn to push the cow!
  • If you are over 50, it is time to restart your life

If you are just over 15, seek educational opportunities

Proper education can change your fate and help you to climb out of poverty. Education doesn’t mean that you have to learn a full curriculum at school. Education can be about anything. It can be about learning how to repair a vehicle, or it can be about how to clean a washroom in the right way, etc.

So, if you are just over 15, start seeking educational opportunities. Try to learn and excel in a new skill. For example, if you decide to learn how to be a custodian, learn it from A to Z, to make yourself the best custodian ever. Learning and excelling a skill is the best way to climb to the top of your career. Once you have climbed to the top, trust me, you will do better than those who are having “better” jobs than you.

I am an Electrical Engineer, which is considered as an “excellent” job in my society. However, I know a welder with amazing welding skills, who makes three times than me. I am not discriminating the welder’s job. I am just stating the perceptions of society. However, he makes more than me, because he has excelled in his job.

If you are over 30, learn to push the cow!

Time for a little story!

One day a professor and a student went for a hike. Then, they saw an old hut by a cliff. They decided to go to that hut to ask for some water. There were two people (an older man and his wife) in that hut. They had dangerously lost their weight due to hunger, and their bodies looked like walking skeletons. They were very poor.

The professor asked what do they do for a living. The older man said that they milk their cow every morning, sell that milk, and buy their food for the day. Then, the professor thought for a while, thanked for the water, and left.  On their way back, he asked the student to go back to that hut in the night and push their cow off the cliff. The student was hesitant but decided to push the cow off the cliff.

What had happened after they pushed the cow?

The next morning, the older couple saw that their cow was missing. They lost their only way of living. They knew they would have to struggle to survive. So, they went to the city searching for other jobs. The woman found a job to clean pavements, and the man found a job at the market.

Then, they realized that if they work more, they could earn more. So, they had started working more. Later, they had started making more money than they want. So, they used that extra money to start a business in the market. The business went fine, and after a few years, the older couple were able to climb out of poverty.

Pushing the cow off the cliff helped them to come out of their comfort zone and hustle. Earlier they had wasted the whole day doing nothing. The income from the cow was stopping them from searching for better things.

Now, it’s time to push your cow too…

Let’s get back to you. Is your job stopping you from looking for better opportunities? If so, it can be your reason for staying poor. We don’t like to come out of our comfort zone and hustle. So, when we get older, we tend to get satisfied with whatever we earn and stop looking for better opportunities.

When I say “Push the cow,” you don’t have to quit your job and seek other opportunities. You can spend a couple more hours every day starting a side business. Having a extra income is a great way to gain your financial freedom, and it will definitely help you to climb out of poverty.

If you are over 50, time to restart your life

When we get older, we think that we have lost all out opportunities for becoming rich. However, let me give you one good example of a person who has started one of the most popular brands in the world in his 60s.

Col. Sanders, at the age of 62, franchised his “Kentucky Fried Chicken” for the first time. Today, KFC has over 18,800 outlets in 118 different countries and territories.

So, age is not a limitation to climb out of poverty. Most of the time, poor people stay poor, just because they build up many barriers in their minds, which stop them from becoming rich. Once you become older, you will not be able to do a lot of physical work to make money. So, maybe starting an online business might be the best way for you to make an extra income. It is never too late to hustle.

Poor people stay poor by not knowing the proper money management skills

Knowing how to manage the money, you have can support your process of climbing out of poverty. Money management is the process of how you budget, save, invest, and spend your money. In other words, money management is how you control your incomes and expenses. By knowing how to manage your money, you can make conscious decisions about your spendings.

Climb out of poverty – Fake it till you make it

Climbing out of poverty is a complex process. To become rich, you need to think like a wealthy person. Learn how successful people think and try to fake their mindset until you make it. They follow a set of successful habits that stop them from wasting their time and help them to focus on their money-making methods.

Now you know how to build your mindset to climb out of poverty. You can help your friends to think in the same way by sharing this post. Thanks for reading!

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