Where and how to sell your used phone for a good price? And, how to sell your phone without giving away any of your private information? Let’s have a look.

There is no point in collecting old electronic junk in your house. Especially, since the mobile phones are sold in millions, they won’t give you good antique value as well. So, it is better to sell your phone and make some money out of it. Actually, flipping old products is a really good way to make money online for free.

Don’t give away your private information

Before we go ahead and start talking about where can you sell your phone, I want you to understand something that is really important! A mobile phone is a very private tool. There can be your social media passwords, bank account logins, private photos, videos, and much other personal information and content are saved in your phone. And, if that information goes to the hands of a wrong person, your personal and social life will be in danger. Also, there are some data scavengers, who specifically buy used phones in search of private passwords and information.

So, before you sell your old phone, make sure to “clean” it properly. By cleaning, I mean delete everything in the right way. Towards the end of this guide, I will tell you how to empty your phone before selling.

Where can I sell my phone?

Amazon trade-in program

Amazon trade-in program offers Amazon gift cards in exchange of your used phones, game consoles, books and many other items. And, you can use those gift cards to buy things listed on Amazon. For example, you can find new phones or used/renewed phones on Amazon using the gift cards.

Gazelle trade-ins

Gazelle is another popular online platform to sell your phone. When you use Gazelle to trade-in your used mobile phone, you can get paid through Amazon gift cards, PayPal, or with checks. They also sell used mobile phones. So, if you have even redeem your Gazelle points to buy another phone from them.

Apple trade-in program

Apple offers a trade-in program for their products, including iPhones, tablets, computers, watches, etc. Once you sell your phone to Apple, you can get credit points for another purchase or a gift card to redeem later. One thing to note is that you can sell phones from any manufacturer through the Apple trade-in program.

Sell your phone with NextWorth

NextWorth is another great service where you can get money, not gift cards, for the phone you sell. You can get paid via PayPal or checks with NextWorth.

Swappa to sell your phone

Swappa is another extremely popular phone trade-in service. Also, they have achived a five-star rating on TrustPilot. Swappa pays you cash in exchange of your old phones, tablets, and many other electronics. They pay money via PayPal.

Sell your cell phone on uSell

You can sell your used phone on uSell and get paid by money. According to the uSell website, more than 450,000 customers have flipped their old phones using their service.

Here is a list of physical outlets to sell your old phone

  • EcoATM – There are thousands of EcoATM kiosks across the USA at major shopping malls like Walmart. Their website also has a location finder.
  • Also, you can trade-in your old phones at Apple stores and BestBuy recycling centers.

Apart from the places that we have listed above, you can sell your used phones in online marketplaces like eBay and Craiglist. For more information visit: The best sites to sell your unwanted stuff online.

How to prepare your phone before selling

As we have mentioned at the very beginning, do not forget to wipe out all your personal data from your phone before selling it. Otherwise, you will be basically giving away all your bank account and social media logins to strangers. And, do not forget about your personal photos, videos, and contacts as well. Therefore, let us see how to prepare your phone before selling it.

Apple Reset

Note: Backup all your essential data before resetting or wiping out data from your iPhone.

  1. If you have a paired Apple Watch, unpair your iPhone from the Apple watch first.
  2. Sign out from iCloud, iTunes, and AppStore.
  3. Go to the Settings, select General, and tap on Reset.
  4. Select Erase All Content and Settings, and enter the Apple ID password if asked.
  5. Enter your passcode if you get a prompt.
  6. Tap on Erase. This will reset your phone, and restart it and take you to the welcome screen.
  7. Remove your phone from the Apple ID’s trusted device list.

Resetting Android devices

Note: Backup all your essential data before resetting or wiping out data from your Android phone.

The exact location of the factory reset may vary between the devices. For the exact process, visit the help information on “Factory Reset” from your phone manufacturer.

Remember, deleting individual photos, videos, contacts, and passwords from the browsers won’t help as long as your phone is logged in and synced to a Google account. Therefore, logout from all your accounts, remove your phone from trusted device lists and reset the phone to factory settings.