Hello, fellow dropshippers, here is my working strategy to find the best dropshipping products. You don’t have to use any paid services or tools to find the best products to sell online.

This article has two parts. First, I will tell you how to find the best dropshipping product ideas. And, next, I will show you how to refine your dropshipping product search. It won’t take more than 3 minutes to skim through this whole article. But, these three minutes will be the turning point of your dropshipping life.

How to find the best dropshipping product ideas

Here we are going to spy on our fellow dropshippers and steal the best dropshipping product ideas from them. And, you can do this without any paid tools.

  1. Spying on dropshipping competitors from Facebook and Instagram ads
  2. Spying on competitor’s best-selling product listings
  3. Using online product research tools and services (optional)

Method 1:  Spying the best dropshipping product ideas from Facebook and Instagram

In this method, we are basically going to look at our competitor’s Facebook and Instagram ads to get the best dropshipping product ideas.

Step 1: Start fresh

So, before that, we need to start seeing their ads first. Usually, the dropshippers always exclude those who are interested in dropshipping related services and keywords like “Dropshipping”, “WooCommerce”, “Shopify” etc. from their ad campaigns to save their ad budget. (At least I do). So, if you have already liked, commented, or joined any dropshipping related pages, businesses, or groups, you will not see most of your competitor’s ads.

One way to get around this is to purge all your dropshipping related preferences from Facebook. But, I would prefer to start a new and fresh Facebook account for this purpose. Also, start a new Instagram account and link it with your Facebook right away.

Step 2: Search dropshipping product videos

Simply start searching for keywords like “free shipping” and “50% off”. Then, refine your search to see video results. There you will get a ton of dropshipping product videos for dropshipping products.

Dropshipping product ideas on Facebook

Step 3: Interact with what you see

Now you need to show Facebook that you like these kinds of content. So, like, comment, share, visit those websites, and add things to the cart. Then, Facebook (and Instagram, if you have linked it to Facebook) will start showing you dropshipping related advertisements.

Step 4 (optional): Filter ads

If you want to see only the ads on your Facebook feed, try installing this browser extension called Turbo Ad Finder. So, it helps you to filter and see only the ads. It is a great tool to spy on dropshipping competitors and to find inspirations for ads.

Excellent! Now you have an infinite feed of dropshipping product ideas on Facebook and Instagram. Towards the end of this guide, I will show you how to refine these product ideas to find the best dropshipping product out of them.

Method 2:  Search for the bestselling listings on dropshipping stores

Here we are going to spy on other dropshipping stores and find the best dropshipping products from their best-selling product listings.

Step 1: Create a list of the best dropshipping stores

If you already know you dropshipping competitors, go ahead with that list. Otherwise, here is a neat little trick to find dropshipping stores built on Shopify.

  • Go to Shopify exchange (Here you can find a list of Shopify stores that are on sale)
  • Refine your search to see only the dropshipping stores
  • Sort the results by revenue

Bam! There you go. Now you know where to find some examples of dropshipping stores.

Step 2: Search for bestselling listings

If your competitor’s dropshipping store offers a navigation link to their best-selling products, just use it. Otherwise, you can try the following method to see the best selling product listings on Shopify dropshipping stores.

Most of the Shopify stores have their best selling listings on a unique URL pattern. So, what you have to do is, copy and paste the URL of your competitor dropshipping store on the address bar of your browser and paste the following part right next to it.


So, it will be something like:


There you go, now you have access to your competitor’s best-selling dropshipping product listings to find the best dropshipping products to sell.

Method 3:  Online product research tools and services

The above two methods are more than enough to spy on your competitors and find a ton of best dropshipping products to sell online. However, if required, you can also use some online product research tools and services to find the winning products.

If you are planning to create your online store on Shopify, you have free access to Oberlo. Oberlo is a great tool to do dropshipping product research and sourcing. Also, you can use services like BigSpy, EcomHunt, Wish.com, Watchcount, etc. to find more product ideas.

Alright, that is enough about how to find dropshipping product ideas. Now, let us move on to the next section of this guide about finding the best dropshipping products by refining the above ideas.

How to find the best dropshipping products

In the previous section, we have discussed how to find product ideas. So, here we are going to discuss how to validate these product ideas and refine your search for the best dropshipping products.

  1. The concept behind selecting the best dropshipping products
  2. Finding the best dropshipping products through audience engagement
  3. Refining your search on AliExpress

What makes someone purchase a dropshipping product?

Not every product is suitable for dropshipping. So, what is the holy grail of dropshipping product research? There are two parts to this question. If interested, read the whole process from How to find the best dropshipping niches.

Part 1: Getting Ad clicks

If you want someone to buy from you, first you need them to click on your Facebook ads. So, you need a product that can make them go “WOW, I need it right now!” People usually go WOW, when they see something rare and something that they are passionate about.

If you sell regular kitchen spatulas, people will go like,” ok whatever” Because, they know that they can buy it whenever they want it on their next trip to Target, Walmart, or Amazon. But what if you sell something like an awesome coffee mug, cute phone case design, unicorn slippers, flashing dog jacket etc.? Those products are eye-catchy, and they are not that easy to find everywhere. So, people will click on your dropshipping product advertisement.

Part 2: Not losing them from your sales funnel

Once someone clicked on an ad and came to your store, 40% of your work is done. Now it comes to the tricky part of not losing them from your sales funnel. So, what makes people leave your dropshipping store without making a conversion?

  • If you are selling high ticket dropshipping products, people usually leave a site to do price comparisons. But, if you are selling cheap products, they don’t care much about paying a couple of dollars higher than comparing prices.
  • If you sell a product with too many specifications, people will leave your site to read product reviews and stuff. So, they will most probably end up in your competitor’s sale funnel.
  • If your store design is crappy, they will get trust issues. This is not related to our topic of dropshipping product research, but it is essential to have a good store design to make conversions.

Now, with those concepts in your mind, let’s move on to learning how to find the best dropshipping products.

Step 1: Finding the best dropshipping products through audience engagement

First off, let us see how to find the best dropshipping products from your list of Facebook and Instagram ads. Once you have selected a product idea, check the number of views, likes, hearts, and comments to that product.

See if those products got at least 100k views. It is a good point to start. Then read the comments to see if they are all positive. Once you have locked down on a good product, go to their Facebook page for the second step.

Step2: Search for the ad performance

Every Facebook page has a section called “page transparency” there you can see when those pages are created and get access to their ads.

Check when the page is created to see how old it is. I would rather pick a page that is more than 6 months old. That is a confirmation of a good business process.

Next, visit their ad library and check the performance of those ads. For example, if an ad has different variations, that is a clear sign of a good performing dropshipping product. Also, here you can find some ideas for your ad campaign as well.

Ad library with dropshipping product ideas


You might have to select different targeting countries to see other ads from that page.

Step2: Search for product performance on AliExpress

Do not stop your best dropshipping product search from Facebook. Go to AliExpress and see the selling stats of that product.

Before we start, you might need to add a couple of free browser plugins to ease this process. Do not worry; they are all free to use.

  • Aliexpress Search by image  – Let you quickly do an image search on AliExpress to search product listings.
  • AliInsider – Let you find online stores selling the products listed on AliExpress

Once you have installed the first browser extension, you can simply right-click on any image on a website and search for similar product listings on AliExpress. So, find the product listings for the dropshipping product ideas you have on AliExpress.

Next, as we have explained in How to use AliExpress for dropshipping, refine your search to see the products with the highest number of orders and ratings. However, some sellers might be using fake reviews on AliExpress to boost rankings. So, use the other browser extension to find the other stores selling the same product, and see the customer reviews and rating from those places as well.

One last thing to add on to this list is to check the availability of your dropshipping products in your target countries.

For example, if you are selling to the USA market, it is better to pick dropshipping products that offer USA fulfilment. So, you can drastically reduce the shipping delays and offer better customer service.

Now you know how to find the best dropshipping products to sell on your store

Excellent! You have just learnt the full process of selecting the best dropshipping products. In this article, we have discussed how to select product ideas by spying on your dropshipping competitors and how to refine your product ideas to pick the best dropshipping products.

Also, here we have introduced you to some of the free dropshipping product research tools, which you can use to save time when dropshipping.

Once you have selected the best dropshipping products, you will need to know how to write a killer product description for those products on your store.

Next, read more about marketing to boost your sales.