From music to videos, e-books to online courses, here are the most profitable digital products to sell online. Selling digital assets is one of the best online business ideas ever. When you sell digital products, you don’t have to worry about packing, shipping, delayed shipments or any other headaches of selling physical products.

Digital products are super easy to sell and distribute. So, there are so many online entrepreneurs who have built their entire businesses around these intangible digital products. Why can’t you do the same? Let’s have a look.

My own experiences selling digital products online

To be honest, my first few eCommerce stores were utter failures. I couldn’t make enough sales, and eventually, I had to close them down. Then, I spent a few months learning about digital marketing and took a fresh start by selling private label e-books online. Although I couldn’t make a fortune by selling e-books online, it made me fall in love with eCommerce again. If I am not mistaken, I sold private label ebooks back in 2011 and made around $800 in a month.

Anyway, my eBay listing was banned for selling Copywrite protected books. Honestly, I have downloaded them from a site that has explicitly labeled them as private label eBooks. But, it turns out to be a faux download site. So, my point is, selling digital products online is a worthy business to pursue. However, you have to be careful not to sell Copywrite products. Also, unlike me, if you are creative and if you can produce your own digital products, you can definitely make a fortune by selling them online.

Recently, I have helped a friend of mine to start selling his digital art online. So, out of curiosity, I did some background research to find out how profitable it is to sell digital products these days. This article is based on that research, and here I will tell you the 4 most profitable digital products to sell online.

What are the best digital products to sell online?

  1. Sell e-books: PLR (Private label) or your own work.
  2. Sell digital assets: Stock photos, video footages or music tracks.
  3. Sell logos and graphics – with or without graphics designing skills
  4. Sell exclusive memberships for your digital content. (Blogs, comics, etc.)

How to sell digital products without having to create them?

Hey, here we are talking about entrepreneurs. Uber is the largest taxi service in this world. But how many cars do you think they own? Think of Amazon. Do they manufacture everything they sell? If you like to become an entrepreneur, You have to start thinking like an entrepreneur. 🙂 Being able to create content is a talent. Not everyone can do that. Being a good entrepreneur is another talent. Keep reading, and find so many answers to your question.

Sell eBooks online

Write your own e-books

There are so many possibilities to write your own e-books. If you are creating enough, you may be able to write your own novel, a collection of short stories or even poems and make an e-book to sell online.

Or, if you are good at something, you can simply write a guide to teach others how to do that. Think of the e-books like “how-to – for dummies.” You can be good at homemaking, backing, cooking, commerce, maths, science, history or even some particular software. Write a guide and publish an e-book.

You can also try ghost-writing for your e-book. But, that would involve a much higher budget.

Sell private label e-books

You can get Private label rights (or, PLR) e-books, edit them, add your personal branding and re-sell. You can either purchase PLR e-books to edit or get a membership to access their libraries. Do whatever you feel cheap and suitable for your business.

If you are going to do the editing, find a topic that you are really interested in. So, your readers will sense your taste in that subject.

Also, you can hire a freelancing writer to do the editing for you. You can do the same for the cover page or inner page template designs too. Hire a freelancing graphic designer, and let them do the creative work for you.

We will discuss how to sell and market the digital products (in detail) at the end of this article.

Sell digital assets like stocks photos, videos, and music tracks online

We live in a marketing era, where the content has become king for any marketing channel. From selling simple shoe-laces to complex software, every business needs content for their content marketing strategies. So, if you can create content like stock photos, video footages or music tracks, you can start to sell them online.

I cannot promote any particular site where you can publish and sell stock photos or videos. But, with a simple google search, you will be able to find some popular platforms to sell your digital assets. Most of these sites eat up a huge commission for the sales they make. But, you can piggyback their site authority and popularity to reach more customers.

Can you re-sell free digital assets?

Well, I wouldn’t recommend doing that. There is no such thing as free online money! If you want to become a successful online entrepreneur you need to learn how to add value to the products you sell. Thanks to those amazing and good-hearted content creators (creative commons), you will find plenty of free stuff on the internet. Use this free stuff, do some editing, add value to the product that you are going to sell, and then you are good to go.

Sell graphic designs, logos, and vector templates online

There are thousands of new businesses or websites starting up every single day. They all need a logo and maybe stationery design (like the business card, letterheads, etc.) at the beginning. So, there is a massive market for logo designers and graphic designers right now. And, the best part is you can do this with or without any graphic designing skills. ????

I wrote about my own experience designing selling logos in this article about best stay at home jobs, I feel a bit lazy to rewrite the whole process. So, please take a look, and if you got any questions about the process, please send me a message on our Facebook page or just comment below.

Sell exclusive memberships for your digital content

Selling exclusive memberships or content is a great way to monetize your online content. Unlike selling individual products, you can use a membership program to earn a recurring income from your content.

This works well for the online content creators, who regularly produce good quality content. You can use this method to monetize your blog, video library or digital comic book series, etc. You can start publishing free content to grow a passionate community for your niche. Once you have created an engaging community, you can start creating “behind the gate” content for paid subscriptions. This can be some exclusive blog posts, some episodes of your comic series, or some exclusive footage of your video library.

How to sell and market digital products

You can use multi-channel marketing to sell your digital products online. You can start doing this by selling your digital products on dedicated platforms. For example, if you choose to sell e-books online, you can use Amazon to list your e-book and sell. If you start selling photos online, you can use sites like Shutterstock to list and sell your photos and graphics.

The main advantage of using such platforms is that you can piggy-back their site authority to reach millions of potential buyers.

But, such platforms usually take a huge portion of commissions from your sales. To avoid this, you can try starting your own online shop for digital products.

Wherever you publish your content, do not skip the marketing process. To start, you can leverage your contacts on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn. First, reach out and ask some support from your friends and family to build a buzz around your digital products. Follow a strong Facebook marketing strategy to build an audience for your business. Also, engage in forums and discussions related to the topic of your digital content. – Check the strategy I have discussed on “how to get website visitors for free.

Now you know how to sell digital products online

Selling digital products is a low-cost, low-risk business opportunity. The process is fairly simple, and the best part is you don’t even have to be a content creator to sell digital products. In this article we have discussed 4 most profitable digital products to sell online, and how to sell and market digital products.

If you have decided to start selling digital products and came across with any question, just send me a message on our Facebook page. I have a quite good experience selling digital products online, and I will try my best to answer your questions.

Cheers 🙂

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