eCommerce, by design, relies on the power of immediacy of the internet. We cater to a customer base who are accustomed to elevated user expectations and emphasized delivery like never before.

This means eCommerce consumers are fraught with short attention spans and instant gratification. So, any smart business needs to improve its customer experience to remain relevant and in business. 

The basis of our three simplest hacks to sell more in eCommerce

Here is a little secret; At every turn ask, “Is it good for the customer? Is this what they expect?”

New customers would be looking into the credibility and sincerity of what you offer. A repeat customer, who has already established your credibility, will look into something more. It can be something as simple as recognition. People are more likely to respond favourably to experiences that offer personal value and enjoyment. So, our three hacks to sell more in eCommerce are based on this simple concept.

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1.    Use Service Benchmarking to Sell More in Ecommerce

Service benchmarking fulfils two purposes. It acts as a goal post for your business to improve customer experience. Also, it provides an extra avenue for building consumer engagement, to sell more.

More often than not, there may be a multitude of businesses providing similar products to what you offer, to the same consumer base. Service benchmarks can be your unique selling propositions that can differentiate your business from the competition. It’s a reflection of the consumer experience of your business. 

Below are some of the areas consumers would like to learn about a business. You can add more depending on your business.

  1. Days to Receive Ordered Products
  2. Order Confirmations
  3. Quality of and Response Times
  4. Return Policy
  5. Availability of FAQs
  6. Consumer feedback

However, this doesn’t mean by mentioning all this information and numbers right on your landing page will help you to sell more. There are other ways (more persuasive ways) to tell your customers about your service benchmarks. Let’s go through the second hack to learn more about this.

2.    Tell Your Own Story to Earn Credibility 

True stories are more persuasive than any number or tagline on a website. Share your business storyline with your customers. Ecommerce, despite its immediacy, has an issue with making a real connection with customers. People are sensitive to the credibility and sincerity of a vendor who they really can not see in person. 

Customer testimonials and service benchmarks can be great storylines

Success stories about people who have received your services or the pain you had to go to provide the best experience to a customer are good places to start. Also, you can easily relay your benchmarks through a story to sell more, without having to overwhelm your customer with numbers and statistics.

A story backing the data will be a compelling medium to link the data to its actual use. Find a story around your numbers and benchmarks, and serve it to your potential customers.   

However, you should never forget the importance of using images and video clips to back your stories. Let’s go through the third hack to learn more about using images and video clips to sell more in eCommerce.

3.    Getting More Social

Nothing keeps those short attention spans from collapsing like dynamic images and video clips to back up your stories. So, you can do this by building a powerful social media strategy for your business. Tweet it. Pin it. Upload and post vibrant content on online and real-world venues where your prospective buyers frequently hangout. 

Whenever possible, try to capture unique moments with your customers. They are the authentic testimonials modern digital businesses so desperately require. 

Finally, don’t forget that whatever you may advertise as your customer experience will have to match, or undersell, what you deliver. Customer experience is the secret ingredient of repeat business. You need to get it right and always keep improving for that your competition will always be. 

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