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5 Best Stay at Home Jobs

UPDATE: We have a better article with more insights, check 12 Best stay-at-home jobs for moms.

I have seen so many scams going on Facebook groups targeting stay at home moms and dads. And, I see a lot of people fall into these scams. So, here I wrote five secure and legitimate ways to make money while staying at home.

Finding a legitimate stay at home job can be really hard. And avoiding scammers can be even tougher. 🙁

Since there are a lot of people, who are desperately trying to find a stay at home job, the online scammers target them most. They may ask you for your email or ask you to download an app, and 99.9% of these leads to scams and thefts.

Scammers are everywhere

So, is there any secure way of finding a stay at home job, which is not a scam?

Yes. There is plenty of secure and open stay at home jobs, which you can quickly peruse.

5 Best Stay at Home Jobs

Below I have listed down 5 best stay at home jobs, which I have already tried. So, this is first-hand information.

If you have any question regarding these jobs, comment below, or send me a Facebook message through the Online Business Ideas Facebook page. Then, I will try my best to answer your questions 🙂

1. Become a Freelancing Logo Designer

Wait, you can do this with or without any graphic designing skills. 😲

There is a massive boom in the logo designing industry due to the increased number of new businesses, websites and all. People start millions of new businesses every day, and they all need a logo for their new startups.

So, if you have some artistic skills, you can design these logos and make some money. You can easily sell logos, starting from just $5 to $500 (Based on my experience)

I have begun a Logo designing gig in July 2018, only as an experiment. I have used 99designs website and uploaded my designs for the logo contests. Within 5 months I have earned $954 with two contests wins and seven final rounds. If you like, you can see my profile on 99designs for proof.

You can do this as an independent business, so there is no way you can fall into any scams.

First, let us assume that you have some artistic skills. The most popular tool to design logos is Adobe Illustrator. Once you know how to use illustrator, you can start creating some fantastic logos. You can use free adobe illustrator tutorials to learn the software.

Then go through the 99designs blog and try to understand how a logo should look like. That will give you some great insights about design trends, guides and best practices.

Now how can you find clients?

Easy! 🙂

Freelancing sites like Fiverr, Up-work or Freelancer let you post your gigs on them for free. That is just like posting a classified ad saying that you are available to design logos. So, when someone needs to get a logo, they visit these sites, they select a good freelancer and offer their job. If they choose you, you can accept the job, design the logo and get money.

There are tons of websites, forums and blogs, which explain how to post a gig on these sites. So, I am not going to repeat that in this article. Just give it a try and if you find it is hard, drop me a message through the Facebook page Online Business Ideas.

The other method is the logo contests. 99designs and Crowdspring are two popular websites for such contests. When someone needs a logo, people start a contest on these websites. So, you can design a logo, and upload that as a contest entry. If they love your design, you can win the contest.

Creating an account on these websites is not hard. You can read their blogs and forums to find more information. Or else, ask me, and I will give you my best answer.

Alright, now what if you don’t have any design skills. Still, there is a way to make this possible. On those freelancing websites, you can find gigs as cheap as $5. So you can select such a designer, and let them design a logo, and sell that to your client for a better price. It is an online arbitrage.

For your connivance, I have created a gig on Fiverr, which gives you unlimited revisions for $5. So, you can buy a design from this gig, and sell that to your client for a better price.

2. Become an Online Tutor

If you are good at math, science, history, chemistry, English, French or whatever subject, online tutoring can be the best stay at home job you could ever pursue.

With online tutoring, you can earn an average of around $12 per hour(based on your subject and competency). It can even go up to $50 per hour.

So, if you are good at some subject, why don’t you make use of it. 🙂

The easiest way is to register with some online tutoring website or freelancing websites, which I have mentioned earlier. This can help you to find clients easily.

When you register with such websites, you will have to face some screening exams and background checks before start tutoring. But, if you are really good at some subject, there is nothing to worry, and you can start making money in no time.

In some cases, you don’t even need to register with such websites. You can use social media and post in your network that you are available for online tutoring. This can also give you plenty of opportunities to find a prospective client for your new stay at home job.

3. Become a Virtual Assistant

This is another great and more secure way of a stay at home job. You can post a gig on Upwork, Freelancer or Fiverr and find plenty of virtual assistant jobs.

You can find jobs to run social media accounts of small businesses, run booking sites for small hotels, or to do the accounts for small businesses.

The job opportunities are extensive, and you will definitely find a job which matches your capabilities and education level. 🙂

Since most of these jobs can be done online, you won’t even need to leave your bedroom for these jobs. And most importantly, you can also take up multiple tasks and follow your own schedule.

You can charge for either hourly rate or for the job you undertake. The charges may vary according to the job type and complexity. Remember, before you mention any price, check how much other people charging for the same job. So, you can avoid any underpricing or overpricing.

4. Ecommerce Business Owner

All the things, which we have discussed up to now are stay at home jobs. So, you need to be there (even at your home), physically, to do them.

But, if you are thinking of becoming an online entrepreneur, it can be the next level of the stay at home jobs. As an online entrepreneur, you can make money while you are sleeping. 😉

So, here is the deal. You can become an online entrepreneur by starting your own online clothing store. Or, you can even become an online entrepreneur by selling dash-cams.

If you like to read my own experience of starting an online business, you can read it from here.


So, here is the deal. You can become an online entrepreneur by starting your own online clothing store. Or, you can even become an online entrepreneur by selling dash-cams.

And, the best thing is, if you choose a dropshipping business model, you won’t need to source or deliver the products you sell.

If you decide to become an online entrepreneur as your stay at home job, you need some marketing knowledge to beat your competition. So, it is better to stay in touch and read some good marketing guides and tips for ecommerce.

5. Make Money by Influencer Marketing

This is another booming and easy way of making money while staying at home. All you have to do is create a good group of followers on your social media accounts.

With Instagram Influencer Marketing, the top influencers make more than $150k per post. Who knows, you might be earning that much, this time next year.

If you have a baby, you can create a parenting channel on social media. Or if you have a workshop at home, you can start a craft channel. Even if you go to the gym regularly, you can become a fitness role model within your social media network.

Once you become popular among your followers, you can promote things among your followers and make money. 🙂


In this article, I tried to provide you a basic guide to select a secure and legitimate stay at home job. All these five stay at home jobs are personally tested and proved as effective.

The reason why I wrote this article is, I have seen so many scams going on Facebook groups targeting stay at home moms and dads. And, I know a lot of people fall into these scams.

Remember, making money is not easy! If someone offers an overnight success, that is probably a scam.

Try one of these five legitimate ways to make money as a stay at home job. You will win for sure.

If you need any assistance, let me know, and I will try my best to support you. I have been in your position for a very long time. And I genuinely wanted to help you. 🙂


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