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How to Sell – 2019 and Beyond

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Being a great salesperson is not an easy task, especially when it comes to ecommerce. Here I have compiled a few great sales strategies that will work for 2019 and beyond.

There are billions of businesses trying to sell products every single day. And, all of the big players are getting a competitive advantage using their huge marketing budgets. So, how can you survive in this shark tank? How can you reach to your potential customers, and sell? To do all that, you need the right marketing strategy for your ecommerce business.

Anyone can start an ecommerce business, and sell a few products per day. But, how many of them become successful ecommerce entrepreneurs? A lot of new sellers lose, just because they do not follow a good strategy in sales. Hitting the right strategy for your business can open up many doors of opportunity.

How to Sell in Ecommerce

Here I have compiled a few of the greatest marketing strategies, which you can try in 2019 to boost your eCommerce sales.

Stop Selling. Start Helping

This is one of my favourite ways of creating sales leads. It is a lot more comfortable to sell to someone, who is in need.

When people have problems, they look for the answers. And, if they can see you as someone who can help them to solve their problem through the product you are offering, no one can stop you from making a sale.

And, if you are genuinely trying to help with your products, your sales pitches will be perfect, your presentations will be perfect, and business sustainability will be perfect.

There can be some people, who try to exploit the customers with this approach. As I told you, itis easier to sell to someone who is in need. So, some people try to be fraudulent and scam their customers. But at EcommerceBuff, I would never promote misrepresentation in ecommerce. Remember the technology evolves, and the frauds/ scams are not the future.

Always try to be genuine with your business. Always focus on sustainable business, rather than some quick cash.

You can create sales leads by helping your customers. Almost all the time, people start their customer journeys by seeking for an answer. Some may try to find the best headphone under $50. Some may be trying to get rid of the termites in their home. Some may start searching for a 5min dessert recipe.

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Depending on what you sell, you can appear in different ways by providing solutions for their problems.

If you sell headphones, you can write a blog post comparing the features of different headphone brands under $50.

If you are selling chemical treatments for termites, you can create a video showing how to get rid of the termites using your product.

If you are selling chocolate chips, you can upload a video showing how to make a chocolate mousse in less than 4 minutes.

All these methods can help you to attract your potential customers to your business. By writing blog posts and creating videos, you are providing an additional service, which your customers may find useful. And your efforts of creating such content will definitely help you to generate better quality sales leads and boost your sales.

Always create better quality content that can be super useful for your customers. And, as I told you earlier, always make sure to be as helpful as possible.

Don’t Sell the Product. Sell the Experience

Marketing is not about trying to sell products anymore. If you take time and see the advertising campaigns of the best-selling brands, you will notice that they don’t market a product with a price-tag. So, why should you?

Have you ever seen that Apple is trying to sell an iPhone? No, they don’t. They create a sensation, and people go crazy to line up in front of their stores to buy a new release.

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Understand the Technology

Technology keeps evolving. And, if you do not stay updated and effectively utilise the technology, you will fell behind, and other will speed past you.

Understanding the current trends and adapting with the current technologies is a critical requirement in ecommerce.

Check out one of these “first” TV commercials:

Before that people had used the radio to advertise. And, once the Televisions came to existence, they try to use the same format of ads on the TV, with a still image. In the beginning, they did not understand the capabilities of that new technology.

The same applies today. Social media platforms have undoubtedly opened up tremendous opportunities in marketing. And, best of all, they are a lot cheaper than some traditional advertising platforms.

But, are you getting the best use out of these technologies?

Facebook, Google and YouTube act differently. So, the same ad copy won’t work on all these platforms. If you do so, you will be the same as those old guys, who did that TV commercial.

So, understand the technology well. And, get the best use of them.

Staying aware of the technology can be useful in many other ways too.

For example, the “voice search” is now a thing. 20% of the total searches on google app is now by voice. And, 70% of the requests on google assistant are expressed in a natural voice.

So, when you search for something with the voice search, you will not use common keywords, which you would type in a web search. This means you have to refine your SEO strategies and content marketing targets accordingly.

Likewise, you have to pay attention to the changes in the technology.

Another good example is Google’s “Zero Search Results”.

Since the last week in November-2018, Google sent an update that will show only one source-less answer, without anything else, if they’re confident they can provide the best answer.

Even though this is still available only for the basic queries like time, calculations, conversions, date and so on, this can be a GAME-CHANGER for traditional marketing SEO practices.

So, staying aware of these changes can help you to adjust your marketing strategies, tools before itis too late. 

Don’t Sell to Everyone

Even this comes as the last point; this is extremely important when selling. Targeting and selling to the right person can help your business in many different ways. If you try to sell to everyone, it can actually destroy your business.

You don’t have to sell to everyone to become profitable. Of course, once your customer base is larger, you can earn more. But, there is a catch. Attracting customers with mismatching perspectives to your business can harm you.

How selling to everyone can harm my business?

Glad you asked.

If we broadcast our products, people can misunderstand the real intention of our product or the service. And, once they buy our product, and when they start using the product, they will realise that it is not what they are looking for.

So, they become unhappy. Unhappy customers can damage an ecommerce business like the Tasmanian devil. They will write bad reviews, ask for refunds, spread a bad word of mouth in their own networks, and all these acts can harm your reputation.

So, do not try to misrepresent and sell. Always sell to a person, who really needs your products. In that way, you can save your brand, and create a sustainable business.

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Now, how can you attract the “Right” people, who are “Fit” for our products and services?

The best way to attract the right people is by starting a content marketing strategy. Apparently, we have already discussed a part of this at the beginning of this article. If you start creating content to address the issues for the people, only the people who really need that product or service will come to you. The content can be in many formats. It can be a blog post, or it can be a video.

In this way, we do not broadcast our product. We only broadcast about our solution. So, people who are not “fit” for our products can stay away.


Today the Internet and the ecommerce market are filled with noises and distractions. And, the competition is getting increased every day.

In order to overcome the competition and distractions, you need a great marketing strategy. So, in this article, I tried to create a basic guide for you to think and develop your own marketing strategy.

Is there anything else you would like to know more about and wish was included in this article? Let me know in the comments below!

Also, please share your own experiences and thoughts. We’d love to hear from you.

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