The perfect length for a power nap

Anyone can feel tired and easily get distracted from their work during the mid-afternoon. Sometimes, even gulping coffee might not help you to  recharge. So, having a power nap might be the best solution to get a fresh start and to have a new outlook on the day. But how long should it last? Luckily NASA has answered the question of perfect power nap length. What is your guess? Is it 5 minutes, 30 minutes, or one hour? Let’s have a look

  • Napping can lead to improvements in mood, alertness, and memory.
  • “Inemuri” Japanese are serious about power naps, so they even have a name for it.
  • Having longer naps can make you enter a deeper sleep, which can make you feel muzzy.
  • According to NASA, a perfect power nap should take you only to the stage2 sleep, which occurs within a 10 to 20 minutes long nap.

Having a mid-day power nap can improve your productivity

We don’t always get access to a coffee machine or 5-hour energy shots while working. However, that doesn’t mean you can lose the focus and cognition in work. So, the easiest way to refresh your day is by nodding off a few minutes during the mid-afternoon. In fact, taking off a few minutes can revitalise the rest of your working hours. So, at the end of the day, it might be more productive than doing a sloppy job without having a power nap.

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According to NASA, having a power nap can restore the coginitive functions at the same rate as a full night’s sleep. They have found that pilots who had naps in the cockpit for 26 minutes demonstrated a 34% improvement in job performance. This also includes a 54% alertness improvement as well. So, unless you can make an arrangement with your co-workers to cover each other for a few minutes of power naps, take these statistics to your boss and propose to add a power nap time at mid-afternoon. Maybe you can even use some examples from Japan as a validation for your proposal.

“Inemuri” – Japanese are so serious about having power naps during the day

Japanese are well-known for their craziness for hard-work and productivity. Yet, if you visit Japan, you will notice that countless people are dozing everywhere. It can be on a train, coffee shop, or even at an office. And, they use the work Inemuri to describe these power naps. It is a mash-up word meaning being present and sleeping at the same time. Japanese power naps are not actual sleeps. It is more like daydreaming. All they do is staying mentally away whenever possible. So, they won’t lose the focus when it matters.

In recent years, Japanese compaines actually made a provision for a proper power napping during the working hours. They believe that a better-rested worker is a more productive worker. That sounds forward-thinking enough.

Having longer naps during day-time can make you feel muzzy

Regular sleep consists of several stages. If you want to get a perfect sleep and wake up with a boost, you need to go through the whole four stages of sleep. However, if you sleep during the day-time, you will probably have to wake up suddenly from a deep sleep due to distractions. So, you will eventually feel dizzy and muzzy after that long sleep.

Therefore, if you are planning to have a power nap, make sure not to get into a deep sleep. According to studies, just entering into the second stage and waking up gives you the best-reviving feeling ever. So, NASA gives us a definete answer to the question of perfect power nap length.

What is the perfect length of a power nap?

According to NASA, a perfect power nap should last between 10 to 20 minutes. So, you can get a refreshing feeling without having to feel groggy or muzzy.

It’s time to set your alarm for the perfect power nap duration and take a refreshing break from your work to come back with better focus.

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