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Don’t Sell the Product, Sell the Experience – Win Ecommerce

If your eCommerce business does not generate profits, you might be doing something wrong. Maybe you are trying “too much” and “too hard” to sell.

There are billions of businesses trying to sell products every single day. And, your customers are already covered up with these sales pitches. These sales ads are on their Facebook-feeds, twitter-feeds, over the YouTube videos and even on the sites, they visit.

Your customers are already covered up with thousands of offers and sales ads. So, another advertisement for your product won’t grab anyone’s attention.

Have you ever seen the Apple trying to “sell” an iPhone? No, they create a sensation, which makes everyone to go crazy and line up to buy a new release.

If you think about any of the major business brands, none of them actually trying to sell anything at all. They all create and promote experiences.

Coca-Cola, Google, Tesla, YouTube, Facebook, Nike, all these brands promote experiences. They don’t waste money to sell products. But, they actually sell better than those who promote offers, deals or price tags.

Let us see how that works. ðŸ˜Ž

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How to Sell in Ecommerce, Without Trying to Sell

People like to buy stuff, but no one wants to be sold.

So, if you try to reach out to your customers by promoting a product or a price tag, your chances of making a sale is pretty low. Sometimes they won’t even bother clicking your ad. That is Sad!

Luckily, we did some research and found some excellent and PROVEN methods to reach out to potential customers without being salesy. This information will definitely help you to boost your reach and conversions.

The Power of Passive Selling in Ecommerce

Passive selling is a great way to sell – with the use of an engaged customer base. In your ecommerce journey, you might have already come across  (or will come across) with some niches, which are super hard to create an engaging customer base.

The Importance of an Engaging Customer Base

If you do not have an engaging customer base, the only way you can sell is by paying for the advertisements, to get dollars from the impulse buyers.

For example, if you run an ad campaign for pet toys, with a photo ad of a toy, few impulse buyers would hit that “buy” button.

If you divide the total ad budget by the number of conversions, you will see that the cost per conversion is very high.

If you have priced your products right, these conversions will, of course, make you some profits. But, if you go back to your price calculations, you will see that your marketing budget has eaten a large portion of the profit pie.

The first-time buyers are costly! Returning customers bring in more profits to your business.

So, if you have a method to bring your loyal customers back in a snap, you are going to save up some serious money. To bring your customers back, you need to have quick access to them.

This is where you need an engaging customer base. They will actively participate and follow your conversations and content. So, every time you got a new product listing, you can update them with literally a zero ad budget.

Also, if you have an engaging customer base, they will automatically promote your content in their own networks. They will share your content and talk about your brand. This will help to multiply your customer base.

The Passive Selling strategy

This strategy does not apply only to the eCommerce business.

If you sell insurance, can you imagine how hard it is to get 100 likes on a Facebook page, just by selling policies? It would never work.

If you sell Pet toys, just creating a Facebook page with your toy collections would not grab the attention of anyone.

If you sell bed linen, no one will hit the like button on your Facebook page to see bed linen collections. Posting photos of bed linen collections would not create any engaging content for someone to follow your site.

So how can you create an engaging customer base for your eCommerce business?

Passive Selling is a concept to promote content, rather than directly posting about your products.

So, here is what you have to do.

If you sell pet toys, create videos and blog posts to teach how to take care of the pets.

If you sell bed-linen, generate content for homemaking. These content are 1000% more engaging than posting the products itself.

Once you have developed an engaging fan base for your content, you can start injecting your products to your content. For example, you can create a video to describe how to select a dog leash; Then, you can show some of your products and explain them in your content.

This passive selling strategy through content marketing is an extremely effective and sustainable way of reaching out to your potential customers.


Find Someone to Promote an Experience

If you are already in ecommerce business, this strategy cannot be “new” to you. But, here we are trying to look at it from a new perspective.

Influencer marketing is a highly efficient way of promoting your brand.

Influencer marketing can work on many different levels. If you are a start-up, you can use an influencer marketing strategy to reach out to a highly targeted customer base. It can even help you to promote and grow your existing customer base.

An influencer is someone who is a well know and popular person in your niche. If you are selling fitness products, you can find a fitness blogger, an Instagram fitness guru or vlogger or whatever.

These influencers with a significant number of social media followers have great authority when promoting brands. When someone recommends a brand or a product, and if that recommendation came from someone your customers would trust, your chances of making a sale are high.

Try to reach out to a trending influencer, where you can develop a mutually beneficial business relationship.

If you are a small business owner, reaching out to influencers with a large fan base can be out of your league. So, it can be more affordable to pick a trending influencer.

If you pick a trending influencer, sometimes you may not even need to pay them at all. Maybe you will able to use a cross-promotion agreement. Sometimes, even gifting them some product or product package would work.

Backstage Story:

This one time, I have promoted a dropshipping jewellery brand with a trending Instagram influencer by naming a product pack after her and gifting her with this product pack.

She got super excited to get a jewellery brand named after her, and she went overboard promoting my jewellery store. Guess who won with this simple strategy? 😉

Don’t be romantic with influencers

When you talk or message to the influencers, do not think that you are going to get a “yes” from everyone. Sometimes you will not get a single “yes” for 150 “no”s. Sometimes they might not even reply to you.

Don’t cry, just repeat what you do. It is not easy, but once you landed on a potential influencer, they can help you to create unbelievable sales opportunities.


Two Tips to Create Engaging Content

We have already discussed how to use content marketing strategy to attract and create a customer base for your ecommerce business.

But, how hard it can be to create an engaging content to attract prospects.

Hmm, I will give you two magical tips to create engaging content for your audience.  ðŸ˜‡

Make your Customers Go Awe

Emotions play a crucial role when you sell an experience. And, that is what makes a content to go viral.

Every week, every day, every minute, we come across with a number of videos, photos or stories which dominate the internet. If you try to map the similarities of these content, you will see that most of those viral content promotes the awe, laughter and amusement with them.

Buzzsumo teamed up with OKDork to study what type of content goes viral on the internet. And, they came up with amazing results. Below pie chart shows the percentages of the contents, which evoked certain emotion types.

how to sell in ecommerce 4

If you check this data, you will see that the “Awe”, “Laughter”, “Amusement” and “Joy” makes the highest amount of viral content.

Remember the old iPod ads with silhouette people dancing and enjoying while wearing iPods? Those ads evoke the awe and joyful emotions for the audience.

So, remember to make the next video, advertisement or blog post to evoke these particular emotions of the audience.

Emotions usually override the facts and details for an average person. So, if you are selling experiences, you should start your marketing campaign from emotions.

Make sure to use emotional content where it makes a sense to do so.

Otherwise, your content will not be natural and will get rejected without getting any traction.

Speak Your Customer’s Language

If I say, don’t speak Chinese with English customers, you will definitely understand what I am going to say.

Depending on the niche you are in, you have to change the tone of your content.

Let us go back to the iPod ads. In those ads, they didn’t talk about the megabytes or gigabytes to describe the capacity. They just use the phrases like, “2400 songs in your pocket”.

But, this wouldn’t work if you sell electric drills. There you have to talk about the technical specifications. So, you have to select the tone, based on your target audience.

Finding the right tone for your audience is not a straightforward task. You have to try different tones, and use the audience insight tools to measure the engagement levels.

Try different tones and experiment. There is no any theoretical way to do this, and it depends on trial and error methods.

Always take your time to analyse and gauge the engagement level for you first few copies. This will help you identify the direction of your customer base engagement.


The internet is full of noise and distractions.

Nowadays, it is comparatively easy to reach out to a potential customer. But, it is super hard to get the attention of a potential customer.

How many ads do you usually pass on your social media feeds, without even looking at them? That means, those ads found the way to display on your feeds, but they couldn’t win the attention.

With a market full of distractions, no one will follow your brand, unless you deliver something memorable.

Selling and promoting products will never create an engagement with your audience.

But, promoting experiences allow you to develop an engaging customer base, which can help you to market and sell your products more efficiently.

Thanks for reading.

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