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Two Things That Matter Most in Ecommerce Success

Have you ever thought why some businesses get skyrocketed from day one, and some other businesses stay on zero, zero and zero until they get closed down eventually.

There is a secret behind all of these successful e-commerce businesses. It’s not big budgets and media power! It boils down to two simple concepts.

Speed and Convenience!

Big budgets and media power can help you to create an impact on the market. But that doesn’t mean your customers are going to love your business.

With big budgets and media power, you can show your business to more and more people. But, to convert the reach to sales, you need the elements of Speed and Convenience in your business gameplan.

Two Things That Matter Most in Ecommerce Success

People have always been seeking for convenience. That’s why we have made tools. That’s why we have invented the wheel. That’s why the car overtook the horse carriage. And, that’s why we are willing to pay $25 for Uber instead of walking.

This fundamental human nature led us to create the world as it is now.

How to take advantage of this human nature for e-commerce businesses?

This is the most essential question which you should think before starting up a new business. You will come across thousands of new start-up pitches every day.

If you check out crowdfunding platforms like Kickstarter or Indiegogo, you will see a large number of innovations every day. But out of all those new ideas, how many would survive? The answer lies behind speed and convenience.

The Amazon is winning because they are continually working on making the buying and selling processes more and more simple. Google won just because they created a speedy and convenient interface for web search, and still they are researching on to make it even more speedy and convenient.

Now let us think about what you do. You may be selling watches; you may be selling jewelry or cloths; whatever you sell on your e-commerce site, have you taken any steps to create your customer’s life more comfortable and convenient.

This doesn’t mean that the jewelry or the cloth which you sell should make your customer’s life speedy and convenient. But, this means,

  • You should create your store, to make your customer’s buying experience more speedy and convenient.
  • Your marketing strategy should address the speed and convenience of your customer’s purchase experience.
  • Your aftersales and customer support should cater to the elements of speed and convenience of your business gameplan.

People do not want to wait anymore. 20% of the people do not want to wait for another second until your store to get loaded up on their smartphones. They will just abandon the site right there. In the same way, if your checkout process is complicated, you will start seeing the e-commerce horror story of “the abandoned carts”.

So, by helping your customer to make their life speedy and convenient, you can boost your conversion rates and stay on the track to make your business the next big thing.

In this way, you can get the advantage of the customer’s psychological tendency to pay more for convenience.

If you do so, due to the very same reason which motivates them to spend extra $10 for one-day shipping, they will get driven to buy from your e-commerce shop.

Speed and Convenience by Store Design

Google data shows that the bounce rate increases by 32% if a site takes more than 3sec to load a page. And, it increases by 90%, if it takes more than 5sec to load a page.

This data implies only one simple thing. That is the importance of the speed of your store design. People are super impatient now. We need everything fast, and right away. If your site is lagging, your business is past tense.

The average speed index for a mobile site is 3sec for now. This means that you should try to go even low. Because everyone is working on improving the pages loading speed to stay ahead of this race.

Irrelevant landing pages can kill your conversions

The selection of the landing page is another essential element of this optimization process. This directly affects the convenience of the customer.

For example, when I am searching for blue shoes for men’s, and if I click on a search result, I want to land on a product page with blue shoes for men. And, if you design your site and advertisement to direct me to a home page or a categories page for shoes, I will get confused.

It wastes my time searching for blue shoes for men in the first place, and I have to search again for blue shoes on your site. Now there is a higher chance that I will click on go back, and click on another search result.

No more annoying ads, please

Another example; Now let us assume that I landed on the right page. And I started looking for the shoe I want. And within the first 3sec, I got a huge popup ad which covered my screen.

There are some considerations for using pop-up ads. Pop-up ads actually work, but only if that is relevant to your customers.

For example, when I am searching for blue shoes for men, if I got a popup for something which is entirely unrelated to my focus, I will close the ad. And, if this keeps on happening, I will abandon the site after a few tries.

You can avoid this by customizing your pop-up ads according to the page they are on, and according to the content they are looking for.

For example, if I spend more than 10 sec on a product listing page, there is a higher chance that I am interested in that product. So, there I would not get annoyed by a pop-up ad for an offer, or an ad intended for an upselling or cross-selling product.

Cumbersome Checkout Process = Abandoned Carts

Now let us assume that everything went ok, and I am interested in a particular pair of blue shoes, and I am ready to add that to a cart.

If I buy my shoes for some peculiar reason, without any intention of purchasing blue shoes again, I would love to see a “buy now” or “buy as a guest” button.

If I have to register by typing in everything about me, my family and my neighbor’s pet, I would instead try another site.

But, if I came to your e-commerce store, to buy something with the intention of repurchasing something similar, I would love to give more information and create an account, hoping the next time I visit, I won’t have to type in all these data.

Saving the customer data, and in the next visit, helping the customer by providing more personalized content and speedy service can create the convenience for the customer.

So, both of the above cases show how to help the customer to make their purchasing experience more convenient in two different ways.

Reach to your customers in a speedy and convenient way

According to Google data, 90% of the shoppers say they have discovered new products and brands on youtube; And, 20% of the online searches are now by voice.

two secrets for ecommerce success

Video and Voice make things easy

This data directs us to one simple conclusion. People do not like to type or read anymore. People move from written content to the videos, just because it is easy to listen to someone than actually reading something. They use voice search, just because they are lazy to type in the search bar.

Your customers are looking for their own convenience. So, why wouldn’t you help them in the same way?

You might be using different marketing strategies to reach to your customers. If you are using content marketing methodology, you can use this information, and try to create your content as videos or audios.

So, when your customers are looking for assistance to choose the best something, let’s say a dash cam, on youtube; you can be there already.

If you need to create a competitive advantage with your e-commerce marketing strategy, then you must have to think about Speed and Convenience as the key factors.

Avoid the layers of complexity with simple product descriptions

When someone comes and visits one of your product pages, what are you going to show to them? If you are selling t-shirts, would you add technical specifications like the sleeve length and chest width etc.?

Depending on the product you sell, your customer might not worry about specific details and information.

If I am buying a beige t-shirt, I would only worry about the color, material, and size (as M, L or XL). By providing only the information which I am looking for, you (as an e-commerce seller) can make my life more convenient and help me to make a decision soon.

product description in ecommerce example3
Avoid all unnecessary details

Speedy and Convenient after sales and customer support

Having a good after sales services and customer support is gold. Having good, speedy and convenient after sales and customer support is Platinum.

As a customer, would you like to wait for a half a day to get a response for a support ticket? If I am not satisfied with my product and if I need a resolution, I need to talk to the customer support asap.

Sometimes the resolution won’t be in my favor. But if they provide a speedy response for my support tickets, I would not be a 100% unsatisfied with their service.

But, I do not get a response for a day, I would rather not buy from them again. Even if the resolution is in my favor, they did not comply with my need to have a speedy response.

Depending on your capacity for customer support and the rate of the tickets you get, immediately attending to a support request might not be feasible.

In such events, using chat-bots and using a live chat service might help you to enhance the speed and convenience of your customer support services.

Chat-bots can be designed to provide some contextual answers. This is an excellent way to keep your customers engaged and attended while you can start handling the request.

Nobody wants to make their lives complex. If your product, service or website can save people’s time, you are going to have a good chance in today’s marketplaces of distraction.

If you underestimate the power of speed and convenience, all your potential customers will be won by those who are working on creating business gameplans with speed and convenience elements.

Always think of the ways to simplify the current market and purchasing experiences. This is what Amazon is doing, this what Google is doing and this is what every e-commerce market leader and every leading business are doing.

Thanks for reading.

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