The digital marketing trends for 2019 and beyond rely on creativity, data, and personalization. In this article about future digital marketing trends, we are going to explore the trendy marketing strategies that are proven to be effective.

Digital marketing is an extremely dynamic subject. It is getting more competitive every day. So, if you do not keep up and adjust your marketing strategies with the future digital marketing trends, you will lose.

If you still believe the future of digital marketing is all about running an ad campaign on Facebook or Instagram, no it is not going to work for you. We are living in a world filled with noises. That means people are not listening to the dull and impersonal broadcastings of brand messages.

The future of digital marketing relies on three things

The digital marketing trends for 2019 and beyond are all about,

  1. Creativity
  2. Data
  3. and, Personalization

Creativity plays a big part in the future digital marketing trends

Turning heads in digital marketing is getting harder every day. Now, creative designers, content creators, and marketers are collaborating to build head-turning ad copies and content. So, it is the time to ditch your cheap-looking ad copies, content, and webpage designs, and to embrace the creative design trends.

Digital marketing trends for 2019 and beyond are all data-driven

Future digital marketing trends are all about generating results. Now you cannot afford to have a marketing strategy that hits the target once in a while. You need the data to make the right marketing move at the right time.

Future marking trends should foster relationships with individual customers

Broadcasting an impersonal brand message is not going to work anymore. The future digital marketing trends are focused on creating personal level engagement and connection with each existing and prospective customers. So, in the future, you will have to know your customer, even before you sell to them.

Building a creative digital marketing strategy for future

Check out this world’s first tv commercial (aired in 1941).

Now, watch this TouchOfModern tv commercial (aired in 2018).

I am pretty sure that when that first TV commercial was aired, people might have watched that with their jaws dropped. However, it won’t make a cut in today’s world. Think about how much effort that TouchOfModern had to put into creating the second commercial. That had to be a million times more creative than the first commercial.  

Well, with these two videos, I have exaggerated the creative gap to make an impression for this point. However, even if you didn’t notice before, a similar creative gap can be seen between the latest digital marketing materials and the marketing materials published a couple of years ago.

So, focusing more on creativity is an ongoing digital marketing trend. Creative content can grasp the viewer’s attention, letting your brand message to cut through the noise.

Here are a few creative digital marketing trends that you can introduce into your marketing strategy

Start storytelling

Stories can inspire human beings. So, modern digital marketing campaigns use storytelling to engage with audiences.

Check this video about John’s crazy socks.

To be honest, this particular business inspires me a lot. They are telling a story that set them apart from the competitors. Their story is letting them make a cut in today’s highly competitive markets. That is the beauty of storytelling in digital marketing.

Now, what if your business doesn’t have such a beautiful story to tell? How can you immerse your audience in digital marketing content?

Well, your story doesn’t always have to be about your brand, or it’s owners. It can be about the product that you sell. Think about the TouchOfModern video (the second video) that I have posted above. It is still telling a story about their products.

Now, this brings us to the second point of our creative digital marketing trends — the video content.

Create video content for your creative digital marketing strategy

Videos are dominating the digital marketing landscape now. According to the statistics, by 2021, 82% of the web traffic will be from videos. That is why we have listed video content as a future digital marketing trend.

Unlike the static images, videos can build a more in-depth and engaging experience for your audience. Basically, videos let your audience to immerse in your marketing message. And, best of all, videos help you to adapt to a storytelling marketing strategy.

Better user experience

The future of digital marketing not only relies on aesthetic values. It depends on the user experience too. For example, it doesn’t matter how beautiful your eCommerce website, for every additional second it takes to load; you will lose 50% of your conversions.

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Better performance and usability are integral parts of modern digital marketing trends. Ask someone new to use your website and get their feedback about your site. Even, if your site can score 10 out of 10 in terms of performance and usability, try to make it even better.

Digital marketing trends for the future are all data-driven

We already live in a world driven by data. So, there is no exception for modern digital marketing trends. Without data, there is no way to make conscious decisions in your marketing strategy. Remember, we cannot afford to have a digital marketing strategy that works once in a while. That is why we cannot make blind-folded decisions. And, that is why we need data to run our digital marketing strategies.

Why do you need data for your digital marketing strategy?

From finding the best niches to finding the target markets, you need data. Even after you make a sale (or, lose a sale), you need data to evaluate what can be improved in your customers purchasing journey.

Likewise, every single aspect of your business is already driven by data.  That is why we have listed data as a basis of the digital marketing trends for 2019 and beyond.

Where can you find data for your digital marketing strategy?

All modern marketing tools provide a lot of data to build and adjust your digital marketing strategy. For example, if you use social media for advertising, tools like Facebook audience insights let you see the demographical data of your target audience.

Also, your eCommerce shop platforms will be providing a comprehensive set of data as statistics on your seller dashboard. Also, tools like google analytics can help you a lot to understand the weak points of your customer’s purchasing journey.

Personalization is the key to digital marketing trends for future

There is no place for the impersonal brand message broadcasters in the future digital marketing trends. Now, it is time to address the needs of each of your customers individually.

Providing tailor-made solutions to customers won’t cost you a fortune. With modern tools and apps, you can automate a lot. However, by investing in creating a personalized marketing strategy, you can increase customer engagement through a human-to-human kind of communication.

Advertise on a personal level

With modern tools like Facebook audience insights, you can segment your audience and create marketing strategies to address their pinpoint needs. When people see a tailor-made solution for them, they tend to engage with that brand, even if that brand is not a market giant.

Build a two-way communication in your social media channels

Don’t use your social media channels just to broadcast your messages. Use them to build a two-way conversation with your audience. For example, reply to the comments of your customers, post a joke, start a healthy roasting, and make it humane.

Build conversations using chatbots

Chatbots are a great way to increase sales, conversions, and customer retention. Data predicts, 85% of the customer service interactions will be handled by chatbots by 2020. Using chatbots can help you to provide a customized purchasing experience for your customers, which will make delighted.

Build trust for your brand

People hate brands that say one thing and do another. So, make sure that your brand message, tone, and products are consistent and parallel to each other. Future digital marketing trends are built on authenticity. In this era of information, never ever create distrust.

Build thought leadership

People like to see that the brands are taking leadership for the belives and courses they care about. By, regularly engaging with building leadership for the mission that your brand is passionate about, you can create the trust and the authenticity for your brand. This actions will resonate among your target audiences, and in return, they will stay together with your brand.

Digital marketing trends for 2019 and beyond are all about talking to the right people in the right way

So far, we have discussed three main things about future digital marketing trends. All these future digital marketing trends are built on creativity, data, and personalization.

And, under these three main properties of future digital marketing trends, we have discussed how to build your marketing strategy “future-proof.” So, you will not fall behind in these competitive markets. Digital marketing is a dynamic subject, and the only way that you can survive this is by preparing yourself ahead.

That is why we have bought this article about digital marketing trends for 2019 and beyond.


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