If your business can keep customers coming back for the second or third purchase, you must be a smart and a lucky business owner. But, if it is not the case, have a look at these three magical customer retention strategies to keep customers coming back to your eCommerce site.

Why is it important to keep customers coming back to your business?

Needless to say, it costs you thousands of dollars to bring in new customers. You have to pay for advertising, incur the cost of bouncing customers and so on. Usually, it costs me around $5-$10 for every new customer in my dropshipping store. However, if you can find a way to keep customers coming back to your store, you can drastically reduce this cost and improve your profit margin.

Also, the customers who are coming back to buy from you can be your best brand ambassadors. Obviously, they are already satisfied with your products and services, and they will be more than happy to recommend your business to others in their networks. That means, it is free advertising for you. Therefore, it is vital to focus on the methods that can bring back your customers for the second and third purchase.

So, in this guide, we are going to discuss three, very simple, yet so powerful customer retention strategies to keep customers coming back to your store.

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There is a simple secret to keep customers coming back. – Image by Pexels

1. Keep customers coming back by not trying to mislead them in the first place

Do you know what is the number 1 reason for your customers to be angry with you and your business? If they feel like that you are trying to scam them, they will start hating your business and start leaving thumbs-down reviews all over the internet. Well, don’t let that happen, ever!

Do not illude them by click baits

Make sure that your landing page, products, and sales proposition exactly match with your advertisement. You can do this by crafting your ad copy to build up your customer’s expectations to the right amount. Sometimes, keeping it even less is even fine. So, you can delight them once they experience your product or service. That is when you can get reviews like “It’s totally worth the money”.

Do not add hidden charges or baits

If you like your business to sustain in the long run, and to keep customers coming back, do not try to mislead them by adding hidden charges and loose ends. If you add a price tag, stick to that price till the end, at least until your ads are running. Also, use crystal clear product descriptions to offer a clear understanding of the product to your customers. Simply don’t cheat. Remember, this can make them spread bad word-of-mouth (reviews) about your business. So, if you are used to misrepresenting, you can kiss your business goodbye.

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2. Keep customers coming back by actively engaging in the sale

Alright, how do you normally treat a regular sale? Do you spend enough time answering customer service questions every day? Unless you are a full-time business owner, I bet you don’t even log in to your store at least four times a day. Well, that is not enough! Your customers usually expect you to be available 24×7 answering their customer service questions. However, even if you hire virtual assistants (VAs), this won’t be possible for small business owners. But, if you can somehow do this, your customers will get delighted about your service and keep coming back.

Use chatbots to handle FAQs in customer support

One of the easiest ways to reduce the workload of answering customer support queries is by deploying chatbots for your customer support. Trust me, now these chatbots are pretty amazing, and your customers won’t even tell the difference between chatting with a live person and an AI. You can simply set these chatbot programs to answer FAQs like opening hours, prices, and delivery time questions. Also, you can set them with certain fall back answers for more complex questions and get notifications to your mobile. After all, it can save you time while delighting customers. Once you make your customers happy about the speed of the customer support, you can keep customers coming back for more purchases.

Resolve shipment delays to make your customers happy

Shipping delays are one of the biggest tipping points in creating a happy customer. And, most of the time it is unavoidable too. So, how can you overcome this issue to keep customers coming back even after a shipping delay? Well, have a look at this guide on The best ways to handle shipping delays in eCommerce. There we have discussed how to handle shipping delays, how to handle tough customers and the best excuses for such situations too.

3. Keep customers coming back by following up on sales

This is one of the most overlooked methods in eCommerce. Remember, if you want to keep customers coming back for more sales, you cannot simply forget a sale after it is done. Even after making a sale, you have to followup with your customers asking them how happy they are with the purchase and their feedbacks. By this way, you can indicate your customers that your business does not forget about them after getting their money.

Try to use a good email marketing strategy to complement the after-sales surveys. Having the right email marketing strategy won’t only help you delighting the customers by sending them satisfaction surveys, but it will also help you to cross-sell and up-sell more products.

Keep in touch with your customers even after making a sale

Don’t let them forget about your products and services that easily. Try to bring them onto some audience building platform to maintain rapport. Then you can continuously update them with the new product releases and so on, improving the chances of getting a second sale. Remember, if you lose the hook, you will have to spend a lot of money and time to re-engage with them. Therefore, maintain the hook to keep customers coming back for more sales.

Keep customers coming back to your store – it is not that hard

Going an extra mile in customer support and building the authenticity of your business are the only secrets to keep customers coming back to your business. It is not rocket science. Most of the businesses spend an adequate amount of money for customer retention strategies and you must have to do that too. In this guide, we have shared three such strategies to keep customers coming back for more sales.

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