3 ways to build a business without social media

Recently a seller DM me and asked an interesting question. His Facebook business page, which had more than 100k followers, was banned for some reason. Also, he couldn’t restore the page. Now, he lost his largest sales channel. What could he do next?


How to use Twitter to build your brand

Let us see how to use Twitter to build your brand online. I believe that Twitter is the most underrated social media platform ever. However, Twitter can provide an incredible opportunity for small businesses to build a brand.

Inbound marketing

Inbound marketing can boost your eCommerce Sales

Inbound marketing helps you to attract potential customers, keep them engaged, and delight them with their purchase experience. In this way, your chances of making a sale increases, and your customers can even help you to grow your business.


Why you must need a unique selling proposition for your business

Your unique selling proposition is what makes your business stand out from your competitors. And, it is what your brand is known for. If you like to win e-commerce, rather than trying to be known for everything, try to build the unique selling propositions for your business.


What You Can Learn From Apple’s Marketing

Have you ever thought why Apple can sell their products at a much higher price than its competitors? Have you ever seen them involving in a price war? No, they don’t. That is the power of their marketing.


Keep Your Business Simple and Stupid

Making it simple to buy your products may be the best way to win more customers. If you offer more choices, your customers can get overwhelmed and will not buy from you anyway.