Inbound marketing helps you to attract potential customers, keep them engaged, and delight them with their purchase experience. In this way, your chances of making a sale increases, and your customers can even help you to grow your business.

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75% of organizations believe that their inbound marketing strategies are effective – Hubspot (2018)

Here is the content lineup:

  1. What is inbound marketing?
  2. How can inbound marketing help to grow your eCommerce business?
  3. The Story of inbound marketing – Attract, Engage and Delight
  4. The concepts of “Attracting” in Inbound marketing
  5. The concepts of “Engaging” in Inbound marketing
  6. The Tools of “Delighting” in Inbound marketing

What is Inbound marketing

Inbound marketing is about three things,

  • Attracting the right customers for your business
  • Keep them engaged in your sales funnel, and
  • Delighting your customers during and after their purchasing journey

Unlike in the Outbound marketing strategies, Inbound marketing methods do not broadcast your brand for attention. Instead, you create content to address the problems of your ideal customers, to attract the right customers for your products. Inbound marketing is not only about attracting customers, but it also provides a mechanism to keep your customers engaged and delight them in purchasing journey.

Actually, inbound marketing is the basis of all modern digital marketing trends.

How Inbound Marketing can Help to Grow your eCommerce Business

Inbound marketing is all about attracting the right customers, keep them engaged, delighting them with their purchasing journey.

How attracting the right customers can help your business?

Well, you might have already heard about that marketing pun about selling refrigerators to Eskimos. They say a good salesperson should be able to sell a refrigerator to even an Eskimo. You know what? If you want to build a sustainable business, you should never do this.

In any business, you should never try to sell your products to the wrong customers. Many things can go wrong by selling to the wrong people. If you sell a fridge to an Eskimo, sooner or later they will realize that it is a bad deal for them. So, they would spread negative feedback about your business.

Guess what would happen next? If this is an eCommerce business, one negative feedback can stop 100 good sales for you. So, in inbound marketing, we develop strategies to filter and attract customers who are “fit” for your products.

How keeping your customers engaged with your business can help you?

This is a no-brainer. Today everyone has a smartphone in their hand. So, before we buy something, we always do a google search to find a better option. This makes the modern customer journeys extremely unpredictable. So, keeping your customers within your sales funnel is getting harder every day.

Many sellers in the forums ask questions like, “why I am not getting any sales, even I am getting so much traffic?”.  Well, there can be many reasons for you not getting sales. However, the most common reason is that you don’t have an excellent inbound marketing strategy to keep your customers engaged in your sales funnel.

How delighting your customers can help your business to grow?

When it comes to eCommerce, the returning customers can bring you more profits than the first time customers.  Most of the times, they visit your site organically.  You don’t have to pay for an ad campaign to get their site visits. Also, if they are happy with your business, they promote your products in their networks, which can bring you more customers.

So, it is essential to create happy customers through every sale you make. The satisfied customers are converted into the returning customers, and they help you to bring in new customers to your store. What if you produce an unsatisfied customer? In the same way, they spread negative feedback for your business in their networks. This can actually slow down your growth.

The Story of inbound marketing – Attract, Engage and Delight

Inbound marketing is more of a humane way of doing business. You create a conversation with your customers throughout their pre-sales to after-sales experience. In that way, you create values for your customers, and when these values are good for your customers, it became good for your business too.

The attract, engage, and delight concepts apply to the whole purchasing journey of your customer. By aligning all three major elements (marketing, sales, and after-sales) of your business with the basic concepts of Inbound marketing, you can create trust and credibility for your business.

The concepts of “Attracting” in Inbound marketing

As we have discussed earlier, we do not need everyone to come and buy from us. We need to attract the right people who are “fit” for our products and services. Attracting people with mismatching perspectives can harm your business by creating unhappy customers.

So, how can you attract the right people?

You can create a content marketing strategy to attract the right people.

  • Start a blog

Start a blog in your eCommerce store, describing how your products can solve a problem for your ideal customer.

  • Start a YouTube channel

Also, you can start a youtube channel to explain how to use your products and resolve a problem. You can check the review sections in similar businesses and identify the most popular or common problems that your potential customers are facing. Then, create quality and compelling content to build your authority and rank on web searches related to your niche.

  • Use social media

You can also use the right social media platforms to raise awareness of your content. Remember again; here we are not broadcasting our product. We broadcast our solution to our target audience that we have carefully selected. It is all about creating credible and quality content to show how people can trust your solution. In this way, we create a knowledge base, where people can look in for answers.

People do not search for the products; they search for solutions

With voice search and more human interactions with the internet, people ask questions.

People search,

  • “Headphone headaches.”
  • “How to find hypoallergenic makeup.”
  • “Reviews for hypoallergenic lotions.”
  • “Best baby clothing.”
  • “Avoid shoe odor.”
  • “Where to buy sports water bottles.”
  • “How to select a Yoga mattress.”

So, you can create content to address this question. Create meaningful solutions for the problems that people may be dealing with and publish your solutions related to your products. You can use rich media, like videos and images, to reach people with different search behaviors.

The concepts of “Engaging” in Inbound marketing

Once we attract our potential customers, in inbound marketing, we have to build a conversation with them. In this way, we keep them engaged with our business. This helps to win their focus, guiding them to our sales funnel.

Even if you lose a customer after this stage, the information you could have gathered by creating a conversation is priceless. This information can help to adjust the dynamics of your business. You can get an idea of the preferences and intentions of the people who are visiting your store.

If you are attracting the wrong type of people, you can use this information to correct your attraction strategies. Also, this provides valuable insights into new search trends and expectations. Always evaluate this information and correct your course accordingly.

There are different methods to build conversations with your visitors.

  • Using chatbots

Using chatbots is a popular and easier way of starting conversations. Many beginner-friendly chatbot tools are available to integrate with your eCommerce website or the blog easily. You can design a chatbot to provide contextual and relevant answers. If the chatbot couldn’t handle some request, you can set it to automatically raise a ticket, for you to track and manage that conversation manually.

  • Live chats

Live chats is another excellent way of starting conversations for inbound marketing. You can find a help desk service, scale it up alongside your business. By using a live chat service, you can keep your customers engaged and even provide outstanding customer service by helping them to make their decisions in real-time.

  • Phone support

Phone support is NOT an outdated method of creating conversations in your e-commerce store. Especially when it comes to the sales of expensive products, still people would prefer to talk to an actual person, rather than using a chat service. If you can afford and handle the capacity, providing live phone support can be a great way of building up the engagement.

  • Creating deals and offers

Creating deals is another proven method of building up engagement. Deals and offers motivate and trigger the impulse buyers. If you have good quality content to attract the right customers, by offering them deals, you can guide them towards your sales funnel. By doing this, you can keep the focus of your customers only towards your content and your business.

Do not overpromise with your inbound marketing

Do not overpromise! Most of the new sellers tend to create overpromises with their customer support. When they start talking with a potential customer, sometimes they get overwhelmed and promise what they cannot offer. This is a novice mistake, which you should never do. It’s better to over-deliver than overpromising and under-delivering.

The Tools of “Delighting” in Inbound marketing

This is where you make happy customers. Always try to make your customer’s life easier, and create a pleasant purchase experience for your customers with inbound marketing.

You can create meaningful, valuable, and memorable content for your potential customers, which they can share with their connection. By creating meaningful and valuable content, you are helping your customers to solve their problems. This can make them happy and motivate them to share your business or the brand in their networks.

During the time of you make the sale, provide crystal clear quotes, without any hidden charges or baits. No one likes to feel a scam. Scams can make people angry. People usually treat hidden charges as scams.

If you are looking for long-term sustainable business, do not mislead your customers.

Anyone can make a sale by misleading people. However, those brands and businesses do not sustain in the long run. If you got the attention of the people by advertising a product for US$50, make it US$50 until the end. Try to create your sales process as pleasant as possible for your customers.

Treat your customer well, even after making the sale.

Always try to get feedback from your customer about your service and the product. In this way, you can evaluate how happy your customer is. This can also help to create a more memorable experience for your customer.

Customer feedbacks are essential to evaluate your strategies

Your customer will get the feeling that he/she is an important person for your business. Everyone likes to be treated as an important person. This can create a psychological motivation for them to buy from us again.

Also, with this request for feedback, you can send them deals and offers for up-selling and cross-selling opportunities. In this way, you are not only making him happy, but you are creating a channel for your secondary sales too.

By asking for feedback on how much they are satisfied with our services, we can evaluate the effectiveness of our whole Inbound marketing strategy. By evaluating the feedback scores, charts, and other information, you can refine and develop your content and strategies each time.

Inbound marketing is a proven method to grow your business

Inbound marketing is a popular and very large movement in businesses. In the last few years, there was a big rise in customer engagements with businesses. With the implementation of Inbound marketing strategies, many businesses have increased their conversion rates and returning customers.

This movement has shaped up the customer expectations too. Now the customers are expecting better communications and better content from any eCommerce businesses.

With the internet, now there is an abundance of information about anything. So, the marketing methods from the last decade won’t work anymore. These improved and more information friendly marketing methods help you to find your potential customer through this ocean of information.

Also, inbound marketing helps to keep your customers engaged with your business through conversations and by making them happy. There are many tools, software, and services are built around Inbound marketing strategies. These solutions help to redefine businesses in a fast-changing business environment and highly dynamic business trends.

Inbound marketing is all about creating a better customer experience, which provides value and builds trust for your business. With this trust and credibility, customers buy more from your business, stay longer with you, and promote your brand in their networks by referring to others.

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