Selling small vehicle accessories is a rapidly growing e-commerce market segment. When it comes to dash-cams, you can easily find a massive audience on social media. With a large number of electronic product suppliers from China and HK, you can find enough opportunities and room to grow your business in this competitive dropshipping niche.

How to sell Dash-Cams online

If you are looking for an opportunity to earn some passive income, or if you are thinking of starting an online business, here is the entry point for you. You can quickly start an online sales channel for dash-cams with an initial investment of less than US$100.

In this guide, we will teach you how to start your own Dropshipping mini dash-cam brand from scratch.

Before we get into any business, we need to evaluate the market conditions. In this way, we can find our opportunities, paths and limitations of the niche. At EcommerceBuff, we did market research for the dash-cams. Below we have listed the data, which we have collected.

What is in this guide


  1. How to sell Dash cams online
  2. Market analysis for an online dash cam business
    • Online popularity analysis
  3. How to start an online dash cam store
  4. Your game plan for an online dash cam business
    • Sourcing dash cams to sell online
    • How to build an online store
  5. Pricing and Marketing products
    • How to price dropshipping products
    • Start building your dash cam brand on social media
    • Creat values, and stand above the competition

1. Market analysis for an online dash cam business

  • The expected growth of dashboard camera sales in the global market is between US$1.84-5.3b by 2022. – source Statista
  • 3% of the worldwide car sales are in China. The USA, Japan, Germany and India stand next in the line. – source Knowema
  • The available audience in USA with interests in “Car DVR, Dashcam, Onboard camera, Vehicle insurance” keywords are 1.1 million social media users – source Facebook Audience Insights

Online popularity analysis

  • Related keywords can have a daily potential reach of 1k+ clicks and 20k+ impressions for a US$25 per day ad campaign – Source google ads
  • Trend pattern for last three years: Choppy  with a bit of upwards trending  – Source google trends

Above data indicates high popularity and room for growth for online sales of dash cameras. Sales forecast for 2022, implies an annual growth of sales and market share for online sales channels is expecting a moderate increase. If you combine this data with online popularity trend, you can expect a sustainable sales opportunity during this four years window. Even though China comes first in vehicle sales, targeting China for online drop shipping is not a good idea due to several reasons. But you can focus the USA for your market.

2. How do you start an online dash cam store

Since we have identified the market to sell dash-cams, let us try to find suppliers of dash-cams. Since you are looking for a low-risk, low-cost method to earn money, we can use the Dropshipping to source our dash cams.

Dropshipping is an efficient online business model. When you drop ship, you don’t have to maintain a physical inventory of products. Also, you don’t have to buy products beforehand. You have to only pay for a product, once you already make a sale, and got paid for that product. So, nothing goes out of your pocket.

Dropshipping has a unique business flow. Here is how it works;

When someone makes a purchase from your online dash-cam store, you make a purchase from your supplier, using the shipping details of your customer. So, your supplier directly sends that product to your customer. By doing this middleman job, you earn a profit for this transaction. Isn’t that simple? Dropshipping is a 100% legal business model, and you have to be responsible for what you sell. In dropshipping, the supplier is completely hidden, and your customer will only see your storefront and the product.

This unique business model eases the whole process for you. You don’t have to learn and handle the shipping process, and you don’t need to have a physical store or a stock of products. As a beginner, this can make your life unbelievably comfortable.

The basic process flow of a Dropshipping store

3. Your gameplan for online dash-cam business

Now that you have an idea of what to do let us get together and create a game plan for our new dash cam business. Here we are going to focus on methods of selecting suppliers, how you can build an online store and basics about how to price and market our dash cams.

Sourcing dash-cams to sell online

When it comes to sourcing electronics, China is the most popular destination. There are hundreds of thousands of electronic equipment manufacturers and suppliers in China. And best of all, you can find sources to buy these products paying almost nothing. Their prices are that low.

There are two types of suppliers to find products. The best way to find products is from wholesale suppliers. They do not sell to the general public, but as an online retailer, you can buy from them by entering into a sales contract. Also, if you can get into a good business relationship with them, they will offer you the lowest prices and best offers.

But, if you are entering into the e-commerce field, working with wholesale suppliers can be a little bit hard to digest. When you work with wholesale suppliers, you have to go through some procedures. As we have discussed earlier, they do not sell to the general public. So, to work only with retailers, they have a screening process. You might have to start a credit account, register your business, and follow many complex and serious procedures to establish a sales channel with them.

But, there are other simple methods to source your products too (which we will discuss next). And, once you get some traction, you can come back and start working with wholesale dropshipping suppliers to grow your business.

The easy method

Aliexpress is a popular marketplace to find tons of suppliers for dash cams and many other electronic types of equipment. But, unlike wholesale suppliers, the general public can directly buy products from Aliexpress. That means your customers can come and buy from them too.

So, if you use Aliexpress to find your products, you cannot keep a significant profit margin, and you have to work hard on marketing.

But, this is the easiest method to start your business.

Fake suppliers are just middlemen pretending to be wholesalers

Building your first online store

When I first started my e-commerce store back in 2010, I had to develop an e-commerce website from scratch. But today you can find a lot of platforms to sell online. You can create product listings on eBay, Amazon and many other e-commerce marketplaces.

If you use a popular online marketplace, you can gain some advantages and disadvantages.

eBay, Amazon, and other online marketplaces offer pre-built templates and formats where you can directly list your products. So, it can save your time in designing your own online store. Apart from that, your listings can be automatically included in their marketing campaigns, reducing the burden of handling marketing by all your self. But, to have all these comforts, you have to pay a cost. The product listing fees for using these marketplaces can eat-up your profits a lot.

If you do not want to use these marketplaces, you can build your own online store as well. Do not worry, and this is 2018, you don’t need coding skills to create an e-commerce store.

4. Pricing and Marketing products

Here we are going to discuss how to make our dash-cam business popular. We need to come up with a great marketing strategy to engage with your potential customers. Also, we need to discuss the pricing and how to price our dash-cams to optimise our profits.

Pricing the products

Do you know that 2/3s of the people who are visiting an e-commerce store have one particular intention in their mind? If you guess it as “buying a product”, then you are wrong. Most of the people come to an e-commerce store, just to check the prices. That is why the pricing should be an essential element in our game plan. You need to define the competitive price for your dash-cams and try not to under-sell or over-sell these products.

  • If you under-sell, you are losing all your potential profits, and even people will think that you are selling low-quality products.
  • If you over-sell, you are driving your customers away due to high prices.

So, what can be the right price? We need to find out the right pricing strategy to optimise our profits. If you check Aliexpress, you can find dash-cams, which are suitable for drop shipping for less than US$50. And if you check Amazon for the similar product, you will find a price around US$99. So you can pick a price a bit less than Amazon price to gain your position without losing the potential profits.

Start building your dash cam brand on social media

We can use social media to promote our dash cams easily. If you have noticed, there are a lot of traffic violation related social media fanbases. These traffic violation videos and posts can boost the requirement of a dash-cam for car owners. So, you can use a social media marketing campaign by providing an impression of how can a dash cam save you from ugly situations on the road. You can target those who own a vehicle and related to a relevant fanbase.

  • Check out this marketing guide for a case study of how to use Facebook audience insights find a relevant audience for your niche.

Create values

When it comes to a niche like dash cams, you can create a great after sales services to have an engagement with your customers.

You can make a video or written instructions on how to install dashcams. Because an average person can struggle with setting up the product. When you make the sale, you can send them the links to this installation and operating instructions for their products. By adding such values, you can definitely stand above your competitor, who is selling the exact same product for the exact same price.

Also, you can even create a spare parts market for the products you sell. Check out Amazon “bought together” section to identify what else you can sell with these products. If you have an opportunity to sell secondary products, you can reduce the price of the main product (the dash-cam in our case) and increase the profit margin on secondary products. Because, when people compare prices, they usually compare the price of the main product. Once they bought the main product, and when they see your services, they will definitely go for secondary products too. And, that is where you gain more profits by keeping a higher profit margin.

Spare parts sales can help to create an engaging customer base

So far we have created a start to end overview and fundamental analysis for the niche of selling dash-cams online. Before you start, please check out our beginner’s guide for Dropshipping and learn the ins and outs of every step.

Is there anything else you would like to know more about and wish was included in this article? Let us know in the comments below!

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