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How to Attract More Visitors to Your Online Store

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If you are an experienced eCommerce seller, you might have already heard about the content marketing strategies for online businesses. And, you might have already created tons of content for your products or services.

But, do they work? Do they attract new customers or visitors, as you wish?


Even you have created some amazing content, sometimes it might not be winning the required attention due to one particular reason.

Let us put it in this way,

There is that one grocery store/supermarket in town which you cannot resist visiting on your way, the store that you would step in to buy even a little thing like a pack of candles and the store where you simply feel home.

Before you had got to know the quality of the goods sold in that store, have you ever wondered why you decided to visit that particular store at first, while there are three other stores of similar category opened in town which sell similar stuff?

The most common answers would be;

  • The attractive outlook
  • The way the items are showcased through the windows
  • Convenient parking

Once a customer visits the store, their consequent visits are guaranteed based on their satisfaction with the products sold.

Similarly, it is this ‘First Impression’, which should be focused by any content marketing strategy, to fulfil its ultimate target of attracting more customers.


  • How to give an attractive outlook to an online store?
  • How to showcase your products or services for window shoppers in an ONLINE STORE?
  • Parking facilities for an ONLINE STORE?!? (Is that even possible?)

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How to Create Content Headlines That Sell

All the above can be achieved through a successful headline, a headline that makes the customer’s eye stop at. Because it seems to be answering the issues, the client has in their mind, at the headline.

Simply, the headline represents the outlook of your ecommerce store which attracts the customer, no matter it’s a product-oriented or service-oriented business.

Qualities of a Successful and Attractive Headline

Successful and attractive headlines consist of below features.

  • Full of curiosity – The audience feel that they need to check what it is all about, they fear missing it in their news feed.
  • Solves a problem – They feel that you answer their problem if they click on it.
  • Precise – Long headlines make people lose their interest by the halfway of reading it
  • Time-saving – The busy people of today would love quick answers to their issues, and would not easily miss clicking your headline that has a sense of urgency.

To be more clear, let us take some examples as follows:

“Need a comfy sleep tonight? Here are 5 ways to make that dream come true.”

This headline starts with a question, which involves curiosity and directly addresses a common issue of the busy people of today. It makes the audience curious to know the said 5 ways. Also, the content is obviously a list as the headline consists of a ‘number (5)’, so precision and the apparent time-saving quality are more likely to attract a person who sees this.

“Secrets of potty training to a toddler which I have never shared”

The word ‘secret’ and the phrase ‘never shared’ are the magic in this headline. This attracts the parents of toddlers. It not only solves their problem but also shares something valuable with a sense of intimacy.

“The beginner’s guide (A-Z) to blog writing.”

The headlines of this kind are also attractive. They seem to offer a complete package of solution for a problem. So, a beginner would not think twice to click on your headline.

What else to Think When Creating Headlines?

Now, let us check some further aspects, which we should take into consideration while selecting an attractive headline for your content marketing strategy.

Using Numbers in Your Headlines

Let us take some examples as follows.

7 secrets to keep your home tidy

5 ways to make your kids grow healthy

10 places to visit before you are thirty

7 habits of a true lady

While you are scrolling down the newsfeed, when you see a headline of this nature you feel like you should click and get to know these “secrets/ ways/ places /and the habits”.

The headline itself indirectly promises you a list of things. It promises a list that is directly related to the heading and a precise content is on your way, which saves your time and energy to read.

Remember that many people would love the lists that way.

This serves one of the above-discussed traits of a heading, which is ‘the curiosity’.

Remember, those numbers that are used in headlines should be in digits (e.g. 7) not the numbers mentioned in letters. (e.g. seven).

Using Headlines that are Not Lengthy

Studies reveal that it is the first three and the last three words of a headline that go into the mind of people once they read it.

This means you should be talented enough to retain the effectivity/attraction of your headline in the first and the last three words. That the reason why you need to think, think and think to create a headline, and that time consumed would never be a waste as it gives you definite results.

Meanwhile, a lengthy headline will not help you to achieve the above quality, and at times such a headline will hardly be displayed in the digital screen in full.

The reader will only see a part of the headline where they will miss seeing the last three effective wording, which you used in your headline after thinking for ages. As such, in order to make a headline interesting, it is needed to be limited to around 6-7 words. And, this will probably make the first and the last three words to be displayed at once in the digital screen; thus it leads to gain more viewers.

It is not a secret that in an online business your client is likely to see you, your business through the headline displayed on the screen of an electronic device. So, make your headlines suitable for that purpose.

Also, by limiting to 6-7 words per headline, makes it easy to process in the reader’s mind, and achieves two of the traits of a successful headline as mentioned above – ‘the precision and time saving’.

Surf the Trend with Headlines

This aspect is life- saving I would say. And, it is a bit tricky too. In my opinion, the majority of people who scroll down the news feed will not spend their valuable time and data to click a link, if the headline is not reasonably related to an issue they have.

So, you have to create your content and headline to match the trends. You have to address what people are looking for. You can do this by merely addressing the trends.

Let us see an example:

During the period November to December of the year, everyone is thinking about holidays. During this time people keep thinking of how to greet and treat their loved ones. Can it be clothing/ decoration/ food recipes /greetings, you can make your headline more attractive to the crowd by adding the phrase ‘this Christmas’.

But remember, you need to make your content addresses that common issue that made your clients attracted to your headline. Because making people disappointed through the content will give you negative results. This is one of the major components of the Inbound Marketing Strategy.

Let Google Understand Your Headlines

This is all about SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). Whatever you write, you have to make it understandable for the search engines. So, the search engines can read, index and show your content to prospective customers.

So, make sure to do proper keyword research and add popular keywords towards the beginning of your headlines. This makes it easy for the search engines to understand what it is all about.

If interested, you can learn more about SEO from Google SEO Starter guide.

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