Let’s find out the best social networks for eCommerce advertising. Advertising on social networks should be an integral part of your overall online marketing strategy, but how do you know which social network is the best for your business?

In this article, we are going to list down the six best social networks for eCommerce advertising. Also, we’ll talk about which markets and demographics that you can effectively target in these social networks.

Here are the six best social networks for eCommerce advertising

  1. Facebook Advertising
  2. Instagram Advertising
  3. Twitter Advertising
  4. Pinterest Advertising
  5. LinkedIn Advertising
  6. Snapchat Advertising

Even though we have listed six best social networks for eCommerce advertising, that doesn’t mean you should start advertising on all of these social networks. Unless you have a substantial marketing budget, trying to run your marketing on multiple channels will quickly make you feel exhausted.

Remember; at the beginning, choose maximum three social media platforms to build your business. Otherwise, you will get overwhelmed and won’t be able to handle any of them properly.

I am running a couple of online stores for years now. And, still, I didn’t move beyond Facebook and Instagram to advertise these businesses. The only thing is, you have to identify the best social network for your niche and optimize your marketing strategy on that platform.

It is not the number of followers or ad clicks that counts. It is the amount of engagement and the conversions that matter. So, rather than wasting your time building audiences on multiple channels, focus on a two or three best social networks and optimize your strategy.

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Facebook for eCommerce advertising

Facebook is undoubtedly the best social network for eCommerce advertising. Facebook has more than 2 million monthly users, which gives you an unparalleled opportunity to sell your products and services.

Facebook advertising works well for B2C lead generation.

Facebook advertising is the best place for lead generation. Some marketers claim it costs less than a dollar per lead on Facebook. In my experience, usually, it costs me around $1-$1.5 per lead on Facebook.

The best way to generate leads on Facebook advertising is by offering free giveaways, coupon codes, limited-time offers, free shipping offers, etc.

You don’t always have to start from a lead generation campaign. With proper targeting and an engaging ad copy, you can attract the impulse buyers for your products too.

Tips for advertising your eCommerce business on Facebook

Many people think that clicking on the boost button is the only thing that they have to do for a successful eCommerce advertising campaign on Facebook. Even though Facebook offers many advanced features for advertising, still the heavy lifting has to be done by you.

  1. Work hard on targeting – Selecting the right demographics is an essential part of running a successful ad campaign on social networks. Start by defining your target market and use the demographics tools provided by Facebook to refine your audience.
  2. Tailor-made ads – Don’t run the same ad copy for all your audience segments. Customize the tone, colors, and the text for different audiences.
  3. Break it down to steps – For some niches, you won’t be able to make a sale from a single ad campaign. In such cases, first, run a prospecting ad to create brand awareness. Then, use retargeting to reach those who showed an interest.
  4. Keep testing – Unless you make changes and keep testing, you will never know that your Facebook ad is running on its full potential. Use A/B testing to make sure it works.

An additional tip for your Facebook marketing strategy – What is the Best Time to Post on Facebook? (With Heat maps)

Instagram for eCommerce advertising

Even though Facebook has the highest number of users, Instagram has the best rate of user engagement. It is around 60% higher than Facebook. So, this makes Instagram an excellent choice for you to build your brand awareness by advertising.

Instagram advertising works well for heavy visual content

Instagram content is mostly photos and videos. So, if your eCommerce business can create an ad copy with appealing visual content, Instagram can provide you an unparalleled platform to advertise.

The audience on Instagram is heavily skewed towards the younger generation (18-30 year old). So, when you create an ad campaign on Instagram, make sure that target demographics matches with what Instagram can offer.

Two things that matter most in Instagram advertising

  1. No stock photos – No sir, stocks photos will never work on Instagram. Try to use the images of real people with real products. If you have to use stock photos, use attractive captions to create the interest.
  2. Use hashtags wisely – Instragm reach is driven by hashtags. So, you can reach the right customer using the right hashtags. So, when you advertise your eCommerce business on Instagram, use the hashtags wisely

Other best social networks for eCommerce advertising

Remember, finding the right social media platform is an essential part of building getting conversions. Even though Facebook and Instagram have the highest amount of userbase and the highest amount of engagement, sometimes there can be another social network with the unexplored potential to build your business.

  • Twitter – Unlike Facebook or Instagram, Twitter still provides you an opportunity for free organic reach for your business. Twitter offers the promote mode to advertise on Twitter. You can use this feature to pay a flat monthly fee to boost your reach.
  • LinkedIn – LinkedIn works well with B2B advertising. It has more than 200 million active monthly users. And, 61% of its user base is in the age range of 30-65. Since LinkedIn is popular mostly among professionals, your audience on LinkedIn will have the highest amount of disposable income than the people on other social networks.
  • Pinterest – Even though Pinterest promoted pins are not that popular for B2C advertising, it has an excellent potential of boosting your brand’s visibility.

Finding the best social network for your eCommerce business

Advertising on social networks is easy and has excellent potential to reach the right customers for your business. However, you must understand that even the best social network will not work well for you unless you don’t use it right.

So, as the first step, experiment and find the right social network for your business.

Once you have identified which social network works well for you, work on optimizing your marketing strategy to reach the fullest potential of the platform.

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