You need money to make money. But, it doesn’t mean that you need $100,000 to kick start your business. Check out this fantastic and inspiring story of how this guy started making $330,000 per year.

Always life comes with full of surprises. Sometimes it will be good, and sometimes it will be bad. Most of us are not that good at taking challenges in our bad times. However, surviving through the ups and downs is life, is a talent that we always have to practice.

If you are facing a hard time in a big black empty room of life, just read the story of this remarkable entrepreneur. He will inspire you for a new start in your life.

Drew Goodall is an entrepreneur, and he is the founder of “Sunshine Shoeshine,” a company based in London which has annual revenue of $330,000

The story behind the Goodall’s success

Behind this success, there is a painful story. Drew Goodall was an actor who was having a successful carrier. Even he was involved in high profile films like “Snatch” and “About a Boy.”

And also he got roles in blockbuster films. But life was not so kind to him. With some critical reviews about his acting on stage dramas, his confidence and interest in acting carrier had started to diminish. It leads him to lose his carrier and also his house.

At this situation, he didn’t want to ask any help from anyone, and therefore he ended up in the streets. He slept in streets/ parks and got attacked by drunken people in the night in his sleep. This is the worst situation someone could get.

After hitting the dark bottom of his finance, Drew Goodall’s entrepreneurial mindset had woken up. He started to save little by little and brought the necessities just to start his new business, shoe shining.

The un-licensed shoe shiner

He moved to the financial city for shoe shining and charged £2 per person for his service. During this time he had no license for his business, so he had to be careful not to get noticed by the authorities. Fortunately, one of his regular clients offered him a chance to continue this little business in his office building.

The beginning of Sunshine Shoeshine

Taking the maximum advantage of this offer, he started the Sunshine Shoeshine officially in the year 2004. In the year 2012, it turned into a social enterprise, and Drew Goodall hired a homeless person as a member of the staff, as support, knowing his pain and struggle. When the Clients got to know about this act of kindness, they were really impressed and motivated him. Sunshine Shoeshine has become the largest shoe polishing business in Europe without taking any loan, with a steep growth rate.

Drew Goodall’s strategy in business

Drew Goodall says that the biggest challenge in the business growth, from the ground level, was to convince potential clients that you are a trustworthy and reliable company. Turning into a social enterprise had a significant impact on the Clients, and they have overcome above barriers even without knowing.

In their official website, they have mentioned that,

 “To date, we have donated £1000’s of pounds to many of our clients chosen charities. Not only is this great publicity, but it enables your company to enjoy a regular shoeshine service and help others while you’re at it.”

Even their main intention is to support the disadvantaged people; their charity has become a successful marketing strategy. It has become one of their unique selling prepositions.

Sunshine Shoeshine does the staffing majorly targeting the people who are in need, they have already helped over 40 people back to work and make money.

His challenges and your challenges in making money

Despite all the challenges, now he has a successful business. Comparing to pursuing online entrepreneurship, they had more difficulties, such as investments, license, locating a place for the company, etc.

For most of the online businesses you only need an internet connection and some spare time. Drew Goodall has overcome all the challenges with zero financial state, from a homeless background to a top businessmen stage. So, what’s your excuse???

How to make money when you have nothing

It is lucky that you have access to the internet. So, you don’t need to beg or polish shoes, as Goodall did.

With today’s online money making opportunities, you can start making money from nothing. From freelancing to online businesses, you have an endless supply of possibilities.

The only challenge for you is to find the right way to make money online.

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