Holidays are Around the Corner; Sellers, Are You Ready?

Learn the seasonal shopping insights to refine your businesses and welcome seasonal shoppers. Find out the online search behaviors of the holiday shoppers to stay a step ahead of your competitors.


The holiday season just around the corner. It’s time for the E-commerce business owners to load their big guns. Let us go through some consumer insights and refine our businesses to welcome the seasonal shoppers. In this article, we will go through the past data for shopper’s behaviours for this season.

Get Ready for the Big E-commerce Shopping Season


  1. Your Potential E-commerce Market for the Holidays
  2. What Motivates the Shoppers to Buy from You?
  3. When Do Most of the People Shop Online?
  4. What Can You Sell in this Season?
  5. Create your Shop to be their Personal Shopping Cart
  6. Help Customers to Make Easy Decisions

1. Your Potential E-commerce Market for the Holidays

Last year (2017), 76% of the adult holiday shoppers from the USA, used three or more online sales channels to purchase products. Now, this is a big number. But, how many of them are willing to discover new retailers and brands. Surprisingly, 61% of the shoppers were willing to buy from new retailers, and 46% of them actually bought from new retailers.

ecommerce holiday shopping channels
ecommerce tendency to buy from new suppliers

Now that is good news for the up and coming e-commerce sellers. We know that the customers are willing to try new products and discover new trailers in the past year. Thanks to the ever-developing IT industry, we can expect an improvement in this behaviour.

Wait, we already have a proof to show you that this “willingness to discover new brands and products” has increased over time. There was a 60% increase for the search terms like “Brands like” and “Stores like” in the last two years.

ecommerce search for alternatives

So, you should start to create a pipeline to guide these buyers to cut through the abundance of competitors, and feel confident in purchasing from you. To create that pipeline, you need to find out what motivates the shoppers to pick a seller.

2. What Motivates the Shoppers to Buy from You?

Shoppers are begging for help to find products. Yes, that is true. In the past two years, searches for “shopping apps” was increased by 90%. And at the same time, the search popularity for the term “Online shopping” was increased by 180%.

That means the customers are actually looking for the products. So, all you have to do is assist them to find your e-commerce brand and your products.

Never underestimate the power of videos.

Nearly 2/3 of the shoppers had mentioned that they got inspired and motivated by product videos. And nearly 90% said they had discovered the new products and brands via YouTube.

ecommerce people get inspired by videos

Now before we jump in and start creating youtube videos for the e-commerce products, we have to find out what is the best way to stand out from the crowd and to break through.

Rather than creating ads that interrupt the videos, you can find a way to insert the brand into the video itself seamlessly. To serve this purpose, you can create youtube videos for e-commerce products in many different ways.

  • “Shop with me” videos – Here you create videos showing an influencer shop or use some product.
  • “Unboxing videos” – Here you unbox the product and describe each element in detail.
  • “Product reviews” – As the name describes, you can create videos reviewing products. People like to see the first-hand experience of using some product.
  • “How to” videos – You can create videos to show how you can use a product in real practice.

Out of the all above methods, recent researches show that the “How to” videos earn the highest attention in any category on YouTube. More than 7 in 10 viewers use YouTube to solve a problem. And, around 86% of the users, visit to learn something new.

3. When Do Most of the People Shop Online?

Even the promotion days like the Black Friday have become so popular; surprisingly, purchasing behaviours of the shoppers are not concentrated around these promotion days.

People shop every day!

You can create offers targeting the promotion days to attract new customers and to improve the reputation. But you have to understand that only 18% of the people use promotion days to shop. And around 42% of the shoppers, already complete their shopping well before the promotion days.

ecommerce customers buying times

As we have discussed earlier, our target is to help customers find your business in this season. So you need to be there whenever they are looking for you. It can be before, on or after the holidays. So, you can use this data about the decentralised shopping behaviours, and make your sales and marketing strategies to span during the whole period.

4. What Can You Sell Online in this Season?

To pick the correct product(s) to sell online; first, we have to understand the customer’s buying personas. Especially in the festive seasons, and when it is closer to the new year, the seasonal trends start emerging.

During the holiday season, 61% of the male buyers buy products for themselves, while that figure drops to 52% for the women. So, there can be a significant amount of people, who are looking for the product for others. Also, the data points to higher search interest for “Gifts for men.” But, there won’t be much interest in the search query for “Gifts for her”.

Also, the holiday “decorations”, “decoration ideas” peaks in search during the November. If you in an e-commerce niche for holiday decorations, it is time for you to create offers, promotions and deals to grab the attention of the people who are looking for such products.

Also, after January we are going to get more and more “new year, new me” customers. People usually start searching for fitness products during this time. So, you will find some increased popularity for the fitness products. Search terms like “Athletic shoes” and “Athletic clothes” are going to peak after the holiday period.

With this data, you can create a great inbound marketing strategy for your business.

You can develop good quality content like videos and blogs to attract people by providing solutions to their problems. For example, You can create videos with decoration tips showing “how to decorate their houses, or apartments in an hour.” Or else, you can create videos and articles to targeting the solutions describing “how to lose weight with a ten minutes a day exercise schedule”. By this way, you can provide solutions for the people at the right time. So you can grab the viewers passive attention to your products.

Also, you can create an engagement method to help them solve their issues. By using a chatbot, or by providing a live support service you can help them during their purchasing journey. This will help you to keep them engaged in your business.

Inbound Marketing for Ecommerce Business
Inbound marketing is a more human and sustainable way of doing marketing

5. Create your Shop to be their Personal Shopping Cart

People shop a lot during the holiday season. That means they have to repeat entering their preferences, size information over and over again. And, 4 in 10 holiday shoppers had specifically mentioned that they like if the retailer remembers their past purchase details.

You can use this preference for your advantage by asking them to create user accounts. Here you can promote coupons and how easy would it be for them to make their next purchase. You can use this contact details to set up your next marketing campaign.

create personalized content in ecommerce

Even when people search to buy gifts for others, they would prefer to have personalised and more specific content for their requirements. The search term “Gifts for Dad” or “Gifts for Mom” has grown over 80% during the last two years. Also, the search terms for “Gifts for _ _ year-olds” were increased over 100% in the past two years. This data shows the search interests of the people are more specific now. So, by creating a personalised listing to match above search interests, you can anticipate your customer’s needs and provide a shopping experience which they love.

6. Help Customers to Make Direct Easy Decisions

As we already discuss, during the holiday seasons people are super busy doing all their shopping. They might have visited several other e-commerce stores before coming into yours. So by creating a seamless shopping experience, they will love your store for sure. Do not make registration mandatory anywhere.  Majority of the online shoppers use their smartphones to do shopping. So, if you create a lot of popups, a higher number of page loads and long forms to fill, they will leave your store.

  • Use crystal clear call-for-action buttons. This helps to easy decision making for your customers.
  • Make visible price tags, but do not oversize. People like to buy, but no one likes to be sold.
  • Create easy navigation through your inventory. 41% of the Online shoppers think e-commerce shops need to share their inventory in a better way.
  • Create one-click “Buy now” buttons, even for unregistered customers.
  • Improve the delivery times. When it comes to last time shoppers, 1 in 3 says they would buy it based on the delivery time.

Remember the old school phrase for shoppers, “How can I help you”. Build your marketing, sales and after-sales strategies based on the above phrase. Rather than shouting out loud about your brand, try to find the best ways to help your customers. This is a more human and sustainable way of doing business. In this way, you can build a loyal customer base for your e-commerce business, and they will in return help you to promote your business too.

Have successful trading during the upcoming holiday season!

Is there anything else you would like to know more about and wish was included in this article? Let us know in the comments below!