Sellers often neglect the importance of writing unique product descriptions in their eCommerce stores. Most of the time they just copy product descriptions from similar listings. But do you know that this can badly affect your sales and SEO?

If you are not getting any (or enough) sales for your eCommerce store, bad product descriptions can be the reason for that poor conversion rate. Also, if your product pages are not getting ranked on Google, again the bad product descriptions can be the culprit.

Therefore, writing unique and awesome products descriptions is one of the most important parts of creating killer product pages that can sell and rank on Google. So, in this blog post, we will discuss the most common mistakes in product description writing, and how to write awesome product descriptions that can sell.

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How to write product descriptions for eCommerce products

Most of the eCommerce sellers (especially the dropshipping sellers), just copy the product descriptions from their supplier’s sites.

Sounds familiar? Sadly, most of the product descriptions on the supplier’s sites are not meant for the general public. So, copying those product descriptions can harm your:

  • Sales conversion rates,
  • SEO, and
  • Your overall store’s quality.

Remember that you are not writing product descriptions for some another retailer or a search engine. You should write your product descriptions for the end customers. Your product descriptions should speak for you. If you can understand the art of writing a good product description, it will not be a headache to write unique and amazing product descriptions that can sell your eCommerce products.

Here is our content lineup:

  1. 5 Common Mistakes of Product Description writing
  2. How to Write the Perfect Product Description for your Product
  3. DIY or Outsource? Which is better?

Five Common Mistakes of Product Description writing

Bad product descriptions can cost your sales conversion rates and SEO. Let us look into the five most common mistakes done in product description writing.

1. Using inconsistent tones and duplicates on product descriptions

If you keep copying your product descriptions from the supplier’s sites, you will lose the consistency of the writing style for your product descriptions. This will affect the overall quality of brand identity of your eCommerce site, and your customers may think that your eCommerce site is a scam.

Additional read: How to design a strong brand identity for your eCommerce store?

On top of that, Google will treat your product descriptions as duplicates or copied content and demote the ranking of your product pages. So, this can actually harm your chances with SEO.

2. Not addressing the buyers from product descriptions

This is a key point in writing a good product description. Different product types have different customers.

For example, you cannot use the same style when writing descriptions for an electric drill and a lip balm. Sometimes you need to go into details and technical specifications, and sometimes all you have to do is to be creative.

Also, depending on how well your customers know your products, you have to change your writing style.

3. Not using the magic words in product descriptions to persuade the buyers

Some words have a magical power to influence and convince people to buy things.

By using these words, you can create a bond and engagement between your products and your customers. We will give you a whole list of magic words towards the end of this article.

4. Bad SEO practices in product description writing

SEO is an essential element in any eCommerce business. Using the right keywords at the product descriptions can help you to rank better.

Search engines check the page content against the header to make sure that the site is really about what it claims to be.

5. Poor use of photos and videos in product descriptions

A picture is worth a thousand words. In the same way, if you have low-quality pictures, it can turn your customers away from your eCommerce site.

Those are the most common mistakes done by the majority of startup eCommerce sellers. Polishing up your product descriptions can help you to boost your eCommerce sales.

Next, we will see how you can avoid the above mistakes and start writing product descriptions that sell.

How to Write the Perfect Product Description for your Product

Now let us learn how the professional copywriters handle the product description writing in eCommerce. Using five simple steps, you can start writing perfect product descriptions and boost your sales.

Before we start, take a look at below two product descriptions for a phone case listing. Then, you can get a better picture of what we are going to discuss below.

Here is the product that we are going to talk about

The Anti-Gravity Phone Case

And, here are the two product description examples

Example 1:

Title:  For iPhone 7 6s Plus 6 5 5S SE Case Novel Anti-gravity Phone Case Magical Anti Gravity Nano Suction Back Cover Antigravity cases

  • Brand Name: Mito
  • Compatible iPhone Models: iPhone 6 Plus,iPhone 6s,iPhone 5s,iPhone 6s Plus,iPhone 7 Plus,iPhone 6,iPhone 7,iPhone SE
  • Design: Plain, Business
  • Colors: Black, Blue Green, White
  • Function: Adoption, Anti-knock
  • Type: Fitted Case
  • Size: Antigravity Case for iPhone 5 5s SE 6 6S 6Plus 7 plus 4.7 5.5 inch
  • Compatible Brand: Apple iPhones

Example 2:

Title: Anti-Gravity Nano Suction Case for iPhone

Easily stick your iPhone on a wall, window or any nearest surface with our latest Antigravity case. The revolutionary nano-suction technology helps to hold your phone securely and safely on any surface.

Now available for any iPhone model between iPhone 5 to iPhone 7 Plus, and you can order in four colors:

Black, White, Blue, and Green

The stunning ultra-thin and ultra-light design is strong, durable and withstands high temperatures. You can even wash it easily using water.

Keep your hands free while you are watching a video as you stand in front of a mirror, or reading a recipe as you cook.

Which product description would work well for your customers? Hope you would guess it right! It is the second product description that has made more sales.

Understand the tone of your eCommerce business

eCommerce shops have different tones of business. The tone of your business can vary depending on your products and store design.

  • Some stores can be manly, and some can be feminine.
  • There can be luxurious businesses as well as economical business.
  • Some can be classic, and some can be modern.
  • There are mature or youthful tones.
  • There can be playful products and sophisticated products.

Check out the product descriptions in below two images. The first one is from a cosmetics store. The second one is from a mobile phone accessories store. Note the words and tones used in these two descriptions.

Likewise, every store and every product has a different tone that can sell. Depending on your product and your niche, you need to identify the right tone for your eCommerce product descriptions.

If you have a feminine eCommerce product, try a more soothing and a friendly tone. Talk more about the feelings. Don’t be afraid to use catchy phrases.

“A unique and perfect necklace, just like you.”

If you have a masculine type of product, try to talk more about specifications, features, and technologies. Add content, which he can brag about after purchasing your products.

This can keep your customer more engaged with your content and product. If you can make your customers spend more quality time with your listings, your chances of making a sale are getting higher and higher.

Define the buyer to address in your product descriptions

There are two types of buyers in any eCommerce business.

  1. People who know your product
  2. People who don’t know your product

When you write a product description, your product description should address these two types separately.

If your customers already know what this product is about, there is no point of taking them around speaking about it.

Check out below image for a description about a t-shirt.

Everyone knows what a t-shirt is. And the pictures describe the looks. So, there is no point in explaining what a t-shirt is. Instead, you can efficiently describe the material, sizes, and colors on your product description.

But, what about this “Defrost thaw tray”? It is not an everyday product for a potential buyer. So, you need to explain what it is in your product descriptions. There you will have a lot to talk about. Check below images. This company has done a great job explaining their product using text, images, and gifs on a long scrolling page.

Persuade the buyer with influential words in your product description

Selling is all about persuading someone to buy from you. It’s same in an ecommerce business. In eCommerce, the product description has a lot to do with convincing.

Go ahead and check the product descriptions on your store. Can your product descriptions persuade you to buy from you? Have you ever noticed that for some reason, some product descriptions look fantastic? One of the reasons can be the use of magic (influential) words.

A single word has the power to change the meaning, the mood and the motivation.

There is a set of influential words that can convert your reader to take some action.

The top 5 influential words in product descriptions are,

  1. You
  2. Free
  3. Because
  4. Instantly
  5. New

The 20 most influential words for product descriptions, via David Ogilvy

  1. Suddenly
  2. Now
  3. Announcing
  4. Introducing
  5. Improvement
  6. Amazing
  7. Sensational
  8. Remarkable
  9. Revolutionary
  10. Startling
  11. Miracle
  12. Magic
  13. Offer
  14. Quick
  15. Easy
  16. Wanted
  17. Challenge
  18. Compare
  19. Bargain
  20. Hurry

Isn’t that amazing, how a single word can boost your chances of making a sale. When you write your product descriptions, try to include a few of these words in a meaningful way.

Also, remember that you should never overuse these words. It will make your description more salesy. People will start to think of it as a sales pitch and will simply ignore your product description.

The magic of the bullet points in the product descriptions

We are living in a fast-moving world. If your eCommerce site doesn’t load under 3sec, people will go away. And in the same way, if your product descriptions are hard to SKIM, they will go away.

Yes, I did not use the phrase “Hard to read“, I used “Hard to skim“. People do not read anymore. They will just skim through your content and decide to buy or not.

So, you should help them to make their decision quickly. The bullet points can help you right there.

Bullet points provide a clear and easy way to display the most important information.

Take a look at our previous example of a t-shirt listing. See how the seller has listed down the features in a clear and easy to read way.

Sometimes you may not be able to describe the product features in just a few words. But, there is a workaround. Take a look at the below product listing from Amazon. They have used bullet points to the block text. In a way, they are tricking the reader to think the description is skimmable.

SEO for product description writing

To make your brand to rank and appear higher in search results, you need to tell the search engines about your niche. Search engines understand the purpose of a site by tracking the keywords.

So, you should try to understand how your customers might search for the products in your niche. And, then you can use these keywords in your product descriptions to define your niche to the search engines.

You can use an online keyword planning tool to find out what are the most frequent keywords used in search queries. When you select keywords, try to be specific about the products you sell. As we have discussed in In-bound marketing strategies, we do not want to sell to the people who are unfit for our products.

Also, you have to keep in mind that if you are trying to get ranked for the high traffic keywords, you will face higher competition too.

Rather than listing down a whole bunch of keywords, use them in a natural and readable context.

Always use natural phrase and sentences with the keywords. People do not click on a list of keywords and search engines ignore such sites too.

DIY or Outsource product description writing? Which is Better?

This depends entirely on you and the stage of your business. If you are just starting up, and if you are good at writing, by all means, you should do that your self.

If you decide to outsource the product description writing, you can find plenty of freelancing copywriters online. Those people are specialized and good at what they do.

If you consider the cost of your own time, sometimes using a freelancing copywriter can save you some money.

There can be some situations, where you need to pick outsourced product description writing.

  1. If you have a full-time job, and if it is difficult for you to find enough time to write amazing product descriptions, then you might have to think about outsourcing.
  2. Sometimes, you may be bad at writing or bored at writing. So, you might not be able to create unique and awesome product descriptions that sell.
  3. If your business is growing, and if you need more time to think about how to develop your business rather than writing some product descriptions, then you can outsource.

If you can handle your own writing, I hope you could get good guidance on product description writing from this article. If yes, give us a thumbs up by sharing this post. Thanks!

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