How to sell pet products online

how to sell products online

Learn how to sell pet products from home. I will tell you how to find the best products and how to create an amazing online store to sell pet products online. There are just four steps for the whole process. So, let us get started.

Disclaimer:This information is general in nature and for educational purposes only. And, it does not constitute formal financial, investment, or business advice.

How to sell pet products from home

Start an Instagram account and a Facebook page to attract pet owners

After you start your business, you need an audience to sell pet products. Therefore, start building a highly target audience on social media for your business.

Start spying on other pet supply sellers

I will tell you a method to unveil the marketing secrets of other pet product sellers. So, you can spy on their target audiences, ad campaigns, and traffic sources to build your selling strategy.

Pick the best pet products to sell online

Find out the pet products with the highest online demand and where to source them from dropshipping or wholesale sellers.

Create an online pet supply store and sync your Facebook and Instagram shops

Now you can create an online store to sell pet products without any technical knowledge. And, it won’t cost you more than $29 a month to run this store. Also, I will tell you how to expand your sales channels across social media as well.

1. Start an Instagram account and a Facebook page to attract pet owners

The first step of starting an online business is to build an audience to sell your products. And, when you sell pet products online, you can easily build your audience on social media without much effort.

The process is pretty much straight forward. I think you already know how to create a Facebook page and an Instagram account. If not, ask someone you to help you, or hire a freelancer to get these things done for you.

What to post on your social media channels?

The purpose of having your social media channels to is build an audience to sell pet products online. So, you need to attract potential customers to follow you.

The best way to do this is through posting super funny and adorable pet photos and videos on your social media channels.

Go and take a look at the @itsdougthepub Instagram account. You’ll see what I mean about running social media channels to sell pet products. Hey, don’t forget to come back and read the rest of this guide.

How to create posts to publish on your pet channels

If you have a pet, you can create content like doug the pub. If you don’t have one, just re-post photos and videos from other pet related social media channels. However, if you re-post other’s content, make sure to add credits to the owners.

The secret of running a good social strategy is to publish quality content constantly. However, it is not that easy to keep creating Facebook and Instagram posts from scratch. So, you have two options.

One, you can hire someone else to do those repetitive tasks. Two, you can use this super awesome tool called Canva to create fantastic social media posts in seconds. It is free to use, and you can even access pro content by paying just $9.99 per month.

2. Start spying on other pet supply sellers

Alright, while you keep running your social media channels in the background, now it is the time to go on a mission.

Let us start spying on other pet product sellers. Why? Because, you can save time and money by studying the marketing secrets of already established businesses. Duh!

So, how to find out the marketing secrets of those who are selling pet products online?

Simple. Head over to the almighty Google and search who else is selling pet products online. Next, pick a couple of businesses that you think you can compete with. Then, you have two options to unveil their marketing secrets.

One, you can manually go through their social media channels, blog content, user reviews to learn about their business. Or, you can do all that with one click of a button.

Manually going through your competitor’s content one by one is so 90’s. We don’t do that anymore. Now, we have simple tools to jump start your business. Try Semrush competitor overview tool. It is mostly free, and easy to use. All you have to do is plug in the URL of your competitors’ websites to see how they are selling pet products online.

Study how they are selling pet products online

Once you get your hands on their data, you can understand where to focus your business to reach their spot in the market. Once you reach their spot, you can identify bigger competitors and go through the same process again.

Learn everything about your competition

The more you know about your competition, the more you can sell pet products online. Try to find out your competitors’ target market, audience demographics, content strategy, and traffic sources.

Targeting is so important

Below example shows how to select the perfect age group of your target audience

I took below survey data from OppLoans. It shows how much the pet owners of different age groups spend on their pets each month.

  • 18-24: $173.67/month
  • 25-34: $141.50/month
  • 35-44: $107.85/month
  • 45-54: $102.99/month
  • 55 and up: $80.43/month
  • 14-17: $73/month

So, it is clear that millennials spend the most amount of money on their pets. Then comes the age group of 25 to 34 year-olds. Similarly, you can check this data against the audience data you got from your competitors to build your targeting.

Extra – How not to fail selling pet products online?

Do you know that around 90% of the eCommerce startups fail? It is super easy to start an online storefront, and in most cases, anyone can start an online shop even under $100. Therefore, a lot of people start online businesses without a proper marketing plan. So, they don’t get any traffic to their online shops and don’t make any sales to coverup the costs. That is why so many new eCommerce startups fail.

However, if you are following this guide, you have already started building an audience on social media to sell your products. So, you already have a traffic source for your business. – Genius.

3. Find the best pet products to sell online

Types of pet products purchased by Americans within 12-month period

In a world full of data, nothing can go wrong – not even your online pet product business. I have snapped the about screenshot from Statista website. It shows you the types products that people buy most. Of course, it is in the USA.

So, there you go. Start selling the products that have the highest demand and sell the other stuff as your business grows.

The popular pet products to sell online

Earlier you saw the types of popular pet products, and you might have noticed that pet treats came as the second most popular choice. But, what types of pet treats sell better? Mmm? Let us find out.

In my guide on two hacks to find the winning dropshipping products, I have shared my secret about selecting the winning products to sell online. And, the same can be applied to your online pet products business too.

Go to Amazon pet supplies, and check the products with highest amount of customer engagement (sales and positive reviews). That is it. Amazon has a massive customer base, and you can identify the products trends using this data. – No-brainer.

Playing safe when selling pet products online

When you first start selling pet products online, many things can go wrong. There can be shipping delays, product quality issues, pricing issues, and many more. Therefore, try to keep your costs to a minimum, so that it will not hurt you if something goes wrong.

What does that mean?

As you have seen earlier, dry pet food had the highest demand. So, some of you might plan to buy and stock them in bulk to sell online. Well, purchasing in bulk can get you wholesale discounts. However, what if you couldn’t make a single sale online? What are you going to do with that stock?

So, follow steps when selecting your first product range.

Make sure that they can trigger impulse buyers.

As we mentioned earlier, we are going to sell pet products on Facebook and Instagram. So, you need to find niche products that can trigger impulse buyers. For example, people won’t usually buy 10kg of dog food pack through a Facebook advertisement of an unknown pet products shop. But, they might buy a cute $10 chew toy without thinking twice.

Verify the size and price of the product

When you start, it is easier to sell small and low-cost products on your eCommerce store. Then, the delivery process will be easier and cheaper for you. So, pick products that can fit into an envelope or a shoe box. And, pick products that can be priced between $20 – $50.

Check reviews

Whenever you pick a product, always remember to check online reviews for those products. See what the pet owners say about those products. Also, you can find customer pain points to create resonating ad copies to sell pet products online.

Find pet product suppliers

After you decide on the pet product types to sell online, now you have to select suppliers. And, there are three ways to source pet products to sell online.

You can make what you sell, buy a stock of products before selling, or start dropshipping pet products. In this section, we will talk more about finding dropshipping suppliers to sell pet products.

Get a jump start by leaning how to start dropshipping step-by-step

Dropshipping pet products from AliExpress marketplace

AliExpress is one of the most popular Chinese marketplaces that support dropshipping. There are hundreds of pet products sellers, their prices are low, and most of them support dropshipping. Also, since AliExpress is so popular among eCommerce business owners, there are some great dropshipping plugins like WooDropship to import and fulfill products from AliExpress from your site. Learn more about how to use AliExpress for dropshipping.

Sourcing pet products from wholesale suppliers

Apart from AliExpress, there are some other popular wholesale supplier directories that you can use to find pet product suppliers. For example, check SaleHoo, Worldwide Brands, and Wholesale central to find suitable wholesale pet product suppliers.

4. Create an online store to sell pet products

Alright, here comes the best part.

I am going to cut the crap, and tell you the best and the easiest way to create an online store. And, guess what, you can use this method to create a store even without any technical knowledge.

Take a look at this screenshot first.

Beautiful huh? What if I tell you that anyone can create such a fantastic online store to sell pet products without any support.

This solution is called Shopify, and it is an eCommerce website building platform. It costs only $29 to get started, and it is totally worth the money you pay.

With Shopify, you can manage your entire business on a single dashboard. You can place orders for the suppliers, create shipping labels, sync your inventory with Facebook shop, and do many more.

Pick the right theme for your store

The theme of your business is how your customers see and feel your brand. Should it be friendly, playful, or authoritative? All that should depend on your selected niche and target audience.

For example, if you have decided to sell pet toys and apparel you can make it friendly and playful. However, if you are planning to sell vet authorized diet dog food, you need to make it more trustworthy and serious.

The same goes for your selected target market and audience. For example, based on the gender and age of your target audience, you can make it looks masculine or feminine.

Select colors, fonts, and a tone for your business theme

Building a strong brand identity for your online store is a complete process. And, we have created a full guide for you to learn how to build a strong brand identity design for your business. There we have explained all these steps in detail. So, please have a look and try to understand that process properly.

And, trust me, you will never regret that effort!

Optimum pricing for selling pet products online

Selecting the optimum prices for your product listings is one of the most important tasks of creating a product listing. While overpricing can make you lose most of your potential sales, underpricing can make you lose a lot of your potential profits.

Therefore, selecting the right price point is extremely important, and make sure to learn how to price products that you are selling online. Otherwise, you will be making a fatal mistake as a new entrepreneur.

Selling pet products on Amazon and eBay

Selling pet products on Amazon and eBay also gives you a great opportunity to open up the doors of your pet products business to millions of potential customers.

Learn how to start selling on eBay, and when you do so, don’t forget to use these hacks to sell more on eBay.

However, if you are dropshipping from AliExpress, selling on eBay or Amazon might not be a good idea. If you are planning to dropship on eBay, you need to source the products from wholesale suppliers and have a dropshipping agreement with them. Otherwise, you will get banned from the platform. And, if you are dropshipping on Amazon, you have to use the Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) to deliver your pet products to the customers.

One drawback of selling on those platforms is the lack of flexibility to customize your processes. Also, if you are selling only on the online marketplaces, it is really hard to build a brand authority for your business.

For example, when you sell in online marketplaces, you have to follow their standard store and listing templates. Therefore, it is better to have you own online store as I have just explained.

Extra – Launching your online marketing plan to sell

Last but not least, now we are going to talk about creating the best marketing strategy to sell pet products online. As we have mentioned in the very beginning, not having a strong marketing plan is the most common reason for failures. So, in this section we will see different ways to reach your potential customers.

Since you have already created your Facebook and Instagram accounts, you are in a good position to start a strong Facebook marketing strategy for your business.

Creating educational content to sell pet products online

As we have discussed earlier, Facebook and Instagram are the best platforms to build an audience by creating funny content. However, you can also create educational content to reach and engage with the potential customers to sell pet products.

First, have a look at this video from PetSmart.

So, how creating such content can help you with selling pet products?

Needless to say, the target customers of your business are the pet owners. So, as pet owners, they are also the consumers of educational content related to taking care of their pets. Therefore, by creating videos and blog posts to educate your potential customers, you can build a niche audience at your reach. Then you can subtly push your promotions to this audience and start selling pet products.

Content marketing is a proven way to reach your potential customers. And, there are so many creative ways to create content for pet owners. Especially, if you own a pet, you can regularly create content, including photos and videos to keep your audience engaged in your content.

Running Facebook ads to sell pet products

Whatever the method you use in your marketing strategy, at first you need to get into the radar of your customers to make it grow. So, the best and fastest way to initiate your marketing strategy is through a paid ad campaign. And, when it comes to running ads, Facebook is the best place to get started. Learn how to start a Facebook ad campaign.

However, there are a few things that you need to know before running a Facebook ad campaign to sell pet products. If you don’t set up your campaign right, it might be just a waste of your time and money. So, here is why Facebook ads don’t work sometimes. Go through that article and make sure not to do any silly mistakes with your ad budget.

You are all set to sell pet products online

Now you know the basic setup to start an online pet products store. So, go ahead and start by creating social media channels to sell pet products. Also, start working on your audience building strategies while you are working through the initial phases of starting your business.

This is a doable business, and you can do it. Explore more opportunities and be creative with every step. Do ten times better than your top competitor at the beginning. And, that is the best way to build customer’s trust when selling pet products online.

By Daniel

An online entrepreneur for 10+ years who knows a thing or two about how to run a successful online store.