Starting at age 32, Warren Buffett had increased his net worth by 1257% within 12 years. Then, in the next 12 years, he further grew it by 7268%. So, what was the secret of him being able to achieve such an extraordinary result? Let’s find out a proven methodology to achieve any goal in your life.

Rule number 1 to achieve any goal in your life – Understand the fact that success is sequential

There is a phenomenon called “Compound effect”. This means, consistent and incremental changes can result in a fundamental change over time. Warren Buffett started a chain of investments from age 32 and never stopped. So, he created a compound effect that built momentum for his success.

Of course, there are some overnight achievers as well. However, the more likely routine to success is through consistent and incremental changes that will add up over time. So, the first rule to achieve any goal in your life is to commit yourself to a process that can provide consistent and incremental changes.

The second rule to achieve any goal in your life – Break it down to bite-sized, short-term goals

There is a neat little trick to maintain your dedication and passion for achieving a long-term goal in your life. All you need is a pen and a calendar!

For example, let’s assume that you run a blog like me. So, it’s common sense that you need to build content in a consistent manner to maintain the engagement of your audience. Therefore, I try to write at least 3 valuable blog posts every single week. So, what I do is, I mark a big X on my calendar for every blog post I write. Then, after that, my only goal is not to break this chain! Yes, I do my best to maintain the chain of “3 Xs per week”.

The goal of “3 Xs per week” is a bite-sized, sort-term goal. So, it is easy for me to plan my week to achieve that simple goal, despite all the distractions I have.

Develop habits that can support your goals

If you are in a committed path to achieve a goal in your life, you can start getting used to the habits that can support your process of achieving such goals.

For example, if you need more time to work on your process, you can build the habit of waking up early. Or, if you are in the process of growing your wealth, there are some amazing habits from successful people that will help you to achieve your goals much sooner than you think. Even if you have a fitness goal to achieve, you can find and adapt to healthy habits that will support your process.

Start using productivity tools and apps

Come on; we live in the age of the internet. There are plenty of productivity tools out there, which help us to keep track of our plans and processes. Even though I don’t want to promote any product, I must say that the apps like Slack, Asana, and Google Calendar help me with planning all my processes.

You have the freedom to use these tools or not. However, in my personal experience, I believe that these tools and apps can do all the heavy lifting on planning and keeping track of your milestones.

Don’t burn yourself out! It won’t help you to achieve any goal

We discussed about breaking down your long-term goals into small bite-sized goals in the second topic. So, don’t forget the keyword of that rule. You have to break down your goals to “Bite-sized” tasks.

It is crucial to give yourself a reasonable amount of time to achieve these sub-goals. In that way, you don’t have to get exhausted. As soon as you get exhausted, you won’t deliver any quality work, and you won’t be productive at all. However, if you are on a tight deadline, you will have to work it out as soon as possible. In such cases, try to adjust other tasks in your life to accommodate more time to achieve your goals.

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