The product page is one of the most valuable real-estates of your e-commerce website. That is the place where people make their purchasing decision. So, optimizing your product page is an essential task for you.

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I know many people who complain that they are not making any sales, even though they get so much traffic to their e-commerce website. Moreover, one of the most common reasons for this issue is bad product pages. Since most of the people get so overwhelmed by marketing, they often forget about simple things like optimizing the product pages.

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As I already told, your product page is the place where your customers make their purchasing decision. So, in this article, we’ll discuss how to create a killer product page to influence your customers to click on that “add to cart” button.

1.    Don’t keep your visitors in suspense

The average attention span of the people is around 8 seconds. This means you have to cut to the chase. If you lose their interest with a lot of unnecessary details, you will lose that sale.

Yes, there can be a lot of essential specifications for a product. However, you have to define a hierarchy for these details. Show them the most important things first.

Also, it is not a good idea to fill your product page with a lot of information. Please keep it clean with a lot of white space to help them quickly scan through the information. You can do this by including all the minor specifications under a collapsible section or a different tab

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2. Have a clear call to action

I have seen many e-commerce product pages with the call to action button out of focus. Your call-to-action button, in other words, “ add to cart” button, should be one of the primary focuses.

One of the most common mistakes is having a washed-out color for the “add to cart” button. Let the add-to-cart button pops out by creating the right color- contrast.

The other most common mistake is the placement of this button. Your customers won’t like to play “find the Waldo” for your add to cart button.

3. Add customer reviews for the social proof

More than 95% of online buyers read customer reviews before buying a product. So, if you don’t have a customer review section on your product page, they will open another tab in their browsers and start searching for the reviews for your product.

Do you know what can happen with such a search? Yes, they will definitely find some other seller for the same product. So, you are literally letting them go off your sales funnel.

You can collect customer reviews by sending them a followup email after delivering the product. This testimonials and ratings are vital to building trust for your business and products.

4. Killer product photos on the product page

Product photography can make or break an e-commerce business. It doesn’t matter how great your products are, if your product photos suck, you will not be able to sell a single product.

If you are dropshipping, you must be probably getting all your product photos from your supplier. However, if possible, try to order one product for yourself to get some unique and eye-catching photos.

It doesn’t matter whether you are getting the photos by yourself or from your supplier, try to learn the best practices to take and edit the photos that you add to your product page.

I can highly recommend product photography courses on LinkedIn learning to understand the best practices for product photography. You can get a free trial for a month, and it is more than enough to learn.

5. Think in the customer’s shoes

One of the most practical ways to optimize the product pages (or any other stage of your sales funnel) is to jump into the customer’s shoes and start thinking like them.

When it comes to your product page, think what kind of information they will be looking for.

For example, if you sell ladies scarf, the fabric and the design are the top concerns. However, if you are selling some utility tool, the functionalities are the top concerns.

So, those who are going to buy a utility tool might not be interested in seeing a photo of a muscular man using that tool. However, on the other hand, people who are going to buy that scarf can be super interested in seeing a photo of how a model wears that scarf.

6. Focus on the performance

E-commerce should be lightning fast. If your product page takes more than 2-seconds to load, there is a 50% chance for losing that customer.

Many things can affect the page loading speed. This includes the size and formats of the media files, server performance, and many more.

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You can use the google page speed test to measure your product page loading speed. Also, this test gives the possible reasons for slow loading speeds. So, you can identify them and take the necessary actions to reduce the product page loading speed.

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7. Be consistent with your brand identity design

The brand identity of your e-commerce store creates the trust and authority for your business. Inconsistent designs and tones for product pages will make your customers question the legibility of your e-commerce website.

So, create a great brand identity and follow that throughout your product pages.

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8. Don’t forget to up-sell and cross-sell

If you are not trying to up-sell or cross-sell from your product pages, you are literally leaving money on the table. Upselling and cross-selling help you to increase your average order value. So, suggest to your customers about the other possibilities and combinations too.

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That is how you can create a killer product page that can sell

In this article, we have discussed eight ways to create a killer product page that can sell. So, go ahead and see how your product pages are doing. Sometimes, with a few tweaks, you will be able to unleash the full power of your product pages.

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