Winter is coming! So, we decided to create a Holiday Marketing Playbook to help you sell better. Find some amazing holiday marketing ideas and tips to get the best of this season.

5 Holiday Marketing Ideas

holiday marketing ideas to sell better in this season.

  1. Start a promotional contest (or sweepstakes) on social media

    Starting a contest is a great way to build a seasonal audience. Try to create a simple UGC contest to stir the pot and get more shares and contacts.

  2. Add a holiday theme to your website and marketing material

    Setting a holiday mood can cheer up your customers and increase the average spendings. Make sure to add discount offers to get early bird benefits.

  3. Start afresh email campaign

    Start emailing the discount offers to your loyal customers before the inboxes get filled with thousands of other offers.

  4. Create holiday content and content for gift-givers

    Start creating content for the last-minute gift ideas, and let them have some time to organically rank on search engines and reach your customers. So, later you can create ads with better targeting.

  5. Work with an influencer to build an audience on social media

    Start working with an influencer to build a next-gen marketing campaign this season. We have included some ideas towards the end of this article.

What is the right time to start holiday marketing?

It depends on the things on your checklist. For example, if you are planning to launch a new eCommerce site this season, and haven’t started yet, boy it might be too late for you. Otherwise, it is always better to start at least a month before the holidays.

Where to start?

The best place to start your holiday marketing campaign is by analysing the last year’s results. However, if this is your first season, you can spy on your competitor’s data.

Analyse the last year’s data

  • Which marketing campaigns, ad sets, and products did better? Is it worth giving them a try again?
  • What was the best target audience you got? Is that audience still related to your products?
  • What were your weak points? Was it product prices or customer service? Have you taken steps to correct them?
  • In which areas you did better than the competitors?

Fix the things that are broken, and make space to test new strategies this year. Don’t just stick to the same plan again. Marketing evolves every year, if not every day. So, there can be new marketing strategies that can outperform your last year’s holiday marketing plan.

Decide which funnels to use in this season

How you are planning to find new leads in this holiday season? Should you stick to Facebook Ads?

Customer journeys were drastically changed over the past few years. Now you don’t have to wait until they get a purchasing intent, to get them into your funnel.

For example, if you sell noise cancellation headphone, rather than spending a lot of money running ads for the “best noise cancellation headphones”, you can create content for the keywords like “how to select a noise cancellation headphone”.

It is cheaper, easier to rank and get leads into your funnels using the keywords that appear in the early stages of purchasing journeys.

Start audience building for holiday marketing

“Build an audience first, and then start selling!” This is kind of a motto that I live by. It is much easier to handle marketing if you already have an audience for your business.

Same goes for holiday marketing. Now it is the right time to build audiences for your marketing campaigns.

Let’s go through our list of holiday marketing ideas

1. Start a promotional contest (or sweepstakes) on social media

One of the best and most powerful holiday marketing tools is social media contests. These contests can bring in more engagement and traffic to your business.

There are a few reasons to use Facebook contests for holiday marketing

  • You can gain more followers and likes
  • It helps to extend your audience reach
  • Contests can help you to boost the engagement

Facebook rules for contests and promotions

There are a few guidelines laid out by Facebook regarding promotional contests. So, make sure that your contests do not violate any of their policies. For example, you must not use personal timelines and friend connections to administer promotions. This means you cannot ask to share or tag the promotion on their timelines or asking them to share things on the friend’s timelines.

How to get started with a Facebook contest?

  1. Define your marketing goal
    What are you trying to achieve in this marketing campaign? Do you need more Facebook likes or more traffic to your website? Defining your goal helps to select a suitable type of contest.
  2. Decide the prize!
    Make sure to choose a prize that can intrigue your audience to participate. On the other hand, don’t let the cost of the prizes to burnout your holiday marketing goals.
  3. Set a timeframe
    A timeframe or a countdown can add a sense of urgency for your contest. Having a shorter timeframe can pique the interest. Also, you can extend the deadlines for the contests that give results.
  4. Run a paid ad campaign to give it an extra boost
    Advertising and giving a boost for your contests help you to get more exposure. After all, that is the whole point of working on these holiday marketing ideas.

Getting user-generated content (UGC) for holiday marketing

Running a Facebook contest with user-generated content can inspire, awake, and engage your customers over the top. Check out below examples of some UGC Facebook contests. You can ask for selfies, creatives, or even to hashtag their content to match your holiday marketing goals.

Photo of the day – From GoPro
Whitecup contest from Starbucks

2. Add a holiday theme to your website and marketing material

Warm-up the spending patterns your customer by setting a holiday mood to your website and marketing material. However, when you do so, make it consistent by following a good branding guideline.

The looks of your website and marketing material help to build trust and authority. So, don’t mess things up when changing into the holiday themes.

Showcase the offers and discounts

Make sure that the first thing your visitors see on your website is the offers and discounts. This will help you to reduce the bounce rate and increase customer retention rate on your site.

Holiday theme elements starter-pack for websites

  • Decorate your logo
    Give a bit of a facelift (temporally) to your logo. For example, you can add a little Santa hat or snowflakes to your logo.
Captured from Freepik
  • Holidize the graphics
    One of the easiest ways to set a holiday mood to your website is by adding a few holiday-themed graphics on the site.
Captured from Freepik
  • Add decorative fonts
    Adding handwritten or script font to your website gives a holiday sense. It reminds us of the handwritten cards. You can use free handwritten fonts from GoogleFonts to set a holiday mood to your marketing materials and website.
  • Try other holiday elements too
    For example, you can add holiday colours, countdown timers, and snow on your website. Explore new ways to bring in an inspirational mood to your holiday marketing strategy.

3. Start afresh email campaign

Email marketing gives the highest ROI across all digital marketing channels. Therefore, it is a “must-have” tool in your holiday marketing toolbox!

However, the competition for customer inboxes is getting fierce when it is getting closer to the holidays. That’s why you need to work on planning and rolling out your email marketing strategy early this year.

How to start an email campaign for holiday marketing?

Pre-holiday email marketing

The offers and discounts that you are planning to roll out on BlackFriday and CyberMonday should be intriguing and impactful. So, you have to work on building up that impact using the pre-holiday offers and discounts.

One of the best pre-holiday marketing email ideas is to give away some VIP access to your loyal customers.

Captured from Email Tuna
During holidays

As we have already mentioned, keep your best offers until it gets to the holidays. You will need the most impactful offers and discounts get the attention of your customer during the holidays.

Also, you can use sign-up promotions to get new-subscribers for your business. For example, you can offer free-shipping, additional discounts, and free giveaways to get new subscribers.

Mix it up with content

Make sure that your holiday email campaigns are not all about offers and discounts. Mix your offer emails with content to show that you are not all about selling. Give them a reason to stay subscribed to your emails.

4. Create holiday content and content for gift-givers

We know that you are not a stranger to content marketing. So, now it is the best time to create content targeting the gift-givers.

Creating content for gift-givers

People start searching for gift ideas during the holiday season. For example, check the below Google trends screenshot for the key phrase “Gift for mom”.

So, you can use a content strategy to bring in this audience to your website by targeting the gift idea keywords.

Also, you can use trigger phrases like “Last minute gift ideas” to get more attention to your posts. While this will help you to make money, it will also help your customers not to get stressed and embarrassed by not having the gifts.

Creating holiday content

Having seasonal or holiday-themed content is one of the basics of a strong content marketing strategy. These pieces of content will not directly get conversions for your business. However, they will help you get more traffic to your website or social media channels.

Below we have included some example for the holiday-themed content.


  • Origin of Christmas traditions
  • Decorating ideas
  • Gift-ideas for different personalities
  • A list of the best Christmas movies
  • Polls asking them to rate Christmas movies


  • Origin of Halloween traditions
  • Halloween traditions of different countries
  • Decorating ideas
  • Scary stories, stories about villans
  • A list of the best horror movies
  • Halloween treat offers

Valentine’s day

  • Origin of the valentine’s day
  • A list of most romantic movies
  • Valentine’s day traditions of different countries
  • A list of the best valentine’s day gift ideas

5. Work with an influencer to build an audience on social media

It is the time to work with an influencer to build an outstanding holiday marketing campaign this year. Don’t worry it is not as hard as you may think.

Influencer marketing for holiday sales

Influencers on social media are kind of thought leaders for their followers. It is easier to find new and highly targeted audiences for your business by working with influencers.

If you look at the below chart, you can see that trustworthy reviews are one of the top purchasing influences. So, as thought leaders, social media influencers can do a great job building the trust for your brand among their followers.

So, let’s see how to leverage the power of social media influencers to get a boost for your holiday marketing campaign.

Select the right influencers

The followership of the influencers is very niche. So, you need to understand that the right influencer for your business is someone who has a narrative where your products can fit into.

What does that mean?

That means you should not try to fit the influencer into your product. Let’s go through an example. Say you are planning to sell a gaming mouse. Now, which type of influencer will do the job?

What if you use a fashion influencer? Hmm, an attractive girl is playing a computer game with your gaming mouse. What should be the caption? “What a great gaming mouse!” Well, that won’t work at all.

Why? The reason is, the followers of that fashion influencer mainly consist of the people who want to get new fashion trends, tips, and ideas. So, posting a photo of playing a game, with #sponsered tag? Then, it becomes a generic advertisement with bad targeting.

Go for micro-influencers

When we say influencer marketing, don’t think that you have to hire a Kardashian as an influencer. In fact, the micro-influencers (those who have around 1000 or 2000 followers) do much better in influencer marketing.

First, it won’t cost you a kidney to hire them. Second, if this is one of their first sponsored posts, they will go over the top promoting your content. Also, micro-influencers have audiences who are highly engaged.

So, they can do a great job on your holiday marketing campaign.

Be creative with your holiday marketing ideas

Think hard, you will be able to come up with a viral holiday marketing campaign this year. It is worthy to put in an extra effort to create a great campaign.

Search on Google for creative holiday marketing campaign ideas, and find inspiration for your business.

Also, make sure to keep track of this year’s data to build a good foundation for the next year’s holiday marketing strategies. Note down what worked best and the weaknesses.

People spend millions of dollars on gifts, food, and decorations for holidays. So, this is your chance to find new audiences, get new customers, make more sales, and get more profits!

Hope this article will help you to set up a great holiday marketing plan for your business!

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