How Much Can a Beginner Make From Affiliate Marketing?

The truth about how much can a beginner make from affiliate marketing can be a bit harsh to digest. Making money from affiliate marketing is doable. But, it is not as beautiful as it is pictured on the internet.

The harsh truth about affiliate marketing

If you search for affiliate marketing on Google, a lot of so-called “gurus” will pop up and tell you that you can make thousands of dollars per day with affiliate marketing, doing nothing!

Then they will go on and say, you can create a website, add affiliate links, go to sleep, and check your bank account for those “thousands of dollars” in the next day.

Next, they will start selling you the “courses” or “website building services” to get started.

Now, this is one of the ugly sides of the internet. 🙁

To be honest, rich people won’t search the internet for money-making methods. Only those who are in a real need for money will come and search for such things. So, exploiting such people is totally unacceptable.

How much money can a beginner make from affiliate marketing?

The quickest answer:

With my own experience, for a website with 100k visitors per month, you can make $70 per month with affiliate marketing.

There are my average factors in affiliate marketing:

  • CTR (click through rate) is usually around 1%
  • Conversion rate is usually around 2%
  • Order value is $50
  • A commission rate of 7% (Amazon affiliates)

Well, to be honest, for some people these figures can be slightly high. But, these are the practical values I have gained with my own experience. 🙂

Affiliate marketing is not a hoax. It is a legitimate way of making money online. But it is not a get rich quick scheme. If you have any experience in blogging, you already know how hard it is to get 100k visitors per month.

$70 a month with affiliate marketing is almost nothing!

Then why am I still working on affiliate marketing?

There is just one reason not to forget affiliate marketing. “Something is better than nothing.”

Well, let me make it clear. I didn’t create that website targeting an income from affiliate marketing. It has another original monetization plan. Affiliate marketing is just a passive way of making money from the blog. So, rather than making $0, I would prefer to make an automatic $70.

I think this is the case for many website owners out there. Affiliate marketing alone cannot make a living. Use affiliate marketing as just one way of making money online.

How to start making money from Affiliate marketing

So, now we know that affiliate marketing is a viable way to make money from the internet. And also, we know that it is not a get rich quick scheme.

My best advice about affiliate marketing is, you should never focus only on affiliate marketing as your monetization plan. Use with other monetization channels (e.g., AdSense, Influencer marketing, selling your own products, etc.)

Now that you have a good idea about the reality of affiliate marketing let us see how to get started with affiliate marketing.

The steps to make money from affiliate marketing

  1. Research for the affiliate programs out there. Check the policies and requirements to get the approval for affiliate programs.
  2. Learn other online marketing strategies. This knowledge is essential to create a successful blog. Learn about SEO, social media marketing and how to select target audiences, etc.
  3. Choose a niche to build your blog.
  4. Start your own blog. Usually, the “how to” or “lifestyle” blogs work well for affiliate marketing.
  5. Keep creating content for your blog. Write your own articles or outsource them.
  6. Repeat, Repeat, Repeat. Content is the king. You need a lot of content to attract more visitors, and to get approved from affiliate programs.
  7. Start applying for the selected affiliate programs.
  8. Find the optimum way to publish your affiliate links. If you are also using AdSense, mix and match them to avoid creating a bad user experience for your visitors. Too many ads and affiliate links can distract the readers.
  9. According to the FTC’s Endorsement guide, you must disclose that you are using the paid links. Also, that can help you to boost your trust and transparency among the readers.
  10. Start making money with affiliate marketing

How much can you make from affiliate marketing? Now you know the answer

Affiliate marketing is a legitimate way of making money. But, as we have discussed, it is not a get rich quick scheme. Also, for the best results, you may need to use it with other monetization channels.

The hardest part of making money from affiliate marketing is to create a blog and writing content. Since the results are not immediate, a lot of beginners stop everything in the middle.

Making money from a blog is a long term strategy. It will need years to generate some significant income. But, once it has gained its momentum, it can go almost autopilot, and keep making money for you.

Hope you found what you were looking for. If yes, please share and spread the word. If not, please comment below and let me know what I am missing.