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Are you not getting sales after months of trying? Here is the solution!

Are you not getting sales after months of working your A** off for your business? Are you feeling intimidated by not getting sales? What about all the time and money that you have invested? Is it going to go down the drain?


Welcome to the real world of doing business, where you don’t get sales!

Not getting sales for your new business is a real horror story! Unless you have a lot of disposable money, you must be feeling worried by now. Also, right now, you might be on a dilemma to continue this business or to abandon it.

And, I know that you must be feeling jealous and hatred when you see people share the screenshots of their seller dashboards with thousands of dollars in daily sales. GRRrrrrrrโ€ฆ I know, right?

Well, you know, there must be a reason for them to get all the sales and you are not getting any sales. You must be doing something wrong from the beginning.

In my case, my first two online stores were complete failures. I did so many things wrong. I didn’t research; I didn’t try to learn marketing; I thought I would get sales like magic. Well, that is not how it works in the real world.

However, sometimes you will be able to transform your dried up business to a gold mine with just a few tweaks. So, let’s find out.


The reasons and solutions for not getting sales

In this article, we are going to discuss the most common reasons for not getting sales in your online stores. Also, we will try to figure out the possible solutions for not getting sales.

First, you need to find your current position in this “not getting sales” story.

There can be two positions.

  1. You are getting a lot of traffic, but no sales.
  2. You are not getting any traffic nor sales.

So, what is the benchmark for this traffic vs. sales measure?

According to online statistics, around 25% of online stores have a conversion rate of less than 1%. This data means, for every 100 visitors you get, you can make around one sale. And, I found that the average conversion rate is around 2.35% across all the industries.

For my stores, I have a conversion rate that fluctuates around 2% (more to the plus side). So, I think I still have to work on improving my conversion rates.

So, here is how you can select your position in this “not getting sales” story. First, go to your store’s dashboard and see the average traffic that you get every day.

  • If you are getting more than 100 unique visits per day, but not getting any sales – You can consider yourself as a seller who gets some traffic, but not the sales.
  • If you are not getting at least 100 unique visits per day – You are not getting traffic nor sales.

Why knowing this position is so important?

You must need to identify your position to find the right solution for your not getting sales issue.

For example, if you are not getting traffic, first you need to address the issue of not getting enough traffic. Then, later, you can work on improving your conversion rate. However, on the other hand, if you are getting more traffic, but not any sales, you need to focus on the tricks to directly improve your conversion rate.

Reasons for why you are getting enough traffic, but not getting sales

If you are getting enough traffic, well, you are in a somewhat good position. At least, your ads are engaging enough, or if you are getting traffic from a content marketing strategy, it works.

So, why you are not getting sales then?

  1. Higher product prices
  2. Wrong landing  page
  3. Hard to navigate website
  4. Bad product page design
  5. Complex checkout process
  6. Less appealing site design

Those six are the most common reasons for not getting sales, even with higher traffic. Let us go through these points one-by-one.

1. Higher products prices can be the reason for you to not getting sales

Higher product prices are the primary reason for not getting sales. Remember, with a smartphone in hand, today everyone can do a price check before they buy something. Usually, they do that too.

Think about it, what is the last time you clicked on purchase for an Amazon product without looking at similar product suggestions? By our instincts, we always try to find a better deal. And, with a smartphone in hand, this has never been so easy.

So, you cannot just keep a higher margin than your competitors, unless you provide something better than them. For example, if you want to sell your products for a higher price, make sure to show off your unique selling prepositions, as the reason for that higher price. Otherwise, everyone will be looking at your prices, and go and buy from somewhere else.

How do you know that this is the reason for you to not getting sales?

Go to your analytics report and see where your visitors usually leave your site. If they are leaving at the product pages, higher product prices can be one of the problems. Then you should do a competitor-research and see whether your products are too expensive or too cheap.

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2. Wrong landing page = Higher bounce rate

Wrong landing pages are another reason for not making sales.

For example, let’s assume that run an ad campaign for a pair of blue running shoes. You have added some excellent ad copy, it was super engaging, and you have selected the right target market. So, if you did everything right, you will get better CTR and will start getting a lot of traffic.

Unfortunately, I have seen many sellers do everything right in their ad campaigns, but they usually link their homepage or a category page for these ads.

So, if I click on this ad, I am expecting to see the product page for blue running shoes. However, what would happen if I get redirected to the seller’s homepage or a category page? That is not what the ad has promised! So, there is a higher chance that I will leave the site.

This will register as a visit. However, it will not generate any traffic.

How do you know that this is the reason for you to not getting sales?

If the CTR for your ad campaigns is higher, and if your site analytics register a higher bounce rate, probably this can be the reason for you not getting sales.

3. Hard to navigate website can avoid your chances of getting sales

This is a very common reason for not getting sales in eCommerce. If someone came to your store looking for some product, they should be able to find it with less than around 10 or 15 seconds. Because of the engagement period for eCommerce shoppers are extremely low, you need to offer them a faster way to find what they are looking for.

The most straightforward workaround would be to create a lot of category and sub-category sections in your store. It is much easier to navigate around a site with a browsing option for categories.

Apparently, having proper navigation for your site can also help you to increase the cross-selling opportunities too.

How do you know that this is the reason for you to not getting sales?

If the number of page views per visitors is less, probably this can be one reason for that. So, try to create a better way to navigate around your site. Ask someone who didn’t use your site before to find something from your store and see how much time it takes.

4. Bad product page design = no sales

Product pages should be one of the primary focuses for any online stores. A good product page should contain all the information that a customer would need to make a purchasing decision. However, that doesn’t mean you have to include everything you have on to the product pages. Then it will be too complex to understand, and it will take more time to load.

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So, what makes a good product page?

  • Include at least four high-quality images of your product. Learn how to optimize images for the web, without losing quality.
  • Create clear, human-readable product titles.
  • Create an engaging product description that speaks to your audience. Remember to be consistent with the tone of your brand. Avoid these mistakes in product description writing.
  • Add a review and rating section to create a social proof for your products. Social proof creates a stronger influence on purchases.
  • Create an enticing and clear Call-to-action (CTA) for the conversion. Make your “buy now” button visible.

5. Complicated checkout process = Abandoned carts

Go to your checkout process and see it for yourself.

  • Make registration a compulsory step, only if it is required. If I am buying a cheap product from your store, without any intention of re-purchasing, I don’t like to spend a few minutes filling out forms. Let me buy it as a guest, or I will leave.
  • Use the most common and trusted payment gateways like PayPal for checkout process. People still feel uncomfortable entering their credit card information to an unknown site.
  • Also, the looks of the site are incredibly essential at this stage. If your website doesn’t look trustworthy, people will hesitate to make any payment. So, make sure to add links to your privacy policy and return policy at this stage.

Is your checkout process is easy and straightforward? Make it easier! People don’t like to pay!


6. Not getting sales is not a surprise for less appealing sites

Well, I am not going to say that you shouldn’t use templates or free themes for your website. However, it is always to better to have a proper brand identity for your business. Having a proper brand identity can help your business to boost its authority and trustworthiness.

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Sloppy, inconsistent website designs always lead to lower conversion rates. So, invest some money for the looks of your site. People judge the books by the covers. So, make sure to have a beautiful cover for your business.

Reasons for why you are not getting sales nor the traffic

So far, we have discussed the reasons and possible solution for not getting sales, even with getting enough traffic. However, this is not the case for everyone. Most of the sellers will find themselves in a position where they don’t even get traffic to the site.

So, before we go ahead and solve the not getting sales issue, first we need to address and solve the not getting traffic issue.

So, why you are not getting traffic then?

  1. Bad targeting
  2. No proper audience
  3. Weak niches
  4. Not having an appropriate marketing strategy

Let us discuss these reasons one-by-one.

1. Bad targeting

If you donโ€™t have a target market and if you are trying to sell to everyone, my friend, you are in big trouble! You are writing your eCommerce death sentence.

Don’t let that happen. Remember, we cannot sell to everyone. First, you need to select and target a specific group of people for your products. There is no point of running a Facebook ad campaign targeting the whole USA. It will be just a waste of money and your time.

Since this is so important, we have a complete guide to teach you about selecting a target market and audience. Check this article about choosing target markets and audiences.

2. No proper audience

To sell our products, we need an audience. You can find audiences through content marketing and email marketing. These are the basic yet most powerful ways to build traffic to your online store. So, you can eventually address your not getting sales issue.

Building an audience is not an easy process. However, it is a must to make sales.

Content marketing is the best way to build an audience for your business. Content marketing is the process of sharing valuable content related to products. This can be a blog, YouTube channel, or even an Instagram or the Facebook page. By regularly sharing useful content, you can build an audience for your content. This audience will usually stick around your business. So, when you have to roll-out a new deal or a new product, you can easily reach this audience to market.

How many business pages that you have liked on Facebook? So, you get regular updates from them. That is how the content marketing works – in a nutshell.

3. Weak business niches are getting no traffic nor sales

As we always stress, selecting the right niche is the most crucial step in starting any business. If you choose a niche without any demand, there is nothing you can do to build traffic or to get sales.

Many people ask me how to find a niche without any competition. I have only one question for them. “Why? Why do you want a niche without any competition?” Well, a niche with a healthy competition is a confirmation of the volume of your future traffic and sales.

This is how I select niches for my dropshipping products. Maybe you can check your process against it and see how well it works.

4. Not having an appropriate marketing strategy

Even this point comes as the last; it is the most important thing out of everything that we have discussed. Not having a proper marketing strategy was the reason for the failures of my first two online stores. I had to learn that in a hard way. I lost money and even got a mild depression with those losses.

So, don’t go into that level. Check our online marketing archives section for different online marketing strategies. You don’t have to pay to learn online marketing. There are many free resources available online to learn online marketing tactics.

Not getting sales – Solved!

I am pretty sure that if you work on the above solutions, you will find a definite answer to you not getting sales for your online business. Also, remember that you will not see any success overnight. Sometimes it can take years to become a successful online seller.

Make sure not to compare your first chapter with someone else’s 20th chapter. They might be earning thousands of dollars every week with years of trials and errors. First few chapters are hard. I couldn’t get my first sale even after months of running my online stores. However, now, I am in a good position.

Not getting sales is not an uncommon thing. You must be doing something wrong. That is all. Find it and create a solution.


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