Two Life Resolutions to Make You a Winner

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This is only for those who have the ambition to win become successful. If you want a change in your life, and if you want to become a winner, these two life resolutions will help you to achieve your goals.

Two Life Resolutions to Make You a Winner

EcommerceBuff Radio Episode 6

Audio Transcript

Hi guys, welcome to another episode of EcommerceBuff radio.

My name is oshadee, and today I am going to talk about two new year resolutions that can make you a winner next year.

Well, I know it might be a bit late to talk about New Year resolutions. But, how cares. It is still January, and you have 11 more months to execute your plans.

So, I have two resolutions for this year.

The first one is you should deeply learn something new, with a monetization plan.

It can be a skill. It can something related to your business, it can be a hobby, it doesn’t matter. Learn something deeply. But, there is one condition. Whatever you learn, work out a plan to monetize the thing you learn.

Say, for example, you are going to learn how to bake. So, you can work out a plan to create a YouTube channel for baking. Which, you can later monetize. So, first go and see a few videos of what other people do in these videos. And, plan your studies accordingly.

If you have a monetization plan in your head, you won’t go astray with your studies. Also, it will keep engaged with whatever you learn. Because, in the end, you know that this thing you learn, is going to reward you.

I can give you another example. Say, you are going to learn some academic subject, which is related to your job. I am an Electrical Engineer; so, let’s assume that I am going to learn about generators this year. So, while I am learning about generators, I can think of a way to write a technical blog. And, later I can monetize this blog using the google ads.

So, likewise, learn something new, and in the meantime, work out a plan to monetize your skill.

Now here is the second New Year resolution.

That is, throw away all the unwanted clutter in your life.

When I say unwanted clutter, this included your beliefs, pessimistic ideas, fear for a change, bad relationships or friendships, anything which creates a bad impact on your life. Also, you can think of your unwanted memberships, subscriptions and all. Clean and clear up everything.

By doing this, you can practice self-awareness.

If you have a lesser number of things to worry about, it is easy to audit your success. This can help you to keep you on the track to achieve your goals.

Avoid all unwanted clutter, and focus on your skills and strengths.

Well, here is the deal. Let’s do this game. For just one week, starting from today, we both are going to clear the clutter and practice self-awareness in our lives, for this one week. Let’s stay awake and stay focused throughout this week, and evaluate the changes.

We are going to stay focused while we do our jobs, while we are with our family, and during the whole week.

If we can see anything in our lives get improved during this time, let us stick to this New Year resolution.

What do you think?

So, guys let us try this, and see how it goes.

Update me about what is going on, and have the greatest year of your lives.

We will see in another episode of ecommercebuff radio.

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