Are You Better than an Average Person?

Most of the people usually overestimate their skills. We all have a cognitive bias towards thinking that we are better than an average person. But, sometimes overestimating your skills can actually fail you.


Two Life Resolutions to Make You a Winner

This is only for those who have the ambition to win become successful. If you want a change in your life, and if you want to become a winner, these two life resolutions will help you to achieve your goals.


I Don’t Care What Others Say

If you want to win, you must stop listening to the others. Do not let anyone else make life decisions for you. If you try to listen to what everyone says, you will lose control of your own life. So, do not let that happen.


Just Do It

People spend tons of money every day for business courses, training books and everything. But, if you really want to be good at something, you must have to be out there, doing it over and over again. Real improvements come from the practice.


How to Combat Stress

As hustlers, we work around the clock. Sometimes, this huge workload can make you really stressed-out. So, here is a clinically proven and a simple way to avoid stress.


How to Improve Your Memory

“Information at our fingertips” has made us over-reliant on the technology, and we don’t even bother to remember a thing. But, there are a certain things, which we must have to remember in our day to day work.