In this lesson, we’ll talk about how to use humor in marketing to connect with your audience. Also, we’ll find out how to make sure that you are using humor in the right way.

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Customer engagement strategies lesson 3

This is the third lesson of our customer engagement strategies. In this lesson, we’ll focus on how to use humor in marketing to connect with your audience.

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How to gain customer attention through storytelling

How to use humor in marketing to connect with your potential customers?

The humor helps to lower the people’s defenses, making them open to conversations. That’s why the marketers are always trying to use humor in their marketing messages to get the attention of their audiences.

Also, people usually remember the moments that are wrapped with feelings. So, it is easier to make people laugh to register your marketing message in their brains.

When we say use humor to connect with people, that doesn’t mean you have to act like a comedian. You can use humor in different contexts with your marketing strategy.

Let us go through an example from IKEA marketing

IKEA example of humor in marketing

The campaign shows Ikea furniture between generations with the tagline “where the family starts,” IKEA marketing has added humor to get the attention of their customers. By adding humor to your marketing campaign, it can get free adverting from the people who share such content on the internet.

How to add humor into your marketing campaign?

As we told earlier, you can use humor in different contexts of marketing. Like in our previous example, you can use it on your ad campaigns, or you can even include that with your storytelling content.

The easiest way to create a humorous marketing campaign is by introducing a funny character. So, you can easily build a funny storyline with a consistent tone. Create unusual traits for that character and use those traits to promote the elements of your marketing message.

You can also include humor into your branding design too. This includes elements like your website design and packaging design too. By adding humorous content into your website design, you can increase the customer retention time on your site.

Use humor in the right time and place

The joke is funny, only if you say it at the right time and the place. So, make sure the humor in your marketing campaigns are timely and related to your target audience.

Including humor is the best way to increase customer engagement for your ad campaigns. However, you have to understand that the joke you have used on a video ad might not work the same on a display ad. So, design different versions of storylines for different platforms.

There are no hard-and-fast rules to say the right and wrong way of using humor in marketing. The only way to see what works for your business is by testing and making the adjustments. Do an AB testing to see what works well for your marketing campaign.

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In the next lesson of customer engagement strategies, we will discuss how to select the best target audience for your business.

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