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Did you notice the Thanos Easter egg on Google: Spoiler – It deletes half of the SERP

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Do you know that you can delete half of the search results with Google’s Infinity Gauntlet? This new cool Easter egg on Google wipes out half of the search results with a snap.

All you got to do is, go to Google and type in Thanos.

Then you will see a knowledge panel like this:

Thanos Google easter egg

Can you see that Infinity Gauntlet? Yeah, that gold glove with six stones. Just click on it.


Now you will see half of the SERP wipes out. Btw, here is a little spoiler for endgame (if you didn’t watch that yet), someone loses his head. 😉

Thanos Google easter egg 2

Back to Google, you will even see that the page scrolls by itself as the search results are getting vanished.

Also, the 104 million search results will be reduced to 52 million too.

Let’s bring them back again. And, yet this is a huge spoiler. You will immediately get to know how it happens in the endgame. Bad move Google, bad move. 🙁

Click again on the Infinity Gauntlet. Oops, they are all back again (are they? watch that damn movie)

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