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How to make money from playing video games

Is it possible to make money from playing video games? Heck yeah! Let’s discuss how to make money from playing video games. That’s gonna triple the fun of playing games.


How to make money from playing video games – The 5 best ways (that really works)

  • Live stream your games to build an audience on YouTube Gaming or Twitch. You can monetize this audience by ads, subscriptions, donations, or by selling game-inspired merchandises. Trust me guys, this works like a charm. I have a first-hand(-ish) experience for this.
  • Play in tournaments, to make money from playing video games. You can get sponsorships or win pool prizes to make money. Latest 2019 IEM XIII 1st place price was $500,000 which was won by a five-player Danish team.
  • Create video gaming tutorials on YouTube, Blogs, and e-books for newbies. You can monetize the first two with ads and the third through sales. Then again, you can sell collectibles via these channels to make money from playing video games too.
  • Create a podcast or a YouTube channel. Interview high profile gamers or share your opinions about video games. Hmm… again audience building.
  • Become a video games test player to make money by playing video games. Game developers usually hire outsiders to test their new games and document or report bugs and other issues.

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How difficult to make money from playing video games?

Well, to be honest, it may be a bit harder than you think. For example, if you want to start making money from playing video games on YouTube, you need at least 1000 subscribers and 4000 annual watch hours. Trust me; it is not easy to get 4000 watch hours with a highly competitive segment. But, it is not impossible! I mean, if you can add some sort of special reason for everyone to come and watch your channel, you can outrank the others and build your audience. It can be humor or talent, decide what you are good at.

Bonus tip: Humor plays a big role to create engagement on the Internet.

Check – A guide to using humor in marketing.

If you decide to go for streaming, YouTube channels, podcasting or blogs, you need the diligence to create quality content. Also, if you go for podcasting, you need to have excellent personal skills and an excellent voice to interview people. Winning tournaments to make money from video games is not easy too. You can get knocked out early. Sometimes, the small prizes won’t even cover your traveling and accommodation costs.


How to overcome the above difficulties and make money by playing video games?

Well, honestly no one can help you with your gaming skills. Obviously, you need to develop your gaming skills to make money from playing video games.

But, I think I can help you with the other ways of making money by playing video games. For example, if you decide to write a blog for gaming tutorials, other than your passion for video games, you need to understand how to rank your website on google and how to get traffic to your website.

If you start making money by playing video games, don’t just treat that as a hobby. Treat it more like a business. This will help you to rise above your competitors. For example, learn and run an ad campaign to attract more viewers. Learn to use Facebook to build your audience.

These simple tricks will help you to grow your income from video games.

How to get started to make money from playing video games?

For live streams and screen captures for video channels

To stream gameplay, you need to have video capturing method to record and stream your screen. If you are on PC, you can try OBS studios (free and open source software). If you are on a console, you may need an external game capture box (or internal game capturing – for next-gen consoles).

For tutorials and guides

Remember to provide a unique and valuable content. You can research in forums to find the problems faced by players, and figure out the solutions, and create your tutorial around that solution.

For tournaments

Pick a popular video game that has a lot of tournaments to play in and has a lot of esports teams. And keep practicing. Then network with other professional players to get into the radar, and to join a team.

For video game testing

Getting a job as a video game tester might be a bit difficult. You have to search for vacancies, apply and stay your fingers crossed. But, there are on-demand video games testing services that you can try. On-demand video game testing services like Bestreviewapp and Playtestcloud can be easier to access.

Make money by playing video games

I know, for most of us that was a dream while growing up. Well, making money by playing video games is not impossible. But, honestly, it may be a bit harder than you think. But, if you treat that a business, and do it right, you will be able to build an income by playing video games.


I really hope that this information would help you to find the right path for you to make money from video games.

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