Social media holds a huge potential to build brand awareness, bring website visitors and to make sales. But, are you using social media to its fullest? In this guide, we will discuss how to use social media for business.

When I first started an online dropshipping store, I only used Facebook ads to bring sales to my site. Honestly, most of my ads worked well and bought me a lot of sales, which has boosted my love for ecommerce.

But, I failed 🙁

The reason was, I did not focus on other marketing tactics to grow my business. I went blind by the number of daily visitors I got. But, in the end, my profit after the ad spending was too little, and I couldn’t survive. So, I had to close my first dropshipping store.

Now, this story has taught me two things.

  • Social media can bring a lot of (literally a lot of) potential customers to your business, in a very short period.
  • You have to adopt other long-term marketing tactics, parallel to social media marketing, to sustain.

If you can understand these two simple facts, you can run a really successful online business.

The quick web traffic, which you can generate through social media can give a jump start to your business. So, in this article, I am going to tell you how you can use social media for your business. 🙂

Why You Have to Use Social Media for Business

According to the sources, there are 2.77 billion active social media users (by 2019), and it will keep growing for the coming years. According to the forecasts, by 2020 social media provides a market with Three billion people. That is closer to three times of the entire European population.

So, imagine the amount of exposure you could have gained through social media. That is one of the major reasons to use social media for business.

In 2018, the social media marketing is ranked as the 4th most effective marketing method.

Few years ago, some brands had neglected social media, as they were not targeting teens and people in their early twenties. But now, people in all ages use social media.

Below data shows the age and gender of the Facebook users in 2018. And, more or less, this spread is almost the same across all the social media platforms.

Now, what can you understand from all the above datasets?

This data proves us only one thing. That is you must have to adopt a social media marketing strategy for your business. Otherwise, you are going to miss a significant opportunity to gain more customers for your business (or, visitors for your website). 😐

But, before you go ahead and start an account on all social media platforms, you have to understand that there is a massive difference between these platforms. Some brand may work well on Instagram, but some may not. Some brand may work on LinkedIn better than Facebook.

So, next, we will try to understand these differences and try to identify how you can use social media for your business in the right way.  

How to Use Social Media for Business

Basically, you can use social media for business in two different ways.

  • Get more visitors to your website
  • Sell directly on social media

Depending on your niche or the field of business, these methods will work in different ways. For example, if you sell Insurance, you can do better by getting more visitors to your website. But, if you are dropshipping pet toys, you can just add a shop on a relevant social media platform to directly sell your products.

Let us have a closer look at how the social media marketing strategy works.

Any successful social media marketing strategy depends on three pillars.

Attention, Engagement and Relationship

Attention in Social Media Marketing

Attention is where your potential customers learn about your brand. To get people’s attention, you need to create content that can resonate the requirements of your potential customers.

So, first we need to decide, which type of content do better on social media. According to the below dataset videos have influenced most of the social media users to purchase a product. Then comes the images.

So, when you create content, you have to focus more on videos. I know that creating videos can be expensive and time-consuming. But, it will be a worthy investment if you try to create some video content for your social media marketing.

When I say create videos, it doesn’t mean, you need to hire Bear Grylls and shoot a video for your dropshipping store for hunting knives. If you have a big fat marketing budget, you can do that.

What you can do is, you can either create videos using your smartphone. I have recently seen a simple yet great product video made using a smartphone. I searched, but couldn’t find it. If I saw it, after publishing this post, I will add a link below.

Or, you can even use royalty free stock videos on Pixabay and Pexels to create simple videos using online tools.

If you like to have a guide about how to create product videos on a budget, comment below and let me know. I will try to write a comprehensive guide about the simple methods to create product videos.

Engagement in Social Media Marketing

This is another crucial phase for your social media marketing strategy.

How can you create engagement on social media for your business? You can simply use social media messaging or chatbots to generate engagement with your audience.

Studies show that more than 50% of social media users prefer messaging channels than phone or emails.

You can easily leverage this preference and create engagement with your potential customers through social media messaging. One way to do this is you can bring your customer services to social media. (We will discuss this more little later).

The two most popular instant messaging platforms are,

  • WhatsApp: 1.3 billion monthly active users.
  • Facebook Messenger: 1.2 billion monthly active users.

As I told you earlier, if you can integrate above social media messaging platforms to engage with your audience, you can easily achieve a better click-through rate through them.

Relationship in Social Media Marketing

So, how can you build a relationship with your customers? To create a better relationship, you need to create positive interactions on social media.

To have a positive interaction, you can bring your customer support on to the social media.

In 2017 half of a group of global respondents believe that social media is an effective way to provide customer services. Of course, half of the people think it is not effective.

But, People love to drop a message and get information (especially the millennials and Gen Z). No one wants to talk with a salesperson anymore. So, if you can find a way to reply to them as soon as possible, you can win their attention.

Also, you have to answer to the complaints and reviews on social media. If you leave the customer complaints un-answered, you cannot create positive interactions.

Remember, everyone gets bad reviews. No matter how well you do, always someone will post something bad about you. Do not get angry and blame the customers. Instead, keep a polite and genuine answer for all those bad reviews. Show them how you are going to make it up to them, and show others how you are going to avoid such unpleasant situations in the future. So, you can turn these bad reviews to your own good.

Use Paid Ads to Sell Your Products in Social Media

Every social media platforms are improving their algorithms to offer personalised content for every user. This makes our life as sellers bit harder. When you post on social media, these algorithms can suppress your content without giving you the desired organic reach for your content.

The reason is a bit fair. Because their focus is to provide the most relevant content for their users. So, if your audience has never been engaged with your content before, the chance of your content is displayed on their feeds are pretty low.

That is why you have to leverage the advantage of paid ads on social media.

When you run an ad campaign, you can define your preferred audience. And, since you are going to pay for these ads, the social media algorithms will act bit favour to you as a seller.

These means, now you cannot solely rely on your organic reach on social media, but you must have to use the paid ads too.

Use the Power of Remarketing to Sell on Social Media

In remarketing, you have to continually target customers over and over again, on different platforms. For example, when someone visit your website and leave without making a purchase, you can show-up again on their social media feeds to make more impressions.

You may think that this can annoy your customers. But, the truth is quite the opposite.

Remarketing ads can receive three times more clicks and four times more conversions.

So, your ROI on remarketing can be better than a regular ad campaign.

One thing you have to remember with remarketing is, do not use the same landing page, which your customers left at the first place. Use a relevant landing page, which addresses the things that the other page didn’t address.

You got what I mean right? Because, if your first landing page has failed to make a sale, there is no point of directing your customers back again to the same page.

Which Social Media Platform You Should Use

Not all social media platforms act same. There is a massive difference between these platforms. Some brand may work well on Instagram, but some may not. Some brand may work on LinkedIn better than Facebook.

To sum-up, here are some tips for you to choose the right social media platform for your business.

  • PINTEREST is good for the home, parenting, beauty, style, and food industries niches.
  • TWITTER is good for the businesses that target US market.
  • FACEBOOK has the largest online user base, and whatever you do, be on Facebook.
  • INSTAGRAM is good only if your content can visually appealing (works well on photos and Videos)
  • LINKEDIN is better for B2B sales and more corporate brands.

Below infographic from leveragestl shows the major differences in different social media platforms.


Adding a social media marketing strategy for your business can boost your online presence and create more sales opportunities.

When you create your social media presence remember to pick the right platforms. By choosing the wrong platform, you will waste all your hard earned money, and your efforts.

If you like to have a guide to creating product videos, which can be posted on social media, leave a comment below. Also, if you need any information regarding how to use social media for business, you can either leave a comment or, message me on Facebook.

Leverage the power of social media to grow your business.

Don’t forget to say hello to me on Facebook.

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