10 proven eBay hacks to sell more

With these 10 proven eBay hacks, you can make your eBay listings to appear higher in the search. So, you can sell more on eBay by reaching more potential customers. Selling on eBay is getting harder every day. I have started selling on eBay in 2012. And, since then, the competition and new algorithm changes make the seller’s life so complicated.

By the way, I would not blame eBay for this. Their primary focus is to provide a better customer experience. So, as sellers, we obviously need to comply with that goal. The sloppy product listings that worked in the past don’t work anymore. If we cannot prove ourselves as worthy sellers, eBay will demote our listings by pushing them further down to avoid our chances of making a sale.

So, how can you overcome this struggle? How can you sell more on eBay? That is why you must read these 10 eBay hacks to sell more.

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The theory behind selling more on eBay

Same as Google, eBay has its own search engine called Cassini. So, in this article, we are going to discuss how to optimize your eBay listings to rank up on eBay search, by making them “Cassini friendly.”

Cassini ranks listings based on four things:

  1. Title
  2. Specifics
  3. Categories
  4. Catalogs

So, with this in mind, here I have formulated 10 eBay hacks to help you rank up and sell more on eBay.

If you like to see what Cassini is all about in detail, you can watch this 35 min video. Or, you can read the 10 points that we have discussed below.

How to sell more on eBay – 10 eBay Selling Hacks

  1. Add more than 8 photos for your eBay listings.
  2. Use natural (human readable) language for titles.
  3. Create compelling product descriptions.
  4. Offer 30-day return policy.
  5. Add product specifics at relevant places.
  6. Add a small on-hand-stock value.
  7. Don’t use free-shipping and cheap prices to attract buyers.
  8. Update the feeds by frequently adding new items to sell on eBay.
  9. Don’t storm your eBay listing with views.
  10. Maintain your seller reputation.

These eBay hacks focus on the getting ranked up on eBay’s search algorithm, which helps you to sell more on eBay.

Sell on eBay Hack #1 – Add more than 8 photos for your eBay listings

You can add 12 photos per each listing on eBay for free. For some products, just a couple of photos are more than enough to give a clear visual representation. But, eBay’s search algorithm likes more photos. So, by adding more photos, you can find your way up on the search results.

This doesn’t mean that you should upload any photo. Use relevant and better quality photos for your eBay listing. Do not use any borders or text on your images. Keep them clean and appealing.

And also make sure to upload your photos to the eBay separately. Photos in the description will not help you to sell more on eBay by ranking up on search. But, they can help you to sell more on eBay by providing better information to your customers. So, use the images in both places.

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Sell on eBay Hack #2 – Use titles that people search on eBay

When I started selling on eBay, almost all the product titles look like this:

For iPhone 7 6s Plus 6 5 5S SE Case Novel Anti-gravity Phone Case Magical Anti-Gravity Nano Suction Back Cover Antigravity cases.

eBay sellers used to stuff their titles with keywords. I did that too. But, you should never use the titles like the above example now. It doesn’t work anymore.

All the modern search algorithms (Same as in Google) prioritize native human readable formats of search results. And, on top of that, now people have started searching with voice.

So, now a good title would be something like this:

Anti-Gravity Nano Suction Case for iPhone.

Remember, the order of words is essential for your listing to rank up on eBay search.

There is a neat little trick to find out the correct order of the keywords. You can search for a similar item on Google, and note down the prefills in the search bar. Or you can use a keyword tool to find the best matching long-tail keywords for your title.

Sell on eBay Hack #3 – Create compelling product descriptions to sell more on eBay

Same as the titles, the way you should write product descriptions for eBay has changed. Earlier the seller’s used to stuff keywords in their product descriptions. That was a bad practice, and your listing will get demoted on eBay and Google search.

And, another important point is, make sure not to copy product descriptions. Write your own unique product descriptions. By copying the product descriptions, you are just adding some duplicate content. So the search engines will just ignore your duplicated content.

Write unique product descriptions, without any spelling errors or grammatical errors.

Make sure to keep your product description short. Think about it, if you come across with a product listing with a long description, you will skip that for sure. No one likes to read when they have other choices.

So, cut it down, and keep it short and informative. Also, do not use multiple colors, funky fonts, and funny font sizes. Make everything consistent. Use black, left aligned, a standard font for your product descriptions.

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Sell on eBay Hack #4 – Offer a 30-day return policy

By having a 30-day or longer return policy, you can get rewarded by eBay search. That can help you to rank up on eBay search results.

I know that many of you don’t like to add more extended return periods. Yes, returns make all of us sellers nervous. But, we have to accept the fact that it is a part of the game.

Well, to be honest, you can minimize your returns by providing the right item titles, specifics and descriptions. Show what exactly the customer will receive by ordering your product. Most of the returns are due to the misunderstanding of the product listing.

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Sell on eBay Hack #5 – Add product specifics at the right places

Product specifics are one of the four factors that Cassini uses to rank listings on eBay. So, even you have added specifications at the description; make sure to fill those little boxes to fix your product listings at the right place in their database.

Also, make sure to add your product where it belongs. Cassini uses your conversion rate (how many sales you have made vs. how many times your product is being viewed) to rank you up. So, you must have to fix your product listing at the right place using the item specifics.

Some people (literally, most of them) uses the specifics to funnel down in the search results. So, if you don’t add some specifics, your listing will end-up at the unspecified section. And, no one will check that place.

Sell on eBay Hack #6 – Focus on your sales-through-rate

Sales-through-rate is the number of items that you have sold, over the number of items that you have listed.

That is basically like your success rate. And, Cassini rewards the sellers with higher sales-through-rates. So, you can hack this system by stop adding large on-hand stocks.

This is important for dropshipping sellers. Since they know that they can source any amount of products, they add thousands as the stock amount. If you are a beginner, obviously you won’t be selling thousands of products every day. So, add just a few items, and sell them. Then, expand as you grow.

Sell on eBay Hack #7 – Don’t use low prices to attract buyers

Unless you are selling a unique product, you can never win a price war.

People who get attracted by low prices will definitely search for a much lower price on eBay. And, they will definitely find one too. Then,

  1. you have wasted your marketing budget to find sales for your competitors.
  2. Cassini will punish you because you are getting more views but don’t make any sales.

So, if your unique selling proposition is the low price, then you are not going to sell more on eBay.

On the other hand, free-shipping can help you to get a boost on eBay search. But, make sure to cover the shipping costs from your listing price.

Sell on eBay Hack #8 – Frequently add new items to sell on eBay

By adding new listings, you can be featured in eBay’s newly listed section. By regularly doing so, you can keep a lead up every day.

Once you get potential buyers through these floating leads, you can let them see your old listings and try to make a sale from them too.

Sell on eBay Hack #9 – Don’t storm your eBay listing with views

This is an essential defensive mechanism. As I have mentioned earlier, Cassini uses your conversion rate (how many sales you have made vs. how many times your product is being viewed) to rank you up.

So, if you storm your eBay listings with views, this conversion rate will get drastically reduced. And, you will get pushed behind in eBay search.

This happens especially during the ad campaigns on social media. When you run an ad campaign, usually you will get hit by a storm of views. But, if you didn’t run that with a proper targeting, your conversion rate will get reduced.

Sell on eBay Hack #10 – Maintain your seller reputation

Having a good seller reputation is essential for both ranking up on eBay and to make you a trustworthy seller on eBay.

When it comes to the evaluation of seller reputation,

  • Seller ratings
  • Feedbacks
  • Customer service
  • Dispute history
  • Shipping times
  • Communication

And, everything matters.

Maintaining a better seller reputation is an additional cost that you have pay for running your business. It is a part of the business. Make sure to attend to customer’s questions as soon as possible and close disputes in a manner that doesn’t make your customers angry.

One bad review on eBay and harm your reputation severely. Of course, I know that there are some buyers, who are not “normal.” And, sometimes those people can make you really angry. But, stay calm, it is just one simple purchase for them, and it is your business for you. So, try your best to make customers happy even at your own cost.

And, every time you came across with a problem, adjust your processes not to make the same mistake again. Think of inbound marketing strategies to improve your seller reputation.

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Now you know how to sell more on eBay

Congratulations! Now you know 10 eBay hacks to help you sell more on eBay. These eBay hacks are formulated around the eBay search engine Cassini’s ranking factors.

So, by optimizing your listings and processes on eBay, you can find your way up on the eBay search. By boosting your listings, you can reach more potential customers and sell more on eBay.

This cycle improves over time.

I hope this article helps you to understand how to sell more on eBay. If so, please share this article and extend your courtesy. Otherwise, comment below and let me know what I missed.

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