4 ways to promote your business on Facebook for FREE

Promoting businesses with paid ads on Facebook is not a new thing in e-commerce marketing. But, many people have overlooked these 4 simple, and FREE methods promote their businesses on Facebook.

Facebook has reshaped and eased e-commerce marketing to a great extent. Unlike the old school marketing methods like having ads on local newspapers, billboards or prospecting, running a marketing campaign on Facebook lets you promote your business with a higher ROI.

But, of course, you need to pay to run a promoted ad campaign on Facebook.

Even though the cost of paid ads on Facebook is comparatively lower than the traditional marketing channels, many microscale e-commerce startups find it is hard to bear the costs of an ever running ad campaign.

So, here I have added 4 simple methods to promote your business on Facebook for FREE

Give it a try, and let me know how it goes. Well, I am using these methods for almost all of my dropshipping stores. So, I can guarantee that these methods work. πŸ™‚


How to promote your business on Facebook for FREE

Here is the theory behind these methods.

When it comes to business giants, it is more effective for them to pump more money and shout out their brand or the product. It is not efficient for them to reach individual customers and promote their business.

But, when it comes to small businesses, for many of us the monthly breakeven would occur within less than a hundred products. So, there is nothing wrong or inefficient of reaching out to individuals and promoting your business. πŸ™‚

Below 4 methods to promote your business on Facebook for free, are based on that concept.

Let us start with the first method.

Take advantage of the Facebook groups

This is a no-brainer! Facebook groups are like goldmines for niche sellers.

Facebook groups are always built around some sort of niche. So, everyone who likes or join such a group have an interest in this niche.

This means one thing! Facebook groups consist of “warm” customers for your business.

For example, if you think of a Facebook group related to coffee memes, you can assume that the people who are in this group are more likely to buy a product related to coffee.

So, what you should do now? Jump in and start posting on such groups?? The answer is NO!!! 😐

If you do that, you will probably get banned from that Facebook group. So, you need a more subtle approach.

Here is how you can use Facebook groups to promote your business for free.


Step 1 – Find the right Facebook group

Just search on Facebook for the groups with quality engagement. There are some fan groups which have gone wild, and people just post garbage on them. Avoid such groups, and find a few good Facebook groups where people post (related stuff) regularly.

Step 2 – Join and engage with their content

Join with a few good Facebook groups. And, casually comment and add regular posts (not related to your business!) for a few weeks.

Genuinely try to be helpful with your comments and posts.

By doing this, you can gain trust and some popularity among the members of such groups. And, sometimes you may be able even to win a badge for your valued membership.

Step 3 – Use your unique selling propositions (USPs) to help the members

Your USPs makes you stand out from your competitors. When a member adds a question, which can be solved with your products or services, add a comment and suggest your business solution.

Don’t be salesy and overdo this. Just focus on helping the other members of this Facebook community.

No-one likes a salesperson. But, they would love a valued community member. Be that valuable community member and use your business to support others.

Step 4 – Be friends with community members

This is a crucial step in your strategy. By being friends on Facebook, you can have a better chance of showing your posts to others on Facebook.

By helping others and by being a valuable member in a Facebook group, you can add them to your network, and reach them more easily.

Now, of course, you can keep doing this forever! I mean this particular method or any other methods, which I am going to describe next.

But, these are practical ways to boost the visibility of your business at the initial stages of your business.

You must use other long-term marketing methods like content marketing or a better SEO strategy in parallel to these methods.

Let us see the next method to promote your business on Facebook for free.


Promoting your business with your existing customers

People love promotions and to get free stuff!

So, you can leverage this human behaviour and use that to promote your business (almost) free!

Why did I say almost free?

Well, there is a cost involved in running promotions. You may have to give free stuff. But, if you can do this right, you can earn more than you spend. And, you can with this method; you can sell first and pay for your promotions later. So, nothing goes out of your pocket!

This is a very simple method. I do this a lot.

When you sell something, try a get them involved in a Facebook contest. For example, from time to time, when I sell a necklace, I give them a very simple contest.

All they have to do is, post a photo of them wearing that necklace on Facebook with a link to my store and get 300 likes! If they can get 300 likes, I send them another free necklace with free shipping.

Most of the time they do get 300 likes. And, I have to send them another sample on my own cost.

But, this process gives a viral exposure for my business. Out of that 300 at least 100 would check my store. πŸ˜‰

And, since someone they know has already bought from my store, they tend to click on the buy button more often.

Actually, a trustworthy review can influence an online purchase a lot.


So, with this simple influencer marketing method, I make sales without any paid promotions.

If you like to get more insights about Influencer marketing, check out this article about how to make money from Instagram.

You can do influencer marketing on many different levels and with different budgets. If you are a small business, you don’t need to pay for a Kardashian to promote your brand. Apparently, I do influencer marketing with anyone who has who has a large number of friends on Facebook.

Next, see our third method of promoting your business on Facebook for free.


Interact with other business pages

This method is a bit similar to our first method.

But, the Facebook pages are basically businesses. And, most of the time, when you are going to find the “warm” customers for your business, you will end up on your competitors Facebook page.

So, you need to know your limits 😐

Having a healthy competition is always good for any business. So, when you interact with other business pages, remember to play fair.

Here, instead of directly promoting your products on their pages, find a way to expand your network.

Start conversations on their community pages related to your niche. Tag them in your posts, and slowly get into the network of your niche.

This won’t give help you make any direct sales. But, it helps your brand to get on the radar of your industry. People will start seeing your brand more often, and they will eventually visit your business.

Also, you can cross-promote complementary brands of your products or services. For example, if you sell makeup products, you can help an emerging fashion model to promote her Facebook page. In return, you can ask her to promote your brand on her Facebook page.

This is again something similar to influencer marketing. Now that it occurred to me; I use Influencer marketing a lot. Wow, that really works for me. You should try that too.

This brings us to the final method of promoting your business on Facebook for free.


Engage with individuals

Well, any of the big cooperate businesses can’t do this, and they will not too. There is no point of them spending money to engage with individuals. They sell based on their brand authority.

But, as a small business owner, you can offer something, which a big heartless company cannot offer to their customers. The love! ❀❀❀

When I started selling, I always address my customers on a very personal level. If someone has made a purchase via Facebook, I reached them again in a couple of months via a personal message and checked whether they are satisfied with their products.

Of course, one the number of orders start growing; you won’t be able to handle such a method.

But, amazingly, the oldest customers, who I have reached through Facebook messages still purchase from my store. And, best of all, when they do purchase, they share that on Facebook and help me to promote my products too. πŸ™‚

They believe that they are a part of my business, and it is their responsibility to promote my products.

Even though now I don’t have time to reach them individually, I still personal message anyone who adds a bad review for my products.

I ask about how they satisfied with the replacement or the new product, and ask if I can do anything else to make them one of my satisfied customers.

This kind of personal approach helps to change your customers to your loyal customers.


Let us wrap up!

So, if you are still at the baby steps of your business, try these simple methods to promote your business on Facebook for free.

These methods actually worked for my e-commerce stores. And, I am 100% sure that they will work for you too.

Try them, promote your business on Facebook for free, and let me know how it works!