6 Best Home Business Ideas with Low Startup Costs

Home business ideas for everyone

Are you looking for a home business idea that you can start right away? Well, we got six best home business ideas that you can start without having to learn any special skills. In fact, you can start any of these home business ideas with less than $250 in hand.

Don’t have money to start a home business? Don’t worry, we got your back!

The first thing that you have to understand is, you are not alone! However, now you are at least on the right track to start making money. 🙂

If you don’t have money to start any of these home business ideas, we would highly recommend you to do an online job to make money fast. Needless to say, starting a business is not a quick way to make money. Even though these are low-cost home business ideas, still you need to invest at least $250 get things started. So, the best way to find the initial investment to start your own home business is by doing an online job. Have a look at the above-linked post for details.

What are the best home business ideas with low startup costs?

Now that you know how to find money to start a home business, let us move on and see what are the best home business ideas.

  1. Start an online clothing store
  2. Sell homemade candles
  3. Start an online makeup store
  4. Design and sell phone cases
  5. Start selling socks online
  6. Sell DIY kits online

The list doesn’t end right there! In this post, we are going to tell you how exactly you can start an online store as a home business. So, once you learn this method, you can easily apply it to start any other home business idea too.

Step into eCommerce – The best way to make your home business idea a reality

Ecommerce, or selling things online, is a future-proof way to start any business. That is why Amazon, the eCommerce Juggernaut, is investing billions of dollars to expand their business. So, when you are looking for home business ideas, make sure to select a business where you can sell things online. And, that is the future of businesses.

There are two ways to find things to sell online

  1. Sell your own products
  2. Resell other’s products (like a local retail store, but online)

We’ll use the first home business idea from our list as an example. If you want to start an online clothing store, you can either sell the clothes that you make, or you can resell the clothes from other vendors.

Selling your own products – How to get started with your home business idea?

Step 1 – Make sure your home business idea is eCommerce friendly

You can sell anything online. But, certain types of products are much more practical and profitable to sell online. Our list of low-cost home business ideas is created by hand-picking the most eCommerce friendly products.

How to decide whether your home business idea is good or bad?

To decide whether a home business idea is worth pursuing or not, you need to have a little bit of understanding about digital marketing. But don’t worry, in this article about how to select the best niche for eCommerce, we have explained the whole checklist. If you like to test any particular home business idea, have a look at that article.

Step 2 – Decide where to sell (pick a marketplace)

Once you have decided what to sell, start researching for the best marketplace to build your business. Today, there are hundreds of ways to sell anything online. Here are the two most popular options for your home business idea:

  • Sell on eBay, Amazon, or Etsy
  • Start your own online store

Both of the above options have different pros and cons. For example, it is cheaper and faster to start selling on popular marketplaces like eBay, but having your own online store gives you a chance to build a brand. It all depends on your scope of the business. So, if you decide to sell on eBay, check this step-by-step guide about selling on eBay. And, if you decided to start an online store, here is a blueprint to start an online store.

Step 3 – Start marketing, and repeat

Frankly, marketing is the hardest part of realising any business idea. If you have basic computer skills, you can easily build an online store or list your products on a popular marketplace. But, finding and letting your potential customers know about your business is not that easy.

In fact, the most common reason for startup failures is the lack of marketing knowledge. But, your home business idea is not going to be a failure! Why, because you are going to excel these 30 essential marketing skills before starting the business 🙂

Starting a retail store – How to get started with your home business idea?

Of course, there are many ways to start an online retails store. However, dropshipping is the cheapest and easiest way is to get started with this home business idea.

If you don’t know what is dropshipping, first have a look at this dropshipping startup guide. That guide has everything you need to know about starting a dropshipping store.

Dropshipping is a simple way to find and deliver products that you sell online. The main advantage of using dropshipping is that you don’t need to maintain an inventory for the products that you sell. Below image explains how dropshipping works in a nutshell.

Thousands of online sellers are using dropshipping. Almost all these small online retail stores use dropshipping as their business model. Because of its unique business model, you can lower the startup costs for a dropshipping business. For example, if you start a physical brick and motor store, you need to buy a large stock of products to sell at the beginning. But, in dropshipping since your supplier is directly shipping the products from their warehouse, you don’t need to spend money to buy your own inventory.

So, again, if you are thinking of starting an online retails store as your home business ideas, you can go and check our dropshipping startup guide for details.

As the final part of this article about the best home business ideas, we will go through each of the business ideas. Also, you can have a look at our online business ideas guide to get more information about many other online business ideas.

Starting an online clothing store

Selling clothes (like t-shirts) online is an excellent home business idea with a low startup cost. As we have discussed earlier, you can use dropshipping to sell t-shirts from wholesale suppliers. Or, you can use print-on-demand services to add your custom designs on the t-shirts and sell them as unique products.

Either way, selling t-shirts online is comparatively easier than a lot of other business ideas. T-shirts don’t weigh much, and you can pack them in smaller packages. So, the shipping costs of the t-shirts are incredibly cheap. This will help you to add “Free shipping” option to attract more customers.

Also, t-shirts can be used as visual triggers. This means you can run successful marketing campaigns on Facebook and Instagram to trigger the impulse buyers. Running a marketing campaign on social media is extremely easy, cheap effective compared to the other methods.

Start an online make-up store

Selling make-up is another excellent way to step into eCommerce. You can either use dropshipping to source your products or use homemade makeup products to sell. Also, you can find many dropshipping suppliers who sell white-label make-up products. By using the white label (or private label) products, you can create your own brand of make-up products.

Do you know that Kyle Jenner became the youngest “self-made” billionaire? Well, there are some doughts about the “self-made” part of that title. Yet, most of her income came from her makeup business. I am not suggesting that you should beat that record. But, it can be a good inspiration for you.

Design and sell phone cases online

Man, I love this business. Most of my income is generated through my online phone case store!

Same as for the t-shirt business, you can easily find wholesale suppliers to source phone cases. Also, you can use print-on-demand services to print your custom designs on phone cases and sell them online.

Phone cases are super cheap to ship. They are smaller in size and have a very low weight. So, your shipping costs are negligible. You can easily run an ad campaign on Facebook offering the free shipping option, and that can trigger the impulse buyers.

Interested in starting a phone case business as a home business? Here is my personal favorite guide about starting a phone case business.

Sell homemade products – A perfect home business idea for anyone

There is an increased popularity in the market for homemade or DIY products. Especially the products like bath bombs, soaps, candles, knitted items, etc. are catching up really well.

The only strategy you need for your homemade product business is, do not follow the marketing of mass-produced products. You need to differentiate your marketing strategies to elevate your brand. Pick your unique selling prepositions and promote them to attract more customers.

Also, keep focusing on your branding. Unlike dropshipping, here you can do a lot about branding. Branding can help you to improve the prices of your products.

Sell socks online – One of the easiest home business ideas

Selling socks is one of my very first online businesses. I have used wholesale suppliers to source the socks and sold them on eBay.

Check out this video for your inspiration about starting a sock business. It gives one important marketing lesson for us too.

Did you get your inspiration to start a sock business? Great! Check out this full guide about stating your own sock business online.

Now, what was the marketing lesson you got from that video? It clearly teaches us that you need a “face” for your business. This “face” can be your unique selling proposition. There is massive competition in the market. So, you need something unique to stand above the others.

Home business ideas with a low startup cost

Starting a home business is a great and effective way to make money while staying at home. If you are stay-at-home parents, you can explore some of the business ideas we have given here and pick something that matches your passion.

I have already tried these businesses, and I know that they really work. But, this doesn’t mean it works no matter what. Starting a home business can be easy. But, running it successfully is the hardest part. It requires hard and smart work to make it happen. In this article, I have given you some suggestions and ideas to pick the best home business ideas and to get started. Research more on Google, and find out more possibilities. You don’t need to pay for any courses to learn how to start a business. There are so many valuable learning materials available online for free.

Join an online community (e.g., on Facebook) related to your startup idea. You can find a lot of like-minded people, and you can gain and share knowledge about running a business.

There can be many reasons for you to stay at home. But, that doesn’t mean you don’t need money. So, starting a home business can be the best way for you to gain your financial freedom while staying at home.