Do you get enough traffic or sales through your Facebook ads? If not, what could be the reason? Let us find out why your Facebook ads don’t work and how to fix them.

Facebook ads are an integral part of a strong Facebook marketing strategy. Also, Facebook ads are the easiest and the most popular way to get started with online advertising for your business. However, in most cases, beginners don’t usually get the right ad setup and tend to waste their ad budgets without generating any results. So, in this post, we are going to talk about the most common reasons for Facebook ad campaigns to fail, and we’ll find out how to fix the Facebook ads that don’t work.

Why Facebook ads do not work? FAQs

Why my Facebook ads do not get enough reach?

The most common reason for your Facebook ads not reaching anyone is the poor targeting. When you publish an ad on Facebook, it uses the demographics that you have defined to select the audience to display your ad. If you have done a bad job selecting those demographics, your ad will be displayed to the wrong people, who have no interest in your product or service. Also, in some cases, your ad will not be displayed to anyone at all. So, the ads will not get enough reach.

What does “not delivering” mean in Facebook ads?

In Facebook ads, “not delivering” means when Facebook stops showing your ads due to below reasons.
– Your Facebook ad campaign is not spending enough to be competitive in auctions.
– There aren’t enough results available in your target audience.

How do I get more conversions on Facebook ads?

Here are some tips to increase the conversion rate on Facebook ads.
– Select the right target audience
– Create compelling visuals and text copy for your ad
– Add a clear CTA (Call to action) for your ad
– Optimize the ad spending to reach more
– Choose the right ad format
– Add a proper product page on re-direction

Why your Facebook ads don’t work?

Here are the most probable reasons for your Facebook ad for not working.

  1. Not selecting the right target audience
  2. Not creating a compelling ad copy and visuals
  3. Not optimizing the ad budget for a proper ROI
  4. Not experimenting for what works better

Facebook ads don’t work if you select the wrong target audience

Poor targeting is the most common reason for your Facebook ads to not working. Facebook offers facilities to choose custom audiences for our ads. However, we often end up selecting generic audiences that include the people who don’t care about our products.

If no one clicks on your ads, I would say that it is somewhat ok, because it won’t cost your ad budget. However, if you have a compelling ad copy, those who don’t care about your products will click on those ads just for the curiosity.  This is one of the worst things that could happen. These “curious clicks” will eat your ad budget without providing any conversions.

How to target your Facebook ads to the right audience

First, you will need to gather some information about your ideal buyer. Try to answer the below questions to identify the demographics of your perfect customer. This is called creating a buyer persona for your business.

  1. Where do they live (country, city, etc.)
  2. The age and gender
  3. Which languages do they speak
  4. Their interests and hobbies
  5. Connections (Which pages do they like, which groups they are in, etc.)

Here are some tools that can help to identify the right audience for your business

You can use Facebook Insights tool to research your audience. Facebook Audience Insights gives you aggregated information about the people who are on Facebook. With this tool, you can study for the hobbies, interests, purchasing powers, or relationship status of the people who are interested in your business. So, you can use that information to create an ad campaign that makes sense.

Also, you can use tools like Facebook Pixel to study the behaviors of the people who are visiting your site. Once you know how they have used your website, you can easily reach them again in the future ad campaigns to serve them better.

Facebook ads won’t work if you don’t select the right bidding value and options

Automatic bidding vs. manual bidding

In the bidding section of the Facebook ads manager, you will see options to choose either automatic bidding or manual bidding. If your Facebook ads don’t work with automatic bidding, you might be thinking of choosing the manual bidding this time.

Selecting the manual bidding let you have to better control over your ad budget. However, if your bid is not strong enough to win the auctions, Facebook will not show your ad to its users. So, you will get a limited number of impressions for your ad. By optimizing your bid value, you can run a competitive ad campaign with a better reach.

This doesn’t mean you should blindly increase your bid to get more impressions. You have to play with the bid value without making your advertising cost too expensive for your business. Let us see how we usually do this.

Facebook ads bidding strategy with a known CPA

If you have wisely planed your business strategy, you should already have an idea of the cost that you can afford to acquire a new customer. This “cost per acquisition” is called CPA.

If you know your CPA, you can plug that value in this formula to calculate the average cost per click (CPC) for your ad campaign.

Average CPC = CPA*Acquisition rate

For example, if you can only afford $5 per acquisition, and if your conversion rate is 2%, you can only go for, $0.1 per click (Here the conversion rate is obtained from the historical data for your Facebook ads).

If $0.1 is not competitive enough for your industry, you will have to work hard on increasing your conversion rate.

Facebook ads won’t work if you don’t use compelling ad copy and imagery

Have you ever notice how fast do you usually swipe through the Facebook newsfeed? Yes, no one pays special attention to every post (or ads) they see on Facebook. So, you have to make sure that your ads can quickly grab the attention of your customers.

Having too much image text can lower your ad’s reach

Facebook prefers ad images with little or no text on them. So, if you add text, text-based logos, or watermarks on your image ads, it won’t work well on Facebook.

If you have to use text to use with your ad, consider using your text in the text area of your ad instead of on the ad image. Also, you can use a smaller font size and fewer words to maintain the image text ratio. You can use this text-overlay tool to check the image text ration before uploading it into your ads manager.

Create click-worthy ads

Don’t use Facebook ads to make announcements. Try to include customer engagement strategies like storytelling and adding humor to get the clicks for your ad. Use the ad copy and images to create curiosity to click on your ads. At the same time, make sure not to use click baits, so your audience will not get disappointed.

Don’t look spammy

According to sprout social, 60% of the users are annoyed with too many promotions by brands. So, try to blend in with organic content seamlessly. Usually, the users unconsciously ignore the obvious stock photos on the sponsored ads. So, use images that look normal in their news feeds.

Write a compelling ad copy

Do you know that the best way to sell a product is by not trying to sell that product? That is true. The best way to win eCommerce is by selling the experience. So, you can use the same strategy for Facebook ads by writing compelling ad copies to address the audience’s desires and fears. For example, if you sell quick prep baby meals, try to talk about the issue it solves, rather than talking about the product itself.

Facebook ads won’t work if you don’t experiment for what works better

For any Facebook ad campaign, you always have to continuously refresh, test, and adjust your content to see the opportunities to do better.

By refreshing and promoting new variations of the ads, you can keep your audience engaged with your marketing message. Also, if you are retargeting a specific set of audience, you can always do better by addressing them with fresh ads.

You can change three things in your Facebook ads to keep it fresh and make it work.

  1. Adjust the ad copy
  2. Change the imagery
  3. Update the landing page

By changing the ad copy, you can test which phrases and CTAs work well for your audience. Even the slightest change in tone can make a huge difference. Also, you can change the imagery to see how your audience responds. So, you can adjust the creative to make your Facebook ads work well.

The landing page has a lot to do, taking over the control of your customer’s purchasing journey after the ad. So, it has to be a killer landing page to match the qualities of your ad. Therefore, by testing and adjusting the landing page design, you can also improve the overall conversion rate of your Facebook ad.

Now you know how to run a successful Facebook ad campaign

Congratulations! Now you know why your Facebook ads don’t work and how to resolve that issue. Remember, not everything will work the same for you and me. Sometimes, you will have to come up with your own strategies based on what works well for your business.

However, we hope that these insights to why your Facebook ads don’t work will help you to build your own Facebook ad strategy. So, you will be able to stay confident and get better results from your future Facebook ad campaigns.

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