6 Methods to Promote You Products in Black Friday 2018

The Black Friday and Cyber Monday are just around the corner. Fellow ecommerce sellers, load up your big guns with our holiday marketing tips.

Black Friday is the day after the American Thanksgiving. Nowadays it is a huge shopping sensation, which gives you, the online retailers, an excellent opportunity to make more money. And, as the cherry on your cake, the Cyber Monday is created to focus more on the online shoppers.

But, as you canunderstand, each and every ecommerce seller heavily promote their products,creates unbelievable discounts and offers to attract more customers to theirstores. And, large players in the ecommerce market, use their huge marketingbudgets to get a competitive advantage over the micro players. 🙁

So, surviving the Black Friday and Cyber Monday is not easy!

In this article, we will show you how to draw more traffic and make more sales during the upcoming Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping season.

6 Methods to Promote You Products in Black Friday

The Advantage of Using the Hashtags #blackfriday

You can exploit the use of hashtags to reach out to large audiences on social media. The hashtags can increase your visibility on Instagram and Twitter.

Black Friday hashtags work well for almost everything. But, it works particularly well for the products that appeal to a larger audience. If you sell highly niche products, where your customer base is a teeny tiny passionate group, the use of the Black Friday or Cyber Monday hashtags won’t work well.

#blackfriday #blackfriday2018  #blackfridaydeals #sales #blackfridaysales will work well on this season.

Always follow the best practices of using hashtags in your tweets and posts. Do not flood your posts with hashtags, and try to make the post appealing to the audience. Hashtags only support your post to reach on to someone’s social media feed. It does not help the user to read the post.

So, it is not the hashtags, which only matter. Use hashtags to reach to a larger audience, and use creative ad copy to make the engagement with the audience.

Spend More on Paid Advertisements

As we have discussed earlier, ecommerce sellers heavily promote their business during this period. Everyone will depend a lot on the paid advertisements to increase their reach.

Usually, the CPC goes up during this time, so you have to pay more for each click you get. So, you have to increase your ad budget to cater enough conversions from your ad campaign.

Also, you have to plan your Black Friday ad campaigns, a few days ahead of the actual day. According to the past data, only about 18% of the people actually wait until the promotion days to do their shopping. 42% of the shoppers already complete their shopping well before the promotion days. So, by planning your ad campaigns ahead the promotion days, you can have enough time to do tweaks to your campaign and optimise your reach.

ecommerce customers buying times

Do not forget to highlight the Black Friday offer badge, with your ad copy. Since the Black Friday offers are widely used, people presume that Black Friday offers are gold and can save them a lot. This can help you create engagement and attract more prospective customers to your online store, through your advertisement.

Offer Loyalty Discounts

Loyalty discounts can help in many different ways. If you have returning customers, you can treat them well, so will feel special and tend to buy more from you. Well, that is the basic idea of the loyalty offers.

But, on the other hand, by promoting loyalty offers, you can even attract new customers too. When other people see that your store offers great deals for the returning customers, they understand that by purchasing something from your online store, they can enjoy these offers with their next purchase.

So, by offering loyalty discounts, you can retain your existing customers, and you can even attract new customers too. Then, why don’t you go ahead and create some deals that they can never resist?

But, don’t forget to analyse and calculate your offers against your costs. You are not here to become Santa and give away your products. You are here to make some money. Remember to calculate your offer programs properly, and check whether you make profits at the end.

Try More Videos in This Season

Is it the videos or the photos, which gains the highest impressions?  If you have any hands-on experience in social media marketing, you already know the answer. Yes, it is videos.

Never underestimate the power of videos.

According to the Google statistics, nearly 2/3 of the shoppers had mentioned that they got inspired and motivated by product videos. And, nearly 90% said they had discovered the new products and brands via YouTube.

ecommerce people get inspired by videos

Now before we jump in and start creating YouTube videos for the e-commerce products, we have to find out what is the best way to stand out from the crowd and to break through.

Rather than creating ads that interrupt the videos, you can find a way to insert the brand into the video itself, seamlessly. To serve this purpose, you can create YouTube videos for e-commerce products in many different ways.

“Shop with me” videos – Here you create videos showing an influencer shop or use some product.

“Unboxing videos” – Here you unbox the product and describe each element in detail.

“Product reviews” – As the name describes, you can create videos reviewing products. People like to see the first-hand experience of using some product.

“How to” videos – You can create videos to show how you can use a product in real practice.

Out of the all above methods, recent researches show that the “How to” videos earn the highest attention in any category on YouTube. More than 7 in 10 viewers use YouTube to solve a problem. And, around 86% of the users, visit to learn something new.

So, go ahead and try to use more videos in your ad campaigns. See if that makes any difference, and please share your results with us. 😉 

Try Email Marketing

I personally do not rely much on email marketing. Nowadays it does not generate many leads as it did on a few years ago. Now people get hundreds of emails every day, and it is a challenge to stand out. Also, now the inboxes automatically sort the marketing emails, and this makes it even harder to get noticed.

But, if you already have an extensive email database, you can try an email marketing campaign, targeting this Black Friday. It is better to have something, rather than nothing. Email marketing campaigns wouldn’t break your bank, so even if you get a small number of visitors, your return on investment (ROI) for that marketing campaign will be larger.

Do not purchase email address lists!

This is a mistake done by many online sellers. They buy email lists to start. This can harm your marketing campaign in two different ways.

First, there is a higher chance that it will be flagged as spam by the service which you are using. Secondly, it won’t create the right engagement. Remember we should not sell to everyone!

If you don’t have a substantial email address, here are some simple ways to create or grow your email list.

  • Add a signup option with your Black Friday offers. So, you can collect their email addresses, and use them to reach your customers in the next time.
  • Prompt customers that you can save their preferences for the products. If you are selling regular products, your customers would love to save their details and avoid the hassle of retyping their information.
  • Increase social media engagement. If you have a substantial amount of social media followers, you can use that resource to share your signup forms.

Help Customers to Make Direct Easy Decisions

As we have already discussed, during the holiday seasons people are super busy doing all their shopping. They might have visited several other e-commerce stores before coming into yours. So by creating a seamless shopping experience, they will love your store for sure.

Do not make registration mandatory anywhere.  Majority of online shoppers use their smartphones to do shopping. So, if you create a lot of popups, a higher number of page loads and long forms to fill, they will leave your store.

Use crystal clear call-for-action buttons. This helps to easy decision making for your customers.

Make visible price tags, but do not oversize. People like to buy, but no one likes to be sold.

Create easy navigation through your inventory. 41% of Online shoppers think e-commerce shops need to share their inventory in a better way.

Create one-click “Buy now” buttons, even for unregistered customers.

Improve the delivery times. When it comes to last time shoppers, 1 in 3 says they would buy it based on the delivery time.

Let Us Conclude

Try these Black Friday marketing tips in this year, and see if you could sell better this time. And, share your thoughts with us.


It is getting harder to make you visible during the holiday shopping seasons. Especially, if you don’t have a substantial ad budget to spare. So, we hope these marketing tips can help you to create better engagement and earn more this season.

Is there anything else you would like to know more about and wish was included in this article? Let us know in the comments below!  Also, share your own experiences and thoughts. We’d love to hear from you.

Thanks for reading.