Start a home business by making and selling jewelry

Learn everything you need to know about making jewelry to sell online. Starting a handmade jewelry business is a lucrative way to start an online business as a hobbyist. So, I have put together this comprehensive guide to teach you how to make and sell jewelry.

Here you can learn:

  • The best-selling jewelry types
  • Where to find jewelry making ideas
  • The cheapest places to find the jewelry making raw material
  • How to make jewelry
  • What are the best places to sell jewelry online
  • How to start your very online store without costing a fortune? (There is a special gift here!)
  • The best jewelry photography hacks
  • How to build a robust marketing strategy to sell your handmade jewelry online

Sounds good, right? Let’s get started.

What are the challenges you would face when making and selling jewelry online

First things first, before you go ahead and read this article, let us find out if making and selling jewelry is the right online business idea for you.

  • Jewelry is a competitive online business niche – But, I will tell you how to build a robust marketing strategy to sell jewelry without worrying about the competition.
  • You need jewelry making skills to start the business – There are plenty of places to learn the jewelry-making craft. Otherwise, you can simply re-sell jewelry from others.
  • Need money to start – You will have to invest around $200 to buy tools and material, advertising, and listing your products online. If you don’t have money to spend, try these methods to make money online.
  • Handling delivery and shipping – If you are planning on selling jewelry across your country, or worldwide, managing shipping and delivery can get complicated. But, below, you can find some easier ways to handle international shipping.

The best-selling jewelry types

Trending and best-selling products change from time to time. So, rather than providing you with some out-dated information, here I will discuss how to research and find the best-selling jewelry types on the internet.

I have been running a couple of online stores for around eight years now. And, still, rather than relying on automatic product research tools, I do manual product research for every product I list on those stores. I am not suggesting you do the same. But, honestly, I do not know much about product research tools to talk about them. So, here is how I do that.

How to find the best-selling handmade jewelry types

So, those are the products with the highest customer engagement in those two marketplaces. The reason for selecting Amazon handmade and Etsy is because they have a massive customer base compared to any other online markets. So, their data is purely organic, without any ad campaign noises.

On a side note, when you first start your handmade jewelry business, focus on a product range that is closer to the best-selling jewelry on Amazon and Etsy. There may be thousands of different ways to make jewelry, but those are the types that customers are willing to buy.

Where to find jewelry making ideas

After you found the best-selling jewelry types, we are now going to get some design inspirations to make jewelry.

Apparently, you can even get design inspirations from the Amazon and Etsy best seller products that you just found. Also, you can use Pinterest to get more ideas. Head over to Handmade jewelry ideas and Etsy jewelry boards on Pinterest. There you can find a ton of stunning photos to gain design inspirations. However, make sure not to copy someone else’s product. Use them as inspiration, and come up with your very own design.

The cheapest places to find the jewelry making raw material

Before we discuss how to make jewelry, I thought it would be better to share some information about where to buy jewelry making tools and raw-material.

If you know a local crafts store, go to the place and see what you can buy from them. Otherwise, you can find a full range of jewelry-making kits and tools on Amazon and AliExpress.

Click on the below images to find quick links to all those categories.

jewelry making tools and kits
Beading supplies
charms for jewelry making
engraving tools
polishing and buffing supplies
jewelry findings

Buy the way; if you are planning on using Amazon to source your products, I would strongly recommend you to get an Amazon Prime subscription. So you save a lot of money on delivery alone. Use this link to get a 30-day free trial, so you can use it to save money and time when purchasing your supplies.

How to make jewelry

Making jewelry is a vast subject, and there is no way that we can cover it in a single blog post. However, below I have added some steps to give you an idea of how to make resin jewelry, which is getting popular in handmade jewelry categories. If you already know how to make jewelry, you can skip this section and start reading from where to sell jewelry.

How to make resin jewelry

Making jewelry using epoxy resin is one of the most popular ways to make DIY jewelry. It is easy and versatile. So, if you have a creative mind, you can create eye-catching resin jewelry with a significant commercial value to sell online. Here are the steps to get started.


Note: You can click on the links to find these products on Amazon. Some are optional, though. Don’t worry; all the links open in a new tab.

  • Epoxy resin – It gives colorful and crystal clear surfaces that are ideal for jewelry making. However, it takes some time to cure the material. If you need to speed up your jewelry making process, you can buy UV resin and a special UV curing lamp to fix things faster.
  • Pigments and cast-in elements – You can add flowers, glitter, seashells, pearls, and dyes to add

an accent to your jewelry.

Method for molding resin jewelry

  • Select a suitable mold for your jewelry design.
  • Decide the amount of resin required to fill-up that mold.
  • Mix half of the estimated value, color it if required, and pour it into the mold.
  • If you are placing lighter elements, you can place them right on the liquid resin.
  • Otherwise, read the manufacture’s instructions and leave it to cure for around 24hours.
  • Now you can place heavier elements on the dried surface. Also, you can add a thin layer of resin to fix them in place.
  • Then, you can pour resin to fill up the mold.
  • Now let everything dry thoroughly. Follow the manufacture’s instructions.

Note: If air bubbles are formed on a resign layer, swing your heat gun over the resin to remove them.

The finishing touches

  • Once the piece is completely cured, safely remove it from the mold. The curing time may vary from one product to another. You can find the exact curing time from the label.
  • Use fine-grained sandpaper to remove any sharp edges.
  • Finally, use a polishing paste and a soft cloth to give it a stunning look.
  • If you are creating a pendant or an earring, you will need to drill a hole to insert a suitable grommet or an eyelet.

Take a look at this video to get an overview idea of resin jewelry making.

What are the best places to sell jewelry online

Alright folks, now we are going to talk business. What is the best place to sell handmade jewelry online? Is it on Etsy? Or, Amazon? Or, on your very own online store?

Selling jewelry on Etsy and Amazon Handmade can give you exposure to millions of potential customers. However, as you have already seen, it is soo crowded on those platforms. And, there is a cut-throat price competition as well. If you remember, in the beginning, I told you that we are going to discuss a marketing strategy that will not be affected by such competitions. And, that marketing strategy starts right now.

This marketing strategy to sell handmade jewelry online is based on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and your very own online store. And, here we are going to find customers from the first three platforms and make the sale on your store. By doing that, you are limiting the possibilities of exposing your customers to some other sellers, which can cause them to drop out of your sales funnel. Let me explain.

Popular online marketplaces are crowded and competitive

Of course, it is easy and cheaper to list your jewelry on a popular online marketplace like Etsy and Amazon handmade. But, as you can understand, there is a sea of jewelry on those platforms, and your products will just sink to the bottom and sit there without getting any attention. So, listing alone won’t bring you any sales. And, you will have to run ads on your own or buy their promotional packages to gain some visibility for your products.

But, then again, as soon as you bring a potential customer to your product listing at your own expense, they will see a list of related or similar products from other suppliers as well. Now you got competition, and your customers have a choice. And, if those “similar products” are cheaper or have better ratings than yours, you will lose your customer just like that. Take a look at this graphic below.

Selling handmade jewelry on your online store

If you have your very own online store, you can stop losing customers from your sales funnel at the last minute, like in the previous situation. So, if you can bring in customers from social media to your online store, they will see only your products. And, if they feel like your handmade jewelry looks good and prices are reasonable, they will click on that buy now button without thinking of doing extensive product research.

How to start your very online store without costing a fortune

If you are a beginner with a knack to learn tech stuff, like learning new software, you can start an online store easily using Shopify. Their basic plan starts from $29 per month, which is reasonable, in my opinion. And, if you follow this link, you can try Shopify for FREE.

There is a special gift for you!!!

Creating an online store on Shopify is super easy. However, if you ever get stuck creating a Shopify store to sell jewelry, you can just us an email to “” and ask your question. So, I will personally look into your issue and help to solve it.

We genuinely need to help our readers to start online businesses. So, this is completely a free service that we provide for our readers.

Whatever the method you use to create an online store, I would strongly recommend you to read this article on the best UI/UX practices for eCommerce sites to get an idea of how a website should look like. Remember, having a sloppy and cheap-looking online store can harm your business really bad.

The best jewelry photography hacks

Before we start talking about marketing, here are some jewelry photography tips that you must practice when selling handmade jewelry online.

I cannot stress this enough; 99.9 % of the success of your online jewelry business will depend on your marketing strategy. And, product photography plays a significant role in the social media marketing strategy that we are going to discuss next. So, please pay attention.

To make our marketing plan successful, you need to create jewelry photos that can grab the attention of your potential customers at a glance. Do you know how fast people scroll through Facebook and Instagram feeds? So, your photos usually get less than half a second to capture a potential sale. 

How to make your handmade jewelry photos to stand out

Use a plain high-contrast background.

Trust me on this; plain high-contrast background photos do a lot better than the pictures that are cluttered with other stuff. A simple rule of thumb: Only your product should be on the foreground, and everything else (props) should go behind and mix with the background. Don’t think that white, gray, or neutral-colored backdrops are boring. They are the best to get attention.

Use a lightbox for jewelry photoshoots.

Lightboxes are not expensive. You can buy one for less than $20 on Amazon. I found the below lightbox with six different backdrops for $19.99. When you do the photoshoot in a lightbox, you can get better photos, even from your mobile phone. One other reason to use a lightbox is that you can get consistent lighting for all your pictures. So, your website will look clean and professional once you add those photos.

Clean smudges.

Remember to clean the smudge marks and fingerprints before taking jewelry photos. Use a piece of cotton to clean all those marks.

No reflections.

Again, use a lightbox. Otherwise, you will start getting reflections of nearby objects on the shiny surfaces of your jewelry.

Don’t use unnecessary props.

You have to understand the difference between editorial photos and product photos. Editorial images are great as site banners and background images. They should look aesthetic. But, product photos have only two jobs. And, that is to grab the attention and sell the product.

Show variations.

It is disappointing to visit a product page to see only one or two images are showing the same details. So, add around four photos from different angles and details. Also, if possible, hire a model to take a contextual photo of your handmade jewelry.


Some jewelry phots would look great on the camera screen. But, make sure to zoom and check if they are in focus. Otherwise, your jewelry photos will become blurred on large screens.

Bad Photoshop and white balance

Bad photoshop job can be a buzz killer in eCommerce. Bad touchups can make your product and brand look cheap. So, unless you know photoshop, hire a freelancer to edit your photos or use a lightbox to capture direct images. The same goes for the white balance. Too much exposure levels can change the colors of your photo. Make sure to keep it closer to the natural colors.

Additional Reading: How to optimize images for websites

How to build a robust marketing strategy to sell your handmade jewelry online

Now we came to the last part of our guide. So, how to handle marketing for a handmade jewelry business?

This is my experience talking. There are two types of products. Before we buy certain kinds of products, we do extensive research. For example, if we are going to buy a new mobile phone, we check review websites, forums, and ask friends about it. But, sometimes, we simply buy stuff just because we saw a sweet advertisement on Facebook. For example, it can be a mobile phone case, a pet toy, or a new top.

Likewise, sometimes we tend to click on some unknown website’s “buy now” button just because we feel happy about that product.

Those are called “impulse buys.”

You see a beautiful product, you check their website, it doesn’t feel like a scam, the price looks reasonable, and you just hit that buy now button.

That is the purchasing journey of an impulse buyer.

You can use three digital marketing strategies to sell handmade jewelry online to impulse buyers.

  1. Social media marketing
  2. Content marketing
  3. Advertising

How to use social media marketing to sell jewelry online?

Social media marketing is a broad subject area. Do not worry about everything in the beginning. Simply try Facebook marketing and Instagram marketing to get started. It is simple as creating two additional social media profiles for your business, and keep posting your photos and website links. It simple and straightforward.

Using content marketing to sell jewelry online

Content marketing means using photos and videos to promote your handmade jewelry online. When you start posting your jewelry photos on your Facebook page, you are doing content marketing, technically. Apart from just posting your finished jewelry product photos, try publishing behind the scene photos as well. For example, you can keep posting pictures of different stages of making beaded jewelry to build audience engagement, and in the end, you can post the purchasing link to that product.

Advertising your handmade jewelry business

Advertising is a no-brainer. You can simply use Facebook ads to start running paid promotions for your products. Check this article on Facebook ads to understand the full process.

Read more: How to get your first customer to an online store

Making jewelry and selling handmade jewelry online

Here we have discussed almost everything that you should know before making jewelry at home and selling them online. Selling handmade jewelry is a lucrative online business idea. And, the best part of it is the opportunity to make money doing something you genuinely love.

So, the secret is consistency. Sometimes you might not make any profits in the first year, or even in the second year. Starting a business is similar to planting a tree. It takes time to root, grow, and give your fruits. You don’t cut an apple tree just because it is not giving you apples in the first year, do you? So, treat your handmade jewelry business as best as you can, and let it grow. Try new and innovative ways to make jewelry. Read more marketing guides, and try to sell handmade jewelry in a completely different way.

Good Luck!