list of shopify store examples

Most Inspiring Shopify Store Examples for Better User Interface and User Experience Design

Find a list of best Shopify store examples and an in-depth UI/UX analysis to get an inspiration to design your very own Shopify store.

A nicely designed Shopify store can create a pleasant purchasing experience for your customers. Then, happy customers mean more sales for your online business. So, let’s see how to top players in the market are doing it by analyzing their Shopify stores.

Special Note: If you own any of the Shopify stores that we have featured here, and if you don’t like your site to be displayed here, contact us, and we will take it off.

Where can you find a full list of Shopify stores?

How to know if the online store that inspires you the most is built on Shopify? Here is how to find a full list of Shopify stores, sorted based on popularity.

  1. Go to MyIP.Ms – Here you can easily find hosting information about the websites
  2. Click on Websites tab, and select Hosting companies
  3. Then, you can find Shopify.Inc on that list – Click on that links
  4. There you can find a list of hundreds of thousands of Shopify stores

Useful links – MyIP.Ms (opens in a new tab)

Alternatively, you can just search for the Shopify store names on the search bar to see information on individual stores.

Search for hosting providers on MYIP
Find a full list of Shopify stores

How we have selected the best Shopify store examples from the above list

We have carefully gone through the above list of Shopify stores and ranked them based on the best UI (User Interface) and UX (User Experience) design criteria. Also, we have checked the Shopify stores, which are featured on other blogs and forums as the best Shopify stores.

User Interface and User Experience elements of a successful online store

Here is our ranking criteria for the Shopify store examples.

  • Easy to implement
  • Operational simplicity.
  • Simple store design
  • Easy to find promotions
  • Security of user’s data
  • Appropriate visual elements like menus and categories
Easy to implement

There is no point in showing you some stunning Shopify store examples unless you can re-use those ideas without requiring extensive resources. So, we have listed the best Shopify store examples that anyone can create using themes and templates. However, we have shared a couple of bit complex designs just because we wanted to share some interesting facts with you.

Operational simplicity

We checked if those sites can create a seamless purchasing experience for users. For example, we checked how easy for a first-time buyer to use those Shopify stores and find the product they want.

Simple store design

Less is more when it comes to online store designs. Are those Shopify stores just bloat things with superfluous elements. We strongly belive that Shopify store design should never overshadow the purpose of the store. Usually, customers get overwhelmed with too many options, and it is better to keep it simple to sell more.

Easy to find promotions

Product promotions are an essential element of making online sales. So, we checked how intriguing it is to find product promotions of these Shopify store examples.

Appropriate visual elements like menus and categories

If you are designing a Shopify store, make sure not to make it looks completely different than your competitors. Using standards visual elements make it easy for your customers to understand the purpose of those elements. For example, the standard hamburger menu or the three-dot menu icons are well-known as menu icons. So, people know what to do with them.

The Best Shopify Stores in Different Categories

Whatever you sell (or, planning to sell on Shopify), we have handpicked the best Shopify store examples in the following categories.

Best Shopify stores for general product ranges

See who has made it to our list of the best general Shopify store examples. Below we have our analyses and screenshots. Just scroll down.

  • Bluecrate
  • Haus
Best Sopify stores for clothing

We have selected two clothing store examples to show you how to use visual elements of your store to go hand-in-hand with your branding design.

  • Negative
  • Chubbies
Best Shopify stores for electronics and gadgets

Here are some examples of great Shopify stores that are selling electronics and gadgets.

  • Proper studio
  • Quad lock
Best Shopify stores for accessories

We have selected two examples of Shopify sites that sell fashion accessories to show you how to manage large and small product portfolios.

  • Hard graft
  • Great George
Best Shopify stores for health and beauty products

Business niches like health and beauty products need better story telling strategies to thrive. So, let’s see some Shopify stores that do it right.

  • Skinny Teatox
  • Flex
Best Shopify stores for cosmetics

Selling cosmetics needs a sort of a play to store design. So, we picked two best Shopify store examples to inspire your ideas.

  • Happiness Abscissa
  • NCLA beauty

Best Shopify stores for general product ranges

Selling everyday products from kitchen-utensils to posture-correctors, general stores are popular for dropshipping on Shopify. So, let us find out which general Shopify stores made into our list of the best Shopify store examples.

  1. Bluecrate
  2. Haus

Bluecrate – A dropshipping Shopify store example with a genaral product range

We love Bluecrate for several reasons. The site looks simple, it loads fast, and their product listings are really engaging.

The site is easy to navigate

It is easy to find what you love on this Shopify site. When you sell general products, you have to pay a special attention not to overwhelm your customers with too many choices.

The site loads fast

Loading speed is an essential element of great online store design. And, Bluecrate is crushing it with 0.8 seconds first paint time on GTmatrix.

Engaging product listings

As you can see, they publish self-made product photos to match them with the looks and feel of the site. It create the trust and authority for a dropshipping store. So, if you are planning on starting a Shopify dropshipping store, take a note not to directly publish the product photos from suppliers.

Buy a light box, do you own product photography

Bluecrate – Shopify store example for general products

Haus – A clean and sleek Shopify store example

Haus has a wide range of products, from toys to furniture. So, it gives a great example of how to have a user interface to support small to extra-large products.

Clean and consistent product listings

If you browse this Shopify store, you can see that it is so consistent throughout the site. The product photos are added with a great thinking behind the looks of the site.

The site loads fast

Haus gives the first paint in just 0.7 seconds on GTmatrix. And, this Shopify site is an excellent example of how to use techniques like lazy-loading graphics to achieve higher page speeds while displaying a large number of photos on the page.

A good use of the sidebar menu

There are many reasons oppose the use the sidebar menu. However, Haus has done a great job by properly designing this sidebar menu. If you carefully look at this Shopify store example, you can see that they are using one-word product categories, which looks great on that sidebar menu.

Haus – Shopify store example for general products

Best Shopify stores for clothing

Below clothing Shopify store examples show you how to use site navigation, layouts, images, and listings to provide information and value. Also, you can learn how to write product descriptions that sell.

  1. Negative
  2. Chubbies

Negative – A modern Shopify clothing store example

Negative sells women’s underwear since 2014. And, they have created a unique brand identity through store design, visual elements, and their tone of voice.

Product images that sell

Many new Shopify store designers and business owners do not take enough care about the use of product images. Remember, having only one photo of the product on a white background would never work for a clothing store. You must have to show how it fits.

Coherence between visual elements

Negative has done a great job creating a strong brand identity for your business. If you look carefully, you can observe a close relationship with their color pallet, fonts, and even the voice of their product descriptions. All theme elements bring in authority and trust to your Shopify website.

Audience building

If you scroll down on any page of this Shopify shop, you can find a special section featuring their latest Instagram photos. So, rather than just linking their Instagram account with an icon, they are creating a strong call-to-action for their visitors.

Negative – Shopify store example for clothing

Best Shopify store themes

Choosing a theme for your Shopify store is no small task. Your theme is the first impression of your business. Your theme should be the right choice for a better user experience. Your theme should not degrade your store’s performance.

While Shopify offers some really good free themes to start with, consider using a well-designed premium theme to experience an improvement in customer retention and store performance.

Moving from one theme to another might need a complete overhaul of your Shopify website, which can be costly down the line. So, pick a good premium theme and stick to it (at least for a very long time) from the beginning.

Chubbies – A Shopify store example for niche stores

We picked Chubbies for a perfect reason. This Shopify store shows you how to promote a niche product through store design.

Focus on what they sell

This store sells many different products from aloha shirts to sweat pants. However, all these products promote a unique niche idea – “Casual fun weekend clothes.” So, any fun-loving person who visits this store gets merged into a personalized experience in a split second.

Bold images, Bold colors

The selection of visual elements of this Shopify store example goes hand-in-hand with what they sell. If you look carefully, they are using plenty of outdoor photos, with bold and energetic colors that you can hear.

Simple design

If you look at their store design, it looks simple; there is nothing fancy or flashing. However, they still do an excellent job creating an energetic Shopify site to sell fun clothes. It is a good example of how versatile a minimal store design can be.

Chubbies – Shopify store example for clothing

Best Shopify store examples for electronics and gadgets

Electronics and gadget stores are super popular among dropshipping sellers. So, here is our list of the best store examples for electronics and gadgets.

  1. Proper
  2. Quadlock

Proper – An electronics store with a minimalistic design

Properstudio store design is super simple and minimal. And, it is a very good example of how not to clutter your Shopify website and yet make more sales.

Simple and minimal store design

As we repeatedly say in this guide, “less is more.” Why? Because it creates a more focused customer experience. Also, having too many elements in your store can slow it down as well. So, do not clutter your Shopify site with unwanted plugins and apps, unless they create a real value for your customer’s purchasing journey.

Easy purchasing experience

One of the best features that we have noticed on the Shopify website is that it gives a simplified purchasing experience for their customers. As soon as you add something to the cart, you can get a slide-in sidebar, which shows you the cart. So, it is one click to the checkout. Also, even on the checkout page, they ask for a minimal amount of information.

Simplified color pallet and font selection

Properstudio offers many products under a few categories. So, it gives them a competitive edge to be remembered for the products in those ranges. And, any lead they generate through ad campaigns has a higher chance of falling in love with their full product range.

Proper – Shopify store example for electronics and gadgets

QuadLock – Electronic accessories store with clean look

Quadlock is one of the best crowdfunding success stories. And, their Shopify store design is an excellent example of how to do branding and marketing right.

Cross selling features

One of the key inspirations that you can grab from this great Shopify store example is how they have implemented the cross-selling features to increase order value. They named this process as “Building a kit”

Unique brand identity

Quadlock has done a great job creating a strong brand identity for your business. Actually, they are using the same color pallet for the store design and the products to achieve a strong coherence. Even though when you are designing a Shopify store to sell generic products like in dropshipping, you can still try to have a limited number of color variations to achieve a brand identity for your store.

Product photography

Of course, since Quadlock sells their own product, they can take great photos in-house. However, if you are reselling products on your Shopify site, it is worth investing in in-house photographs to build a kind of authority and trust for your site. Especially if you are starting a Shopify store for dropshipping, try to upload your own product photos instead of just uploading the photos you get from your suppliers. This is a small price to pay for more conversions.

Buy a light box, take great photos

Quadlock – Shopify store example for gadgets

Best Shopify store examples to sell accessories

We have selected two Shopify shops that sell leather products and watches to describe some unique examples.

  • Hardgraft
  • Great George

Hard graft – A unique Shopify store example

Hard graft is one of a kind Shopify store example. They have a bold and very long product portfolio on their front page. And, it loads fast too.

Product portfolio

We think that Hard graft is one of the best Shopify store examples based on how effectively they have displayed the product portfolio on the front page. It seems they have displayed nearly 180 products right there.

Fast loading time

We have GTmatrix-ed this store’s home page and found that it gets the first paint in just 1.2 seconds. It is quite an achievement considering the number of products they have on their front page. Their product photos are sized around 120 kB and serving from Shopify CDN. So, that is one good example for those who are doubting the performance of the Shopify hosting.

Product photography

Needless to say, this Shopify site follows a unique style when it comes to product photography. All the product photos are taken from the end-elevation (side), and it creates an aesthetic value for the store design as well.

Hardgraft – Shopify store example for accessories

Great George – One of the best Shopify store examples for a site with a small product portfolio

Great George has a comparatively smaller product portfolio with less significant variation. So, it is a great inspiration for those who are designing a one-product Shopify store.

Getting the focus

Many online sellers with smaller product portfolios struggle to find the perfect layout for their Shopify website. So, as you can see from this Shopify store example, the key is to build the focus for your product is not by throwing it right on to the face of your site visitor.

Website should not overshadow the product

If you selling a single product or a smaller product range, it is better to design your Shopify store to go hand-in-hand with that idea. Otherwise, your store design will overshadow the product. So, pick a minimal theme to build your website.

One product = More photos

Selling one or two products on your Shopify site doesn’t mean that you cannot create a better UI/UX. Try creating more photos featuring the usage of that product. Standalone product on a white background is great to bring in the focus. But, it can be too much when you don’t have much to show. So, to disperse that focus, use more photos showing individual features and usage.

Great George – Shopify store example for accessories stores

The best Shopify store examples for health and beauty stores

The conversion rate of health and beauty stores depends on story telling (and, of course, the effectiveness of the product you sell). In this business niche, you need to have a strong story to convince your first-time buyers to take action. So, your Shopify store design should support this purpose.

  • Skinny Teatox
  • Flex

Skinny Teatox- The right balance between the story and the product

Skinny Teatox website is a good example of how to find the right balance between your product focus and the story focus.

Tell and Sell

In this online store, you can find a display of the products right on the frontpage. So, it is an easy UX element for the upfront selling for those who already know the product. And, at the same time, you can see a facts-snippet that works well on educating the new customers. Also, they are featuring the blog posts (again educating the customers) on the front page.

Good choice of website colors

The use of pastel colors on this Shopify store example helps to bring in the right vibe that their potential customers are looking for. And, the same goes for their choice of photos on the site.

Cross selling examples

This Shopify store has a special cross-selling feature that we haven’t discussed earlier. It gives a popup window with more buying suggestions related to the product that you add to the cart. And, implementing cross-selling features is a proven way to increase your shop’s cart values.

Skinny Teatox – Shopify store example for health and beauty products

Flex – The art of story telling on a Shopify store

Flex builds up a story to educate their customers about what they sell. They only have two products in their portfolio and still creates an engaging experience for their site visitors. Also, it is one of the best Shopify store examples for single product sales.

Building engagement

Your online store is kind like the real-estate of your business. So, do not waste that space. When someone visits your store, you need to build engagement from the first second. So, in this example, you can learn how to use your website space wisely to build and maintain that engagement. For instance, it has fact-sheets, quizzes, etc. to keep the visitor engaged for a conversion.

Websites fonts

This Shopify store leverages the power of branding to build authority and trust. If you look carefully, their packaging design and the Shopify store design both go hand-in-hand, creating coherence between the product and the sales channel. And, fonts selection does some heavy lifting in this regard.

Flex- Shopify store example for health and beauty

The best Shopify cosmetics store examples

Depending on what you sell and your target audience, you may have to change the looks and feel of your online store. In this example, we will see how two cosmetics sellers are crushing it on Shopify.

  1. Happiness Abscissa
  2. NCLA beauty

NCLA Beauty- Going an extra mile for a better product presentaion

NCLA Shopify store is never boring. I mean, look at the product photos. Using staged photos with dynamic energetic backgrounds can sometimes bring in a better vibe to your business.

Website Colors and fonts

Different font styles can bring in more energy to your online store. However, loading multiple fonts can slow down your site. So, this Shopify store is a great example of how to use different fonts and colors on graphics and banners to bring in more attraction to your store.

Get pro graphics and banners for your online store

Hire a graphic designer to create stunning pro graphics for your Shopify store

Selling on Instagram

Products like cosmetics and clothes have a great chance to make sales on Instagram. Also, Shopify offers Instagram selling features for your store. Therefore, if you are selling cosmetics, make sure to build an Instagram marking strategy. In this Shopify store example, you can find their Instagram photos featured right on the front page. So, it may definitely entice their target audience to follow them on Insta.

NCLA Beauty – Shopify store example for cosmetics

HA – Creating a curiosity

Happiness Abscissa is no ordinary store example. It is completely out of the box design. However, they have done a great job creating a playful vibe without destructing the user experience.

Playful store design

Usually, we oppose the use of completely out of the box store templates and themes as they mostly create bad UX. Also, if it is not deisgned properly, it might look bad on mobile too. However, in this example, HA has done a good job creating a unique store design to bring in curiosity.

Parallax design

When you scroll down on this Shopify store, you would have noticed that the graphic elements move on two different speeds. These are called parallax designs, and it became a hit before 2017-2018. However, many developers and SEO experts started opposing such elements as they can slow down your site. So, if you are using such elements on your site, make sure to check how much you would have to compromise the site speed

HA- Shopify store example for cosmetics

How to create a Shopify store?

Starting a Shopify store isn’t that hard. In fact, Shopify is one of the most beginner-friendly store building platforms available right now. Here you can find a full guide on how to create an online store without any experience. So, what you can do is, you can grab some ideas from the above list of Shopify store examples and follow our guide to create your very own Shopify store.

In the meantime, learn a bit more about marketing to help making more sales from your Shopify store

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