The most effective ways to find winning products for dropshipping

Finding the winning dropshipping products is one of the hardest hurdles of starting up a dropshipping store. There are many different ways to find winning products for dropshipping. However, in this article, we are going to discuss two simple, free, and proven hacks to find winning dropshipping products.

Disclaimer:This information is general in nature and for educational purposes only. And, it does not constitute formal financial, investment, or business advice.

How to find winning products for dropshipping?

Here we explain two ways to find winning dropshipping products from competitor listings and through social media ads. The strategy behind these two methods is to find what customers are actually looking to buy online.

By the way, if you haven’t selected a niche to start your dropshipping store, check this article about how to select the best niche for your dropshipping store. If you have already selected a niche, let us learn two hacks to find winning dropshipping products from that niche.

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What makes any product a “winning” product for dropshipping?

Have you ever wondered why would someone buy from your store, when they could buy the same product on Amazon or on AliExpress (even for a lesser price)?

Let’s say that someone wants to buy a toothbrush. So, they will most probably buy that from a local shop or order that from Amazon, Target, or some of those well-known eCommerce stores. So, if you also try to sell everyday-products like toothbrushes, you are going to lose this race.

That’s why you need to target a different audience for dropshipping. Therefore, you need to start selling products that people don’t usually search for. Like it or not, you will have to make more than 90% of your sales through Facebook ads. So, you need to find products that can trigger impulse buyers on Facebook. It can be a t-shirt, sock, or whatever, it should immediately attract the eyes of your potential customers and intrigue them to purchase your product.

So, keep this idea in mind when you are searching for the winning products for dropshipping. Next, we will go through our two dropshipping hacks to find winning products.

Hack #1 to find winning dropshipping products

Surf the F*** trend”! That is our golden rule about finding the winning dropshipping products.

Yes, dropshipping is all about surfing the trend. With dropshipping, you don’t have any commitment or an obligation to stick to one product. You don’t have to worry about any inventory to clear before switching to another product. You can change the product listings in a snap. So, let’s take advantage of this unique business model and make money out of it.

Two places to find trending products for dropshipping

There are two simple and totally FREE methods to find trending products for dropshipping.

  1. Amazon Best Seller listings
  2. Trending products on Trendhunter

Below, I am going to explain how to use Amazon bestseller listings to find winning dropshipping products. You can use the same process to find winning dropshipping products from other methods too.

How to use Amazon bestseller listings to find winning products for dropshipping

Amazon’s bestseller listings provide excellent insights into what is popular in the market. Let us see how you can use Amazon bestseller listings to find winning dropshipping products.

By the way, why Amazon? Amazon has the largest market share in eCommerce than any other big player on the market. Also, they have a highly diversified product range, attracting more customers. And, as the cherry on the icing, they have a best-seller product page, which is updated hourly.

Step 1: Go to the bestsellers

Go to the Amazon bestseller page, and see what are top products in your niche. I sell pet supplies so that I will check the pet supplies section in this case.

Step 2: Select a few potential products

Now, at this stage, you have to consider a few things before going ahead and selecting your next winning dropshipping product.

Verify the size (envelop to shoebox packing)

It is harder to promote faster shipping with dropshipping. So, offering free shipping is the best way to get around these long delivery times. See how to handle shipping delays in dropshipping. Then, by selecting small products, you can save on shipping, and you can offer free shipping with your orders.

Verify the price (less than $50)

When the price range is less than $50 people care a lot less about everything. If something went wrong, they wouldn’t panic a lot. Also, you can offer replacements without any hassles.

Check for marketing opportunities

Finally, you have to foresee your marketing opportunities too. For example, if there is a hot selling product in your store, you can select something that can be used for cross-selling with your hot product.

In this example, I am thinking of selecting the second product, the dog poop bags. Because I am sure that I will find plenty of Alixpress suppliers for this product, the price is ok, and it won’t get spoiled during shipping. And, most importantly, I can create a video-ad featuring my doggo to sell these poop bags!

Step 3: Check the Google trend

You can simply check the trend pattern on Google trends to confirm the popularity of your winning dropshipping products. This will let you understand the overall trend pattern for your dropshipping product and about the related products that you can cross-sell. Let me show you.

I have typed my winning dropshipping product idea onto Google trends tool, and see what I got.

This trend pattern looks fine for me. The trend is not on a spike, and it doesn’t look like a seasonal trend.

Now, if you scroll down a bit, you will find another two snippets called related topics and related queries. These are the related things that people have searched together. Check this image.

In my case, it looks like that I can add dog poop bag dispenser to my listings too. Great stuff!

Step 4: Check for the suppliers

You have one more step to complete your process of finding winning dropshipping products. Now, it is time to find dropshipping suppliers for your product. Well, I am not going to go into detail about finding dropshipping suppliers in this article. Because we have a separate article dedicated to teaching how to find the best dropshipping suppliers.

Hack #2  to find winning dropshipping products

This hack to find winning dropshipping products is just like doing a social experiment. I love this hack because it does two things. It is like getting two birds from a single stone!

  • This hack lets you find the winning dropshipping products
  • It also lets you find inspirations for your ad campaigns

Spy on your competitors

You can find winning products for dropshipping by closely monitoring the advertisements run by your competitors. Simply, visit their websites often to let them save website cookies on your computer. Then, deactivate your ad-blockers to see their ads. So, probably you will start seeing their ad campaigns on social media and Google in no time.

Search for social media ads with the highest engagement

When you scroll down on your social media feeds, you might have come across with some ads with an extraordinary amount of engagement.

You will notice that some product advertisements on social media have a superpower to attract and engage many people. People react, comment, tag others, and even share these ads.

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When you look into the potential winning dropshipping products, using my competitor’s ads, always try to go for the ads with the highest number of positive comments, tags, and shares. You don’t have to care for those with a higher number of likes or hearts. Remember, the positive comments, tags, and shares are things that matter most.

Once you pick such a product, you can go through the same process as we have described in the previous hack.

Get inspiration for your marketing campaign with the original ad copy

Another bonus opportunity of using competitor’s ads is that you can already test their ad format for the engagement. You can build your ad campaign on top of their template. Well, I wouldn’t say it is copying. It is evolving. Evolution brings us all the way here. Isn’t it?

The Bee swarm theory to find winning products for dropshipping

People say dropshipping is saturated, and there are so many sellers and so on. However, look at the bright side of this situation. The above two hacks to find winning dropshipping products is developed based on the bright side of this situation.

The Bee swam theory

When you look at this massive pool of dropshipping sellers, think of a swarm of bees. When the queen leaves the colony, other bees follow her in any direction. The same thing happens with dropshipping sellers. When there is a trend, many people jump in and start selling in that direction.

There is nothing wrong with this, and you can even jump in and make a good amount of sales out of a trend. It is much easier to see and follow a swarm of bees. In the same way, it is easier for us to follow a large number of sellers to identify the trends and to identify the winning dropshipping products. Our two hacks to find the winning dropshipping products are based on the above concept.

We hope that these two hacks will help you to find winning dropshipping products for your online store.


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