Bad habits can kill your dreams by slowing you down and destroying your productivity. These six bad habits can be the worst enemies of your life.

Bad habits will not only destroy your productivity. It will make you miserable, moody and unhappy in your life. 🙁 Controlling these six bad habits will help you to gain your self-control, speed, and happiness of your life.

The worst of all,

1. Using the phone in bed

We all do this. And, we all need to stop doing this. Using your phone in bed will destroy your productivity and your eyes.

There is a sleep-inducing hormone called melatonin in our body. Short-wavelength blue light halts the production of melatonin, which makes you stay alert.

The morning sunlight produces short-wavelength blue light, which halts the production of melatonin in our body and makes us wake up in the morning. And, in the evening, when the sun goes down, our bodies start producing more melatonin, which makes us sleepy.

So, what melatonin has to do with mobile phones?

Apparently, the displays of the electronic devices produce short-wavelength blue light too.

So, guess what happens when we use these devices before we go to sleep? It can impair the melatonin production and distort our sleep. And, constantly getting distorted sleep can sabotage our productivity.

A Harvard study shows that constant suppression of melatonin leads to depression too. So, it is time to keep your phone aside before going to bed.

How using a mobile phone in bed can destroy your eyes?

Direct exposure to blue light can cause damage to the retina of the eye. The American Macular Degeneration Foundation warns that retinal damage caused by blue light may lead to macular degeneration, which causes the loss of central vision — the ability to see what’s in front of you.

2. Trying to make everything perfect

Perfectionism is one of the major reasons for less productivity. If you have a tendency to produce perfect work or results, you may be wasting most of your time for nothing.

Whatever you do, you need to produce results. If you are trying to start a business, and if you spend months trying to get the perfect business name, you are not going to make it at all.

In today’s world, every single second matter. If spending another day perfecting your presentation would not give you a promotion, it is unnecessary work that can destroy your productivity.

So, start quantifying your efforts and results. Do not waste time perfecting things.

3. Snoozing the hard work

When we come across with tough challenges during the day, we tend to hit the snooze button to do them later. There is one big disadvantage of this.

So, if you want to complete the hard tasks, you must start tackling them at the beginning. Once you get mental fatigue, it can be super hard to think sensibly.

When we keep working, our mental energy gets exhausted. So, our productivity can go down rapidly. By keeping the hard tasks to end, you will make things worse.

4. Snoozing your alarm

Talking about snoozing things, snoozing your morning alarm is another bad habit that can kill a productive day.

There are certain stages of sleep. The deeper you go into the sleep; sudden awakenings can leave one feeling groggy.

So, our brains act amazingly. If you set the alarm for 6.00 AM, your brain will subconsciously make you ready to wake up at 6.00. If you are following a daily routine, sometimes you will even wake up before the alarm goes off.

What would happen if you hit the snooze button?

Once you hit snooze and fall back on the bed, you quickly go back to the deep stages of sleep. And, your brain has no clue when to wake you up, so it won’t make you ready to wake up again.

When the alarm goes off again, you have to wake up from the deep sleeping stages suddenly. This makes everything worse. You will start feeling grumpy, you hate everyone, you hate your job, and you will start hating everybody.

So, it can damage your productivity of the day.

From tomorrow, make sure to wake up for the first alarm, and see the difference.

5. Frequent social media engagement

To fully engage with some task, you need around 15 minutes of focus time. Once you pass this initial focus time, you can be even five times more productive than before.

But, if you get distracted from your fully engaged time, you need to pass that initial focus time again to get into the fully engaged state.

If you have an urge to check Facebook, Instagram, News or Sports updates frequently, you will easily get distracted from the fully engaged state of your work.

So, five times check in and out of your fully engaged state means, more than one hour of initial focusing time.

6. Trying to multitask

Oh, wait! How come multitasking is bad for productivity?

When people do two things at once, they are actually slowing down. A study in the Journal of Experimental Psychology: Human Perception and Performance (Vol. 27, No. 4) indicates that multitasking can actually be a less efficient way of doing things.

When you have to switch your brain between two tasks, it takes extra time for your mental gears to shift.

This research also suggests that the people who think that they are good at multitasking are actually slower than those who like to do one thing at a time.

Next time, try to do one task at a time. And, see if you can improve your overall speed.

Let us wrap up

Today everyone is super busy with their lives. So, losing your productivity can actually harm you on many different levels.

Your job and relationships, everything depends on how well you perform.

So, by controlling these bad habits will help you to become an achiever in your life.

Did I miss any bad habits that can make you a loser? Well, comment below and let everyone know what you think.

Cheers 🙂

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