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How to Start an Online Business

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Welcome abroad!

You are going to start a great journey, learning how to start an online business.
Buckle-up, let us learn the right way of how to start an online business and how to grow your business.

We have a step-by-step online guide to teach you how to start an online business.

  1. Plan your online business strategy.
  2. Create an online business website.
  3. Learn to improve your Google search ranking.
  4. Build your online business on social media.
  5. Advertise your online business.

But, before starting an online business, you must first learn what you can achieve, by identifying your online business opportunities.

Why You Should Start an Online Business

Do you know why you must start an online business? By 2018, the global internet population has reached above four billion active users. Yes, that is more than a half of the number of humans living on this planet.

This means, by starting an online business, you can expose your business to more than half of the world.

Give it a minute to digest that fact. We are talking about a half of the world as the potential market.

This is why Amazon has become THE Amazon. Jeff Bezos had foreseen this future. And, it will never be late for anyone to reap this massive opportunity.

In fact, this opportunity is going to grow further.
So, if this is so amazing, why doesn’t everyone start an online business?

Three reasons!

  • People don’t know about online business opportunities.
  • Those who know about online businesses don’t know how to start an online business.
  • It is not easy as you think. Not everyone can win doing online business.

Let us get back to our topic.
We are going to learn about the online business opportunities out there, and learn how to use a website and social media to grow your business like Topsy.

Today, the internet is an integral part of everyone’s life.

From discovering what is the colour of your poop says about your health, to booking a plane ticket, our online experiences have grown tremendously.


At any given time, half of the world is online to shop, learn or to connect with their loved ones. By starting an online business, you can make your business a part of this massive online community.

Now when we say starting an online business, there can be two different approaches.

  • You may already have a physical business, and you might be planning to go online to increase your visibility and to sell products online.
  • You may be thinking of starting a brand new ecommerce store, where you can sell products online.

In our guide about “how to start an online business”, we are going to discuss both of these approaches.

Starting an Online Business on Top of Your Existing Business

Starting an Online Business? Does it fit into any business?

Going-online fits into any business. Online business is not all about selling things online. There are so many other opportunities too.

Let us have an example. Let us assume that you are a baker. So, you might be thinking like “Hey, I am not going to sell my blueberry muffins online. Why do I need to start an online business? Why do I need to learn how to start an online business?”

Well, as we told earlier, online businesses are not all about selling products online.

By starting an online business, you can have many more benefits. For example, by going online, your business will be visible for so many other people.

When someone searches for “food near me” or “backer Braxton” (assuming you are making blueberry muffins in Braxton) your business will pop up in their search results.

If they decided to visit your website or your social media pages, they could see your products. Also, they can read all the good reviews from your other customers. So, they will start “learning” about your business. Remember the word “learning” it is a keyword.

While they learn about your business, they will find how much your blueberry muffins cost, and will be amazed when they learn that you offer two free muffins for every cheesecake you sell. (Is that a good deal? You tell me).

If Jane needs 50 blueberry muffins for her son’s birthday party, she can ask you for a quotation via your website or social media channel.

Even the sky is not the limit!

Starting an online business to sell things online

That is called as ecommerce.

There are certain ecommerce business models, which you can run while sitting on your couch the whole day. We are going to discuss this in-detail, towards the later chapters of our guide.

As we have discussed earlier, by starting an online ecommerce business, you are opening your virtual store doors to half of the world. So, you can easily use ecommerce to make a good side income, or you may be able to make your living out of that.

In ecommerce, you can create an online store to accept direct online payments. You can easily use payment gateways like PayPal to accept online payments.

Also, these days, there are really good and dedicated platforms to build online ecommerce stores, even without knowing a single thing about coding.

These platforms can handle inventory management, check-outs, customer accounts and many more.

How much will it costs you to start an online business

Well, let us get realistic here.

You need money to earn money. That is the ugly truth. If you can spend more, you can make more.

You will need money for advertising, building websites and design work.

But, do not worry. In this guide, teaching how to start an online business, we are trying to reduce the cost factor as much as possible. So, more than 90% of the times we will show you free digital marketing and online business tools.


Thanks to the genius people out there, modern online business tools are easy to use and easy to learn. And, most importantly, most of the useful tools are FREE too.

Since you are eager to know a figure, we can say, $150 is enough to start small. You can re-invest and grow your business on this capital.

But, of course, if you can spend more, you can reap more. We’ll show you both ways.

How to get started with your online business journey?

First things first. In the next chapter of our how to start an online business guide, we will learn how to select the best online business option to suit your business model, and how to work out a plan to meet your business goals.

With the support of our business gurus (dude they can levitate! levitating gurus are the best), our online business guide will be rich with digital marketing concepts.

So, we will show you how to start an online business, and grow your business into new dimensions.

Basically, we will show you how to win this game.

What we need from your side is your dedication to doing this right. Are you ready to go?

Let us start by planning your online business strategy.

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