Zwoice is Europe’s first plastic-and-pollution-free online shopping portal, which promotes eco-friendly e-commerce. And, there is a great marketing lesson behind this startup.

The name Zwoice is a combination of two words (“zero waste + choice”), which explains the course of their business.  Zwoice was launched in March, and it is quickly catching up the attention of media and eco-minded communities.

This online shopping portal was created by a French-Slovak couple living in Luxembourg, who wanted to promote zero-waste lifestyle across the globe. And, we are pretty sure that they will have a great start with this amazing idea.

How to sell on Zwoice?

Any ‘eco-minded’ manufacturer can join this shopping portal, as long as they follow three basic guidelines.

  1. All products must be made from natural and organic materials.
  2. The production should be done sustainably.
  3. The products should be pack and ship in a plastic-free way.

Plastic-free shipping means, the sellers should commit to shipping using certified, zero waste, recycled, upcycled or post-consumer shipping boxed and packing materials, which should be just the right-size and fully compostable. For the fragile orders, the products should be carefully protected with paper or organic packing materials (Hay, fabric scraps, etc.).

“Good things take time” – to reduce the environmental impact of standard (fast) shipping options

An average e-commerce package travels 10,340 km and emits 151 grams of CO2 for each kilogram of weight. And, Zwoice strives to mitigate this environmental impact by encouraging the consumers to buy in bulk and locally.

Also, they stress the importance of proper planning with online purchases. If you can ditch the “I want it right now” mentality, you can save a lot on your shipping costs and help to reduce the negative environmental impact by avoiding the express delivery options.

Did you get a marketing lesson behind this startup?

Have you noticed that even within the first two months since its launch, Zwoice has gained enormous media attention and popularity?

This is mainly due to its unique selling proposition.

Your unique selling proposition is what makes your business stand out from your competitors. And, it is what your brand is known for. If you like to win e-commerce, rather than trying to be known for everything, try to build the unique selling propositions for your business.

Likewise, now the Zwoice is known for its eco-friendly approach. Thanks to its USP, Zwoice is not just another e-commerce store. It has gained viral attention within eco-friendly communities and online blogs.

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