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How to Get Website Visitors, for FREE

No one is visiting your website? Do not have money to spend on Ads? Here is a 100% legitimate and short-term way to get website visitors for free.

What you are going through right now is typical for any brand-new website. I am sure you have quality content, SEO tactics in place and everything is done right. But, where are your website visitors?

Sometimes, even spending money on marketing firms to help you out won’t work too. So, rather than breaking your bank and spending all your hard earned money in desperation, here I will tell you the secret of how to get website visitors for free.

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How to Get Website Visitors, for FREE

Do you know why you still cannot get any website visitors?

There are two reasons for you not getting website visitors.

9% of the digital marketing strategies are long-term tactics. Usually, you need more than six months to spread your name. πŸ™

Your ad budget is not big enough to cut through the noise and make an impact. πŸ™

Today, the internet is a bustling place, which is filled with so much of noises. So, your brand-new website is just a fraction of a pixel in this huge image. So, your website won’t get any notice.

But, you may have seen some websites or businesses come out of nowhere and become popular overnight! So, what is the magic? Magic for overnight success to get website visitors is called a “super marketing budget”. That means your $30 ad campaign on Facebook won’t make an ant’s fart!

What does that mean? Do you have to wait for another six months or another year to get website visitors? No, you don’t have to wait for that much. There is a FREE and EASY short-term strategy to instantly get website visitors.

And, best of all, this strategy to get website visitors can actually help your SEO strategy too.

The FREE Way to Get Website Visitors

When I started my very first website (back in 2010), I thought that was going to be a hit, and I am going to make a fortune out of it. And, even I thought I could drop my engineering degree to work full time on my website.

Sounds familiar? πŸ˜‚

Well, there is nothing to be ashamed of. Those kinds of dreams make our life more beautiful.

There, my idea was to create a website to earn money through affiliate marketing. That was a review site for common household equipment. Back then, I did some part-time jobs and spend all my saving on marketing this website.

But, that marketing campaign ate my total savings and did not provide any results.

Then at one point, I couldn’t spend more, and I abandoned that site in frustration. After maybe a year, I had some free time to re-cap what I did wrong there. Then, I realised that, even though I had spent all my savings (as a student, who was earning through part-time jobs), those chunks of money were not large enough to make an impact.

Anyway, after that, I did plenty of research, trials and errors I found a FREE and EASY way to get website visitors, in the short term. πŸ˜‰

How to Get Website Visitors – The Power of Comments

Did you ever think that you can get website visitors by commenting on others websites? People usually underestimate the power of leaving valuable comments on other websites.

According to the success story of Pete Cashmore (the founder of Mashable), in the beginning, he used to leave comments on other websites. In the beginning, no-one knew him, and no-one listened to him. But, he kept commenting on others blogs and websites.

You can leverage the same tactic. If you leave valuable and useful comments (without spamming) in other relevant websites, you can quickly get some referral links to your website. When the readers see some valuable and quality comments, they tend to click on your name. 😲

By trying to secure the first comment position, your name and brand will get you on the radar of the interested readers. If they click on your name and pay a visit to your website, that is pure gold.

Of course, not every website visitor is going to click on your comment and name. But, think of those popular sites, which are getting more than millions of monthly views. Even 1% of those views can give you a jump start to get website visitors.

But, remember, if you like to leverage this tactic to get website visitors, you need to add quality and valuable comments.

“Hi, nice post. Check my website “mystupidwebsite.com””

Would you click on such a link? No, you wouldn’t. And, if you are the site admin, would you allow such comments? No, you don’t. So don’t waste your time. 😐

Instead, spend around two minutes to write a valuable comment.

For example, this blog ecommercebuff is all about how to run a successful online business. So, if you have a digital marketing related service, and if you find some related article on this blog, you can add a comment like,

“Hi, this is a super informative article. But, I believe, if done right, Facebook paid ads can help to get website visitors too. Recently we did a case study and found this [link to your blog post] data, which proofs my argument.”

So, the visitors to this website will see your comment, and think, oh, I should check this out too.

Likewise, when you comment,

  • Appreciate the original content (to avoid your comments getting banned) πŸ˜‚
  • Write a comment to match the keywords of the original content.

How to Get Website Visitors – The Power of Helping, on Social Networks

You don’t have to comment only on the website and blogs to get website visitors.

You can also answer the questions on Quora, add useful replies to tweets and Facebook posts too. I usually try to answer at least three Quora questions related to digital marketing and dropshipping on a daily basis, on behalf of EcommerceBuff.

Three is not enough! But, I write this blog without any hurry for monetising. This is more of a documentation of my process.

And, with three answers per day rate, Quora has contributed for more than 40% of my overall website visitors at the beginning. Now that the traffic from google is catching-up, Quora traffic is going below 25%. But, that gave me a jump start to get website visitors at the beginning.

Here are a couple of examples of my answers on Quora.


I don’t spend a lot of time crafting an answer to these questions. I usually get an extract from a relevant blog post of mine and adjust that to match the query. Then I add one or two (maximum) links to the relevant pages on my website.

Also, where possible, try to be as specific as possible. If you try to be more helpful, you can gain peoples trust more. The end result is more website visitors.

How to Get Website Visitors – Conclusion

Commenting is a great tactic to get website visitors for new websites. The most important thing is, do not spam on other websites. No-one likes spam-my comments (not even google).

Genuinely try to help others with your comments and content. Then, you can definitely generate more quality website visitors for sure. πŸ™‚

Leverage these tactics, and let us know how that works for you!

Also, if you have any questions leave a reply on comments or message me on Facebook.

I will try my best to answer your questions.

Say hello to me on Facebook.

Cheers. πŸ™‚

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