A blog is a business. So, if you can write a blog post faster, you are lowering the costs of running your business and increasing your profits. English is not my first language, but still, I manage to write a 1000 word blog post in just 30 minutes, thanks to the below steps.

1. Create a list of blog topics

If you want to write a blog post faster, rather than wasting time brainstorming ideas at the last minute, keep a list of popular blog post topics for you to select. And, here is a neat little trick to find blog post ideas without wasting time.

Join popular Reddit communities related to your blog niche. And, frequently check the most commented or upvoted questions and opinions. Also, make sure to read the replies to understand popular views and ideas related to that topic. If that topic is blog-worthy, add it to your list on the phone/computer with a link to that question. Likewise, keep a list of blog topics for you to pick whenever you have time to write a blog post.

You can do this in your free time. Do it every night before you go to sleep, do it while you are on a bus, or do it while you are waiting in line at the Starbucks.

2. Allocate a time to blog

I write a maximum of four blog articles a month. BTW, I am not a pro blogger, and I do blogging to make money from affiliate marketing as a side hustle. So, once a week, I wake up a bit early, around 3 in the morning, and write a blog post in just 30 minutes and go to sleep again.

I found writing a blog post early in the morning works well for me, as it is 100% distraction-free time.

When I start, I just pick a comfortable topic from the list of blog topics, which we have discussed in the first steps, and start writing in one go.

3. Write the topic first and the introduction last

Follow these exact steps to write a blog post in 30 minutes. First, write down the topic, and then straightaway move on to the body section without wasting time to write the introduction. This is the real hack to write a blog post super fast.

I believe a blog introduction needs to be perfect. It should make your blog post SEO-friendly and reader-friendly. So, it takes time to craft an ideal blog intro. Then, if you try to write it as the very first task of writing a blog post, you are going to waste a lot of time getting your ideas together. But, if you do it after writing the rest of the blog post, you can do it in a fraction of time.

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4. Get to the solution of your blog post in the beginning

Every blog post has a “challenge/solution” approach. We write a blog post to propose some sort of solution to a pain-point of the reader. For example, this article suggests a working solution to write a blog post in less than 30 minutes. It doesn’t need to solve a complex problem; sometimes, the challenge might be to see the photos of the top 10 Met Gala costumes this year.

But, remember, nobody wants to read a blog post just because they have nothing better to do. People come and read a blog post to find a solution to something.

So, when you write a blog post like this, try to give away that solution in the beginning. Do not make it hard for your reader to find what they are looking for in your blog post. And, do not force them to scroll down the bottom of the page to find the solution. They (and search engines) will hate you if you do that. Give them the answer in the beginning, and if they are interested in reading more, they will keep reading till the end.

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5. Use headings, sub-headings, and bullet points as MUCH as possible

Breaking down your content into bite-size chunks will not only make your reader understand it quickly, but also it will help you to write your blog post super fast.

When you have sub-headings and bullet points, we tend to stick inside the topic. So, you will not waste time writing something off-track, which won’t create any value for your blog post.

6. Stop writing to create a blog post in just 30 minutes

You cannot force your writing. If the words are not coming out fast, perhaps give it up for now and try again after a while. Usually, the mornings work well for writing. It is quiet, and your mind is fresh without any distractions.

7. Draft first and edit later

When I first started blogging, I wanted to create the perfect blog posts all the time. English is not my first language, so I spent hours rewriting and perfecting every word as I write. Then I realized it is a waste of time. I am not writing for artistic merit. A blog post is a short and conscious piece of writing that gives a solution to a challenge. So, make it that way.

When you write a blog post, simply keep writing your first draft without wasting time to re-read and rewrite as you go. It will be a messy draft. But, it will save you hours of writing.

Once you have done your first draft, save it, and do something else for a while.

Then, do quick final editing to correct grammar and off-track ideas. That is all. Do not try to rewrite or make it perfect. You are writing a blog post as a guideline. It is not a poem or a novel.

Practice to write a blog post in just 30 minutes

You won’t be able to write a 1000 word blog post in 30 minutes for the first time. That’s normal. Just keep practicing. I wrote this particular blog post in 22 minutes. And, it took me nearly a year to improve my speed to this level. Simply follow the steps that we have discussed to write a blog post in just 30 minutes. It is a tried-and-tested way to blog faster.