How to Sell Makeup Online

Sell makeup online

Hey, let us see how to turn your love for cosmetics to a business. This guide shows how to make money by start selling makeup online. Who knows, this time next year, you will be running a six-figure makeup business.

Turning a hobby into a living can be a dream come true. If you love makeup, then why don’t you start making money by selling them online? Since you have a good taste and passion, success can be inevitable for your online makeup store. 🙂

How to sell makeup online

  • Create your business plan to start selling makeup online
  • Decide whether you should make, manufacture, use white labels or re-sell makeup
  • Learn where you can sell your products
  • Learn how to handle marketing for your makeup products

Let us start making this a reality! 1, 2, 3 Go!!!

Your business plan to start selling makeup online

We need to do this right. Remember, we are going to start an online business, not a gambling game. So, let us first outline our business plan to start an online makeup business.

First, we need to define our niche and a target audience/market to sell our makeup products.

Pick the niche for your makeup business

Niche is a specific product range that appeals to a very specialized section of the population. When you start any business, it is very effective to start with a small niche.

It can help you to stand out and build your visibility in the market quickly. Also, by selecting a small niche, you can build a better marketing campaign for a small budget.

Having a specific niche can be the unique selling proposition (or USP) of your business. It makes your brand is known for something. Also, you will be able to increase your prices above your competitors, because of your USP.

If you try to start selling everything, you won’t be able to sell anything.

So, we need a small niche to start with.

Usually, we select niches based on market trends. We need to sell what is popular, right?

Now, let us see what popular niches in the makeup business are. Well, if you love makeup, you might already know what is popular. But, here I will show you how to use data tools to do trend research. This is very simple!

To do market research, we are going to use a free online tool called Google trends. It is totally free, and you don’t have to pay to use it.

Google trends show us internet search popularity for specific keywords. Here I will show two trend patterns, which you must avoid.

Pattern #1 to avoid

Here is the trend pattern for “blotted lip”. As you can see it had two peaks and the popularity has gone down since then. So, if you chose such a niche, even during the peak of its popularity, you won’t be able to make sales for a long time. So, building a makeup business around this kind of niche will be a waste of time and money.

Pattern #2 to avoid

Below trend pattern for “summer cream” explains seasonal popularity. So, if you pick a seasonal niche, you can only make sales during a particular time of the year. On the other hand, companies with extensive marketing budgets usually crush the seasonal peaks with their massive advertising campaigns. It is hard to compete with them, and better to stay away.

So, check the trend patterns for different niches and try to pick an evergreen niche, which has a consistent trend pattern.

Here is a list of the niches for you to get an idea.

  • Vegan or Cruelty-free makeup
  • Workout-proof makeup
  • Makeup for elders
  • Hypoallergenic makeup
  • Makeup for coloured skins

Likewise, try to pick a niche for you to build your makeup business.

Now it is time to define your target audience and the target market.

Define the target audience and market for your products

The target market is basically the people who consume your products, and the target audience is who you should address with your marketing campaigns. When it comes to the makeups, both your target market and target audience would be the same.

Selecting your target market/audience is essential for the later processes of selling makeup.

By knowing your target market/audience, you can effectively pick build your marketing material, online store and even pick the right tone for your business.

We have a comprehensive guide about how to select a target market/ audience for your business. Check it out, and pick the right target market and audience for your makeup business.

Now, based on your target market, you can define a buyer persona for your business.

It is simple. Just write down the qualities of someone who would buy from you.

For example, if you sell workout-proof makeup, think of Jenifer, who is 26 years old working girl. She goes running in the morning, lives in New York etc.

Just keep adding qualities to understand your potential buyer well.

Should you make, manufacture, use white labels or re-sell makeup?

Here comes the big question.

How to find the products to sell in your online makeup business?

Well, you have basically four options to handle this.

Making your own makeup products

Yes, that is right. You can learn from YouTube and make homemade makeup in your kitchen. There are many simple makeup products that you can make with minimal facilities.

But, make sure to comply with your local regulations for making cosmetics. Here is a link to the FDA Fact sheet for making cosmetics.

You might need to find your local regulations that govern such processes.

Making homemade bath-bombs can be a great business idea

Manufacturing makeup products

Well, this can be a bit big step for you. But, if you are thinking of going big, you can always find a local or international cosmetic manufacturing plant to make your own line of makeups.

If you have a tried and tested formula for your own product line, fearlessly go ahead and start working with a manufacturer.

You can pick a Chinese cosmetic manufacturer from Alibaba, or you can search for a local cosmetic manufacturer to do the job.

Using white labels (Private labels) to sell makeup

White labels are generic products, which you can add your own label/ branding and sell. Sometimes you may be able to alter the product qualities like colour or fragrance of a white label product a little bit too.

Surprisingly, some of the well-known brands use white label products too. With white label products, the authority of branding is much important than the product itself.

Again you can use Alibaba or Aliexpress to source white label makeup products from China for a comparatively small cost.

Re-selling makeup

If you just wanted to dip your toes in this business with the least amount of capital investment, re-selling other brands on your online store can be the best way to start your business.

If you decide to re-sell makeup products, you can either

  • Buy makeup products in bulk, maintain your own inventory and sell
  • Or, can use the Dropshipping business model, without maintaining an inventory

Finding suppliers to re-sell makeup products

If you decide to re-sell popular makeup brands, first you may need to seek the brand’s permission to re-sell. So, you can be an authorized re-seller.

On the other hand, if you decide to use generic Chinese brands from Alibaba, make sure to ask for the certifications for the ingredient claims. For example, if your supplier claims that their makeup products are organic, make sure to ask for a certification. You might need these confirmations later.

Also, make sure to check your supplier’s products against cosmetic database to be on the safe side.

In this article on how to find dropshipping suppliers, we have discussed how to spot fake suppliers. Check it out.

Shipping your makeup products

If you decide to buy products in bulk, store them at your premises and sell them, you need to find wholesale suppliers that ship to your country.

If you are new to product shipping, find suppliers that can deliver the products to your doorstep, even for a slightly higher shipping cost. Otherwise, you have to work on clearing your products from customs and most of the other hard work.

If you choose dropshipping, you don’t have to worry about any of the above things. In dropshipping, you just have to forward the shipping address of your customer to your supplier, and they arrange to send the product to your supplier directly.

How to create an online store to sell makeup

Selling products online is not as hard as it seems to be. There are so many off-the-shelf tools, platforms and solutions, which enables you to build an online store without any coding knowledge.

Apparently, there are two ways to build an online makeup store. You can either use an existing marketplace or build your own e-commerce website.

The easiest way is to build your store on an e-commerce marketplace like eBay or Amazon. There you will have ready-made shop templates to build your store. Also, you will automatically be a part of their marketing campaign, which gives you a better chance of making more sales.

But, the downside of using an e-commerce marketplace is limited possibilities for customization. If you like to build a brand for your makeup business, having your own e-commerce website is essential.

In this article of how to build an online store for dropshipping, we have discussed,

  • How to choose the right platform for an online store
  • How your e-commerce store should look like
  • How many products should I list before going public
  • Understanding the SEO

So, I highly recommend you to go through that guide and have a better idea.

Also, you can read this guide on how to build a business website for more information or read this guide on how to start selling on eBay.

How to handle marketing for an online makeup business

This is the most interesting part! Especially if you love makeup!!

Social media marketing can work best for niches like selling makeup. You can use Facebook and Instagram to build your makeup brand awareness.

Take a look at below Instagram account of the makeup brand called Sweat Cosmetics. Usually, Instagram works well with images that can trigger impulse buyers.

You can also build a blog or Youtube channel teaching how to apply or use makeup. Then you can subtly push your products within your content. This method is called Content marketing. Also, you can make your social media marketing campaign as a part of your content marketing strategy.

When it comes to niches like selling makeup, influencer marketing can have a tremendous impact.

You don’t have to hire a Kardashian to market your makeup business. You can find rising stars for a much lesser cost. People tend to believe the recommendations from popular people, and you can piggyback their popularity to build your business brand.

Backstage Story:

“This one time, I have promoted a dropshipping jewellery brand with a trending Instagram influencer by naming a product pack after her and gifting her with this product pack.

She got super excited to get a jewellery brand named after her, and she went overboard promoting my jewellery store. Guess who won with this simple strategy? 😉 “

If you like to get more insights of influencer marketing, check this article on how to make $150k by posting on Instagram.

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Let us do something like this. I am going to stop it right here. If you have any questions, keep a comment below or PM me on our Facebook page. I will try my best to help you.

In this guide, we have discussed how to sell makeup online. We have discussed how to draft a makeup business plan by identifying trends and target markets. Then we have discussed whether you should make, manufacture, use white labels or re-sell makeup products.

After that, we have learned where you can create your online store. And finally, we have discussed how to handle marketing for your online makeup business.

Actually, this article provides basic guide to start selling makeup products online. There are many other things you need to know about e-commerce to run successful online makeup store.

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Cheers! 🙂

Remember, this time next year, you will own a six-figure online business selling makeup products.