How to get the YES from an investor

How to get the YES from an investor?

Investors say “NO” nine out of ten times. If you want to get a “YES” from your investor, never mention these five things during the pitch meetings.


What is e-commerce? (How to Start?)

From traditional brick and mortar businesses to internet start-ups, e-commerce can help you to break the geographical boundaries and reach more customers. That means e-commerce can simply help you to increase your sales.

how to plan an online business

How to Plan Your Online Business Strategy

If you are about to start an online business, the first thing you have to do is creating a proper strategy for your online business. A proper online business strategy can boost your chances, by helping you to focus on your goals and activities.


Keep Your Business Simple and Stupid

Making it simple to buy your products may be the best way to win more customers. If you offer more choices, your customers can get overwhelmed and will not buy from you anyway.


Start Your First Online Shop

Starting an online shop can be a great way to earn an extra income. The are millions of online shops run by people who are doing their full-time day jobs.