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How Did I Find Time to Start a Business, While Working 9-5

Everyone complains that they can’t find time to start a business. They complain that they do not have time for anything, even to spend with their family, after work. The truth is that we have a lot of time than we think.


There are so many people (especially those who are working 9 to 5) without having the right mindset to manage their time.

Sadly, they do not utilize the time they have to create new opportunities. However, if they do, that could help them to find time to start a business and to quit there exhausting 9 – 5 jobs too.

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How to manage and find time to start a new business

Breaking the time barrier can be the first step of starting a business. If you know the right techniques to manage your time, you will be surprised to see how many hours were wasted every day, without creating any output.

We all have 24 hours a day. Elon Musk gets 24 hours a day, Jeff Bezos gets 24 hours a day, and you get the same 24 hours a day.

Let us assume that you are working 9 to 5. That is full 8 hours.

If you keep 3 hours to commute (one and a half each way), that is a total of 11 hours.

Standard 7 hours sleep? Fine, that is 18 hours in total.

Now you got 6 hours left per day.  Cool, that is just 2 hours short from your office time.

We have to utilize that 6 hours for family, friends, relaxing, household chores, and most importantly, for starting a New Business!

In this article, we will discuss how to juice and squeeze your clock, to get the best out of it.

Count the Minutes Between 9 to 5

This should be a habit of yours.  Remember, we are losing 1/3 of our day during these 8 hours of work. If you check and audit this 8 hours, you will find a lot of unproductive time.

Time for a story:

When I earned my first $5 from an online business, I made a pact to myself, that I will spend every minute of my life creating some output. This doesn’t mean that I do not spend time with my family, friends, or for entertainment. However, it says that I am optimizing my time to achieve a business dream.

So, when I die one day, I can die in peace, thinking that I did not waste my time. I may or may not be able to create a big business. However, I would rather try than wasting my time as a human being.

End of the story.

If you can think in the same way, you can try to optimize these 8 hours to get the best out of it.

How many minutes did you spend complaining about your boss with your friends within that 9-5? How many times did you open Facebook or Instagram before replying to an email? What about the 10 minutes you spent thinking that guy is plotting against you?

If you could save 30 minutes a day within that 9 -5 working hours, you get 120 hours saved up each year. If you cost it with an average wage (worldwide) like $12 per hour, you got $1440 per year for FREE. With only $200 in hand, you can easily start an online dropshipping business, including a basic marketing budget. Let us be honest; can’t you save up more than 30 minutes during that 9 to 5?


Go Fast between 9-5, and save time for a new business

It is simple; if you need 8 hours of results, then you should work 100% for 8 hours. If you need to save 1 hour every day,  You just have to work 111%.

To be honest, 99% of the people who are reading this are not working even 40% during office time. You might think you do 100%, but you might unknowingly waste a lot of time.

Here is a little game for you. Go to work tomorrow, start working fast. Keep track of your time, and the track of your tasks. Try to be as fast as possible. You may not be able to finish-off certain tasks, but try to complete as much as possible.

If you try doing that, at one point, you will run out of the tasks. Sometimes you might have to wait for another guy to complete his job for you to finish yours. But that is OK.

Once you run out of the tasks, check your clock. See how many hours you saved. If you think you can further improve this, try the next day too.

Four years ago, I did the same for a week.  And believe me, I got a full Friday FREE. I kept doing that, and I have utilized that free time to research and learn about online marketing.

Think of ways to do things faster

You have to be quick; you have to be fast. Be quick with your clients and reply to them soon. If using “A” will save you 15 minutes, use it. If using “B” slow down your output, think of the “C”.

Once you start working fast, you will see how slow other people can be. This can be a real turning point of your life. If you are fast, you will stay ahead of this game of opportunities.

If you have big dreams, do not be gentle with your gameplan. Be quick and be fast. Treat that extra effort as an investment. That is an investment which can help you to create a 3-hour workday.

Love your passion for starting a new business

This critical. If you really love your dreams, you will find a time to do that no matter what.

If you love biking, you will find a time slot to do that. If you love golf, you will plan and save up your weekends. That is how we treat our real passions.

In the same way, if you love selling, you will find time to start a business. If you love taking risks, getting rejected, failing, trying again and again, and winning, you will find a time.

So, if you have big dreams to start a business or if you need to quit your routine 9 – 5 job and become an entrepreneur, then do not just “like” doing that. You have to “LOVE” doing that.

Plan and Prioritise

Prioritizing does not mean that you have to find the #1 task and finish it. Prioritizing is a continual process, which goes hand in hand with planning.

When you are halfway through your #1 task, you will see that #9 task is becoming more critical. So, you will have to keep the #1 aside and start with #9. Sometimes you might not even touch #1 soon again.

That is the best way to utilize our capacity. It is a continual planning process.

In the beginning, you will find that it is exhausting. But trust me, once you start treating and thinking about your tasks separately, it will help you to understand your jobs more easily.

When you see the whole picture of your tasks, your solutions will be more effective and efficient. You will see a significant speed improvement, and it will make more sense about everything happening around you.

If you love to become a successful entrepreneur, you have to think and act like that. It is a game, an interesting game, all the way along.

Planning and prioritizing can help you to avoid last-minute work, which can be an extremely inefficient process. When you have to attend to a certain task suddenly, you will not get enough time to asses the problem and have effective measures.

However, this does not mean you have to overthink and get over-prepared for every single thing in your life.

Overthinking and over-planing can actually slow you down. Always stay in the middle path, and try to figure out the right amount of planning and prioritizing for you.


Save your time while commuting

Depending on your daily commute, you might be spending a few hours on the road. This time usually goes uncounted.

If you drive to work, this section is not for you. But sometimes, rather than spending a full hour driving and doing nothing, if you spend an extra 15 minutes on a public transport, you might be able to use that full 1 hour and 15 minutes for something useful.

If you can keep your hands free during the commute, you can use that time to research new trends in business, learn new marketing strategies, or learn about hot and trendy products to sell.

Or else, you can even spend that time for entertainment too. Remember whatever you do, your life should be balanced in every aspect. It will help you to make conscious decisions.

Also, when it comes to businesses, you must have to stay updated about the latest trends and fashions. Watching the latest TV series, YouTube or social media entertainment can help you to stay updated too.

Remember that our goal is to save that 6 hours for new opportunities. So, if you can combine your time budget for entertainment and the time to commute together, it is a win for you.

If you want to find time to start a business, 5:00 PM is NOT the End of Your Day

Most of the people think 5:00 PM is the end of their workday. Actually, those who do not have any big dreams to start a new business can think 5:00 PM as the end of their day. But, not for you!

As a hustler, your day should start after 5:00 PM

Right now, I am working during the day. Even though 60% of my income is from online businesses, still I did not quit from my day job for some personal reasons. My day job starts at 8:00 AM and ends at 5:30 PM.

But still, I find enough time to handle three eCommerce stores and this blog. My entrepreneur day starts after 9:00 PM. I am on three hours a day schedule to run all my businesses.

Do not use Time as an excuse for not doing anything. If you do so, you are just lazy! Everyone who has achieved their business dreams was working hard and hustling overtime to create their brands.


Thanks for reading.

Is there anything else you would like to know more about and wish was included in this article? Let us know in the comments below! Also, share your own experiences and thoughts. We’d love to hear from you.

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