The Best Money Making Apps to make EXTRA cash


Money making apps? Is it possible to make money from money making apps? Yes, you can use these money making apps to make some extra money in your spare time.

Let us be honest. Now, our mobile phones are infused to our hands. As soon as we get some idle time, we take it out, start checking social media or start playing some stupid game that we have been addicted to.

What if we can spend this time to earn some extra cash?
Well, there are money making apps that really pay. Let us check it out.

What are the best money making apps to make some extra cash?

There are three types of the best money making apps for you to try.

  1. Money making survey apps
  2. Apps to make money by doing simple tasks
  3. Cash-back apps to earn and save money

We are going to talk about all these three types of money making apps. 

How much can you make by money making apps?

Let us be real, do not expect to quit your job next week, and start making money with these money making apps, full-time. No, it doesn’t work that way.

But, what if you can earn your coffee money, pay your internet bill or cover your bus fare from these simple money making apps? You will be able to make around $100 per month with these apps, doing nothing.

But, if you decide to make money using the apps that pay you to do simple tasks, you can earn even more. Do you know that you can make up to $150,000 with these task apps?

Disclaimer: We are not affiliated or sponsored by any of these apps we mention below. These money-making apps are the most popular solutions right now.

Also, don’t download just download any app that claims to be a money making app. Make sure to read the reviews to find legit apps. Some apps can steal your personal data. You won’t even notice that you are giving permission for those apps to access your data.

Do not only limit your money-making opportunities for the apps. Find out How to make money online for FREE

Money making apps – Type 1 – The survey apps

Money making survey apps are super popular among teens for ages now. Let us see some popular survey apps for you to get started.

1. As the name suggests, use Inboxdollars money making app to get dollars

No one can talk about money making survey apps without talking about Inboxdollars.  It was founded in the 2000s, and was around for almost 20 years now, with a good reputation.

The best thing is they don’t charge anything to join in. You can earn from $0.5 to $10 for taking surveys, reading emails, Internet browsing, and watching videos. How cool is it to get paid to do everyday stuff?

If you can do 5 – 10 surveys daily, along with reading emails and watching videos, you will be able to make around $30 within a month.

Also, when you sign up for this money making app, you can get a $5 signup bonus for free.

2. The industry giant in money making survey apps, Swagbucks app

You can make money from Swagbucks by participating in their surveys and by using their browser. Swagbucks was founded in 2008, and they have been paying people for good 10 years now.

On average you can earn 100 – 150 swag bucks per survey. 100 swag bucks equal $0.01.

Give it a try, and make some extra money, basically doing nothing.

Well, these money making apps are not meant to make you rich. But, you can do these everyday tasks without even thinking. You can complete a few surveys while watching a movie. If you can earn at least $50 by one or more of the apps, you can get $600 per year.

3. Take surveys and make money with Surveyjunkie app

If you reside in the USA, Canada, or Australia, you can use Surveyjunkie to make money by taking surveys and from referral programs.

On average, you can earn around $1-3 per survey from this money making app. And, it takes about 5 to 20 minutes to complete a survey.

Here is the dollarsprout review for Surveyjunkie.

Most surveys worth between 100-200 points. Once you have earned more than 1000 points, you can redeem your money to PayPal, e-gift cards, or bank account.

Money making apps – Type 2 – Task apps

With the use of mobile apps, now it is so easy to find simple tasks to do around your neighborhood and to earn some money in your spare time.

I know some people who make their living from such money making apps. They work in their own timetables and don’t have a stupid boss to give orders.

Depending on where you live and your skills, you can definitely make a living from such apps. Do you know that you can make up to $150,000 with these money making task apps?

4. Find simple jobs to make money from TaskRabbit app

Can you assemble IKEA furniture? Can you handle an electric drill? Can you help a family for moving? Great! You can find such jobs from TaskRabbit, and start getting paid right away.

Most of such household jobs are available on the weekends. So, if you have time, you can turn your weekends to paydays.

If you do a good job, you can build your own client base over time. So, after some time, you don’t even need a money making app to find jobs. You may be able to hire a couple of guys and build your own handyman business.

Think like an entrepreneur, start building your empire. 

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5. Become a delivery guy with postmates app

If you are 18 years old and have a car or a bike, you can become the local delivery guy with postmates. All you have to do is deliver things from restaurants and retail stores around your city.

With postmates, you can earn 80% of the delivery charge + generous tips from the customers.

You don’t have to restrict yourself for just one money making app. You can use many of these money making apps, and pick jobs in a first come, first serve basis.

6. Deliver food with UberEats app and get paid

One cannot simply talk about the best money making apps, without speaking about uber or uberEats.

uberEats is everywhere. You can find their service in most of the major cities worldwide. All you have to do is deliver food. If you have a bike or a car, you can deliver food in the evenings and weekends to make money from this app.

The advantage of using such a popular service is that you will never run out of tasks. If you are free, just open your phone and find a job to make some quick cash.

7. Walk dogs with Rover app, and make $3300 per month

I love this money making app. It gives you a chance to make money while doing something you would really enjoy.

People love dogs. And, they want four-legged loves to stay healthy and fit. But, not every dog owner has time to walk their dogs. That is where you come in. With Rover, you can become a dog sitter or dog walker.

Some reviews say full-time dog walkers make around $3300 per month. And, you can make around $20-$30 per 30-minute walk. How cool is that?

And, here again, if you can gain the trust of the owners, you can become their regular dog walker. More regular clients lead to a stable monthly income.

Quitting your job and early retirement is not that far, isn’t it?

8. Can you babysit? Find babysitting jobs with Urbensitter app

Do you know that babysitters earn $15 per hour? You can easily find babysitting jobs from urbensitter.

If you have a valid qualification to do this job, you can make more money and have better chances of finding jobs from this money making app.

Money making apps – Type 3 – Cash-back apps

Cash-back apps are a popular choice for online shoppers to save money. But, do you know that you can even make money from cash-back apps?

Money making is not only about getting a higher income. Money saving is also a part of that process. So, whenever you buy something, you can use cash-back apps to get great discounts.

Also, you can re-sell these products by keeping a profit margin to make money. That is a cool way to use cash-back apps as money making apps.

9. Start making money with Ebates app

Do you know what is better than shopping? It is shopping with discounts.

You can use cash-back apps like ebates to find products and get around 12% cash backs for your purchases.  Also, you can earn a quick $10 just for signing up with them.

You can re-sell these discount products on other marketplaces to get some profit. I did that when I was at University. I bought cheap electronics from cash-back apps and flipped them to make some profits. That is how you can use a cash-back app as a money making app.

10. Make payments through Dosh app and get cash-backs

Dosh gives some of your money back at the selected outlets and e-commerce stores every time you make a purchase through your linked Visa, Master card, or the American Express card.

Dosh was founded in 2016, and since then, they have paid over $25 million.

11. Find unlimited earning potential with Ibotta app

Ibotta has gained the traction quite fast in the cash-back app world. Apart from the cash-back feature, they have a referral program too.

That means, you can get a $10 signup bonus, and each time you invite a friend to their platform, you can get another $5too.

Money making apps are a great way to earn some quick cash, but do you get enough?

Money making apps are great, easy, and so convenient to make some easy money. But, most of the time, you won’t be able to make enough money with these apps.

So, what is the solution?

If you like to make money online, the best way is to start an e-commerce business. For example, you can start a dropshipping business. Or, you can start re-selling on eBay (it won’t cost you anything)

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Before I started dropshipping, I have used the money making apps and freelancing to make enough money to start those businesses. You can do the same. You can use the money making apps to make some initial capital, and use that money to start your own business.

There are so many money making apps out there, but be careful!

We live in a strange world. There are so many scams to exploit the people in need. Some apps can steal your personal data.

Always read the reviews before downloading any app into your phone. It is safer to pick the services that were around for many years with a good reputation.

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