You don’t have to be a marketing guru to sell pet products online. And, you don’t even need to know anything about online businesses to learn how to sell pet products online. It is a super easy and beginner-friendly online business idea, and if you follow my method, you can start your online pet supply business in no time.

To start selling pet products, you only need to start a Facebook meme page! Yeah, you heard me right. I am gonna tell you how to sell pet products using a Facebook meme page.

Why do you have to sell pet products on Facebook?

Simple. Starting an e-commerce website costs you money. And, it costs like 50 times more to run advertisements for businesses. So, unless you are willing to invest a lot, really a lot, of money, your chances of making actual pet product sales are very little.

However, it won’t cost you a lot to run advertisements for a funny meme page. It will cost you around $0.02 to get someone in the USA to follow your Facebook meme page. But, if it is for a business page, sometimes your CPA (Cost per acquisition) can go up to $50 per head. So, do you see the difference?

How to sell pet products on Facebook?

Well, when you create a Facebook meme page, you have to keep your business niche in mind. Since we are going to sell pet products online, you can create a meme page targeting pet lovers. Share funny dog or cat videos, repost cute puppy or kitten photos, and post funny content that pet lovers would like and share.

By doing this, you are slowly creating a target audience at your disposal.

Then, you can sell pet products to this audience without having to spend anything on advertisements.

Facebook now offers features like product tagging, offers, and Facebook shops for the pages. So, let’s say that you want to sell a dog chew toy. You can share a funny video of a dog playing with a chew toy, and tag your product. And, when your audience like and share this video, their friends and family will also see this video (with your tagged product) on their Facebook feeds.

That means, one – FREE advertising baby, two – your chances of finding a potential customer increases exponentially.

Got the idea? Cool, now let’s go into details. Below we are going to talk about where to find pet supplies and other sales channels to sell pet products.

Where to find pet products to sell online?

There are many ways. But, I would recommend using dropshipping to sell pet products online. Dropshipping is an easy and cost-effective way to handle your supplies. When you use dropshipping to sell pet products, there are no commitments or upfront purchase of an inventory. Learn how to start dropshipping to find supplies for your pet product business.

Using affiliate marketing to sell pet products

If you are going to follow my method and build an engaging Facebook page targeting pet owners, you can also try affiliate marketing to earn an extra income selling pet products.

Here is how it works.

Once you have a good audience for your Facebook page, you can apply for the affiliate programs of major brands. For example, pet food companies like Wysong offers affiliate partnerships, where you can earn up to 20% as a sales commission by just promoting their products to your audience.

It is not only the individual brands but also e-commerce websites like Chewy and Amazon that offers affiliate partnerships, where you can earn commissions by promoting their products to your pet-loving audience.

What I love about affiliate marketing is that its simplicity. There you don’t actually sell the product, so you don’t have to worry about prices, delivery, customers services or anything. It is a quick and easy way to earn an extra income.

What are the best pet products to sell online?

In a world full of data, nothing can go wrong – not even your online pet product business. I have snapped the below screenshot from Statista website. It shows you the types products that people buy most. Of course, it is in the USA.

Types of pet products purchased by Americans within a 12-month period

So, there you go. Start selling the products that have the highest demand and sell the other stuff as your business grows.

The popular pet products to sell online

Earlier you saw the types of popular pet products, and you might have noticed that pet treats came as the second most popular choice. But, what types of pet treats sell better? Mmm? Let us find out.

In my guide on two hacks to find the winning dropshipping products, I have shared my secret about selecting the winning products to sell online. And, the same can be applied to your online pet products business too.

Go to Amazon pet supplies, and check the products with the highest amount of customer engagement (sales and positive reviews). That is it. Amazon has a massive customer base, and you can identify the products trends using this data. – No-brainer.

Playing safe when selling pet products online

When you first start selling pet products online, many things can go wrong. There can be shipping delays, product quality issues, pricing issues, and many more. Therefore, try to keep your costs to a minimum, so that it will not hurt you if something goes wrong.

What does that mean?

As you have seen earlier, dry pet food had the highest demand. So, some of you might plan to buy and stock them in bulk to sell online. Well, purchasing in bulk can get you wholesale discounts. However, what if you couldn’t make a single sale online? What are you going to do with that stock?

So, follow the below steps when selecting your first product range.

Make sure that they can trigger impulse buyers.

As we mentioned earlier, we are going to sell pet products on Facebook and Instagram. So, you need to find niche products that can trigger impulse buyers. For example, people won’t usually buy 10kg of dog food pack through a Facebook advertisement of an unknown pet products shop. But, they might buy a cute $10 chew toy without thinking twice.

Verify the size and price of the product

When you start, it is easier to sell small and low-cost products on your eCommerce store. Then, the delivery process will be easier and cheaper for you. So, pick products that can fit into an envelope or a shoebox. And, pick products that can be priced between $20 – $50.

Check reviews

Whenever you pick a product, always remember to check online reviews for those products. See what the pet owners say about those products. Also, you can find customer pain points to create resonating ad copies to sell pet products online.

Other sales channels to sell pet products online

The method that I have discussed earlier is a proven way to sell pet products online. However, as your business grows, you can expand your audience by trying out more sales channels as well. For example, you can follow the same strategy to build an engaging audience on Instagram to sell pet products. Then, you can also create a website to sell pet products online too.

What to post on your social media channels?

The best way to do this is through posting super funny and adorable pet photos and videos on your social media channels.

Go and take a look at the @itsdougthepub Instagram account. You’ll see what I mean about running social media channels to sell pet products. Hey, don’t forget to come back and read the rest of this guide.

How to create posts to publish on your pet channels

If you have a pet, you can create content like doug the pub. If you don’t have one, just re-post photos and videos from other pet related social media channels. However, if you re-post other’s content, make sure to add credits to the owners.

The secret of running a good social strategy is to publish quality content constantly. However, it is not that easy to keep creating Facebook and Instagram posts from scratch. So, you have two options.

One, you can hire someone else to do those repetitive tasks. Two, you can use this super awesome tool called Canva to create fantastic social media posts in seconds. It is free to use, and you can even access pro content by paying just $9.99 per month.

Create an online store to sell pet products

Alright, here comes the best part.

I am going to cut the crap and tell you the best and the easiest way to create an online store. And, guess what, you can use this method to create a store even without having to spend more than $30 a month.

Take a look at this screenshot first.

Beautiful huh? What if I tell you that anyone can create such a fantastic online store to sell pet products without any support.

This solution is called Shopify, and it is an eCommerce website building platform. It costs only $29 to get started, and it is totally worth the money you pay.

With Shopify, you can manage your entire business on a single dashboard. You can place orders for the suppliers, create shipping labels, sync your inventory with Facebook shop, and do many more.

Pick the right theme for your store

The theme of your business is how your customers see and feel your brand. Should it be friendly, playful, or authoritative? All that should depend on your selected niche and target audience.

For example, if you have decided to sell pet toys and apparel you can make it friendly and playful. However, if you are planning to sell vet authorized diet dog food, you need to make it more trustworthy and serious.

The same goes for your selected target market and audience. For example, based on the gender and age of your target audience, you can make it looks masculine or feminine.

Select colors, fonts, and a tone for your business theme

Building a strong brand identity for your online store is a complete process. And, we have created a full guide for you to learn how to build a strong brand identity design for your business. There we have explained all these steps in detail. So, please have a look and try to understand that process properly.

And, trust me, you will never regret that effort!

Optimum pricing for selling pet products online

Selecting the optimum prices for your product listings is one of the most important tasks of creating a product listing. While overpricing can make you lose most of your potential sales, underpricing can make you lose a lot of your potential profits.

Therefore, selecting the right price point is extremely important, and make sure to learn how to price products that you are selling online. Otherwise, you will be making a fatal mistake as a new entrepreneur.

Selling pet products on Amazon and eBay

Selling pet products on Amazon and eBay also gives you a great opportunity to open up the doors of your pet products business to millions of potential customers.

Learn how to start selling on eBay, and when you do so, don’t forget to use these hacks to sell more on eBay.

However, if you are dropshipping from AliExpress, selling on eBay or Amazon might not be a good idea. If you are planning to dropship on eBay, you need to source the products from wholesale suppliers and have a dropshipping agreement with them. Otherwise, you will get banned from the platform. And, if you are dropshipping on Amazon, you have to use the Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) to deliver your pet products to the customers.

One drawback of selling on those platforms is the lack of flexibility to customize your processes. Also, if you are selling only on online marketplaces, it is really hard to build brand authority for your business.

For example, when you sell in online marketplaces, you have to follow their standard store and listing templates. Therefore, it is better to have your own online store, as I have just explained.

You are all set to sell pet products online

Now you know the basic setup to start selling pet products online. So, go ahead and start by creating social media channels to sell pet products. Also, start working on your audience building strategies while working through the initial phases of starting your business.

This is a doable business, and you can do it. Explore more opportunities and be creative with every step. Do ten times better than your top competitor at the beginning. And that is the best way to build customer’s trust when selling pet products online.